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M: Jungkook/Reader; Genre: Underwear Stealer!+Model! Au, Angst, Smut; Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, anything else?Words: 5520

Synopsis : You hated Jeon Jungkook with all your guts; with everything you've got but he, on the contrary, despised you so much he was blinded by rage, determined to only get you out of your undies; what else was he expecting?

A/N:  This was the result of a long conversation about clothing war BTS! and how hot Panty Stealer Jungkook would look in lacy underwear. I’d like to thank @gukstudio the real gal to thank for triggering this idea, @itskimtaehyung for screaming about my indecisive ass about the ending of this first installment, and @badgalyoongi for beta’ing. I’m real excited and nervous for this new series and I hope you guys are too, excited that is; Enjoy;).

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New Soup Cubes!!!! In the order of…

Century Egg Congee (Chinese Preserved Egg Rice Porridge)

Miso Soup (Japanese Miso Based Soup)

Pho (Vietnamese Rice Noodle Dish)

Soondubu (Korean Spicy Tofu Soup)

Fishcake Ramen

Spicy Ramen

All Stickers Including the Ramen Stickers can be purchased here at etsy!!! 

No more Redbubble everything was super difficult to size and nothing ever seemed to print in the quality that I would have liked it to, but these look great and are fun for laptops, phones, etc. !!

Enjoy !

The Jook

The JookOo-Oo-Rudi (1973)

A fabulous glam rock stomper by the Jook, who like Slade, attempted to capture the skinhead street crowd in the early 70s - the “Rudi(s)“in question. Their manager John Hewlett was once a member of John’s Children, as was drummer Chris Townson. Later, Hewlett tuned his focus to Sparks and brought two members of Jook with him.

anonymous asked:

Currently suffering from a cold so SHINee gets a cold?

SAME (hope you feel better baby!)


  • so congested that it’s difficult for him to hear 
  • keeps yelling what???? whenever someone tries to talk to him 
  • honestly the members are just moving their lips to fuck with him 
  • absolutely no appetite which disturbs him more than anything but had some soup to have some kind of sustenance
  • took cold medicine and knocked out for 12 hours (minho: *holding a mirror to his face* well he’s breathing) 
  • afterwards good as new!!! he bounces back fast 


  • “doesn’t my voice sound kinda sexy like this” 
  • soulfully croons “lonely” in a raspy voice 
  • wearing a turtleneck and a sweatshirt over it 
  • chugging orange juice while watching reruns of one piece 
  • at first he poured the juice into cups but it took too much effort so he’s curled up on the couch with the carton and just drinking straight from it 
  • “ummaaaaa can you make me jook” (rice porridge) 


  • breaks out the hanyak (chinese medicine) immediately and heats it up 
  • stares at the bowl of black liquid with dread
  • “it’s okay kibum since your nose is stuffed you won’t even be able to taste it”
  • he was so very wrong omg WHY 
  • takes a long hot shower to clear his sinuses and he feels more human afterwards 
  • gets pho to heal his soul 


  • “i’b nob sic” / shinee: what / “I’MB NOT SIK” 
  • jong: minho your fever’s so high it hurts me to touch you 
  • loud sneezing v often and key jumps every single time 
  • sniffing so obnoxiously that tae’s looking at him in open disgust and pelting tissues at him 
  • *blows nose* “it’s just allergies” 
  • literally cannot understand how his body could betray him like this 


  • looks suspiciously at all the members like “who got me sick”
  • alternating between being elated that he could stay in bed and being v pitiable for not feeling well
  • has to be dragged away from the computer bc “taemin pls you really don’t have pneumonia” 
  • eating ice cream but then it occurs to him that he can’t actually taste it so he’s sad af again 
  • throws off his blankets “I HATE BEING SICK” but picks them up immediately bc he’s cold now 

707mmgirl  asked:

Could you do a HC where Saeyoung takes care of his sick child/children?

I sure can!


  • One of the quads woke up one morning without the energy to move and a high fever
    • had to be those damn sticky fingers from Zen’s daughter
    • girl sneezes like an elephant does she not know any manners???
  • you had to go into work so you called in Seven to look after them
  • he walks in, thinking they’re just faking it to skip school
  • but they legit look like death
  • mini freakout
  • tries to stay cool because he doesn’t want his child freaking out more than they are
  • calmly
  • walks back out of the room and locks it behind them
  • yep they’re in quarantine
  • comes back with all their essentials
    • like a laptop, or sets up a tv in the room, brings them books if they like or stuff to draw with
    • even sneaks them a bar of chocolate
    • “ssshhhh don’t tell your mother”
  • for ONCE cooks some jook or some soup for them
    • and makes sure they eat some of it
    • “APPA, I’M 11. I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS.”
    • (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞
    • “…landing accepted…”
  • makes sure to update you every hour so you’re not constantly texting him
  • has the rest of his kids sleep in the spare room so they’re not exposed to their sibling’s ick
  • if ALL of his kids are sick
  • he brings in Vanderwood to help him while you’re out
  • or even Yoosung
  • 4 is a lot to take care of
  • he’s only one man
  • you come home to only chaos
  • Vanderwood is constantly sanitizing everything while Yoosung is preparing food for them
  • meanwhile Seven is trying to keep them entertained
  • it’s like a freaking hospital in your own home
  • you make the mistake of letting out a little cough

Jeon-Bok-Jook is the korean word for the abalone porridge and it is a special treat in korean cuisine. Abalone is very tasty but it can get super pricy and hard to find in a regular grocery shop. So I’ve replaced it with the king oyster mushroom which tastes so much like scallop, sometimes even better than abalone or scallop when cooked right! In the seafood mix, there are mussels, shrimps and squids in it and they give out enough seafood flavor in the porridge. This is a super simple recipe and the only thing to be careful about is to pay attention when you’re simmering the porridge. Do not leave the pot unattended! You should watch it bubble up and stir it so the rice and the glutenous liquid get mixed well and it’ll get thickened evenly. A bit of sesame oil and the york of the soft boiled egg add more rich and creamy flavor,  and the seasoned seaweed adds more seafoody saltiness and a bit a of crunch which goes so well with this porridge. This is one of my favorite savory treats. 

If you are a vegetarian or allergic to seafood, you can still make this by taking out the seafood and the fish sauce and replacing them with more mushrooms and the soy sauce.