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One of China’s most morbid cases took place in Shantou in 2013. A local Chinese postal office were traumatized after finding a corpse in within a suitcase. A women’s head, neck, torso, and right left were inside. Pathologists estimate that the woman was 22 years old and reveal that she had silicone filled breasts. These breasts would be key in finding the identify of the victim. Police committed the corpse to Que Mouqing, who was reported as missing a couple months prior. She also had breast augmentation surgery. Authorities apprehended the suspect, Gui Mu Fang, after 6 of her credit cards were used at an ATM. They later discovered that he had an accomplice, Huang Moumou. The two peddled their own “black taxi” where they kidnapped Que when she went for a ride. Huang disposed of the body while Gui killed her. The trial is still pending and their fate is unknown.


Jim Clemente, retired FBI agent, talks about the psychology and profiling of serial killers, as well as Jon Benet Ramsey, and Jeffrey Dahmer. He also discusses the Jodi Arias case, the Long Island Serial Killer, and more. 

love this vid. plus i kinda want jim clemente’s career. he was a prosecutor, then worked in the behavioral analysis unit, and now he writes for criminal minds. 


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Love tears people apart, especially in 1998 when two Taiwan Tsinghua University students, killed for love. The two girls, Hong Xiaohui (洪晓蕙) and Xu Jiazhen ( 许嘉真)were best friends throughout their college life. Their friendship was torn apart when they both fell in love with the same boy, Zeng Huan Tai (曾焕泰). Coming from a wealthy family, Jiazhen often sent expensive gifts to Huan Tai to buy his love. The girls later discovered that he was having sex with both of them while also having a girlfriend. Their final dispute was in the Radiation Biology Institute on March 7th. The ladies began to fight in the hall and Hong started to strangle her former best friend. Jiazhen died after suffering from a blunt force to her head when she hit the floor during the fight. To cover up the murder scene, she released chemicals from the biology lab to cause the body to decompose quickly and become unidentifiable. Without remorse, Xiaohui quickly went to see Huan Tai to have sex. Later that week officials found records of Jiazhen’s credit card being used in multiple locations. Xiaohui had stolen her card and used it to buy gifts and meals for Huan Tai. The police quickly arrested her and discovered the bloody clothes she wore during the attack. She eventually confessed during interrogation and officials stated there were no accomplices. After trial, Hong Xiaohui was sentenced to a total of 18 years in prison. She appealed her case many times but was denied. After 5 parole hearings, she was released in November 2008.

Halloween Pro-tips

kids , this day and age is becoming more and more dangerous, that being said , please have fun this Halloween season, but do not get hurt or kidnapped.

just ask yourself this before you do something “would a white person do this in an 80/90s horror movie ?”

if you answer yes , DON’T FUCKING DO IT

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18. 24. 25. for all the ships


18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

Shane just likes to talk sometimes, tell Ryan that he loves him, or that he thinks the way Ryan believes is inspiring, or that he couldn’t dream of a better guy for him, or all kinds of sappy shit. Sometimes, Ryan will be awake for these one-sided conversations, and when Shane seems done, Ryan will lay kisses on his face and tell him sweet things back because they’re like that. 

24) Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

Shane is a fucking sap. Shane likes to twirl Ryan around, likes to see him giggle and laugh and wheeze because Shane! I’m trying to do the dishes! and Shane! If I burn that, we’ll both be sorry! He’s so cute and lovely and Shane is so smitten. Neither of them lifts the other without it being a) a big, big joke, b) part of foreplay or c) carrying the other to bed. They can both lift each other though. 

25) Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?

Both. Shane, as mentioned before, loves how Ryan looks with a smile that reaches his eyes, with laughter he cannot control spilling out of his mouth. Ryan wants Shane to never get sad again, because he’s seen Shane’s sadness; he was there for the Jon Benet episode, there for any episode with children… he knows Shane’s sadness. He wants to spend a lifetime inspiring Shane’s happiness. 


18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

Both. When Eugene is feeling lovelorn and sappy, he whispers life plans into Zach’s collarbones, presses feather light kisses to Zach’s sleep closed eyes, tells him that he’s starting to believe in forever again. Zach likes to tell a still-sleeping Eugene about the dreams where they’re older, still together, going strong, because while he can tell Eugene about the wildness of his dreams, he doesn’t know how to tell him the calm tides. He doesn’t know how to say I had a dream that we were married, will you marry me someday? or You’re literally the man of my dreams, I know because dream-us just had their second kid. 

24) Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

Zach starts their slow dances, grabbing Eugene’s hands and just moving them slowly around the kitchen. Eugene pulls him close and turns it into an actual slow dance, wrapped around each other and shuffling around the kitchen. When they get bored of that, they giggle trying to knock each other over at three am until they get neighbor complaints. Nobody lifts anybody in this relationship. Eugene is too scared of hurting Zach by grabbing him too hard, and Zach can’t lift Eugene. 

25) Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?

Zach. He likes to catch Eugene off guard with the worst of them, leaves little ones on Eugene’s work station, leaves sticky notes on the fridge for him to see. 


18) Who talks to the other while they are sleeping?

Andrew. He’s so fucking in love with Steven, his sunshine boy, this boy with a smile like looking into the ocean, like you’ll get pulled in and you won’t mind the undertow taking you in. He asks him You’re so good inside, why are you with me? or says something like Baby boy, you look so pretty all the time.

24) Who starts random slow dancing with the other in the kitchen? Who holds the other just above the ground and kisses them?

Steven pulls on his hands and spins with him and Andrew is alight with laughter. Steven loves how he looks in the dim kitchen lights, with a smile on his face and his arm around Steven’s waist. He likes pressing his face into Andrew’s shoulder and breathing in his scent like summer rain and thinking I love being in love with you.

25) Who says shitty puns and sex jokes just to see the other giggle and blush?

Andrew does the shitty puns while Steven does the sex jokes. Andrew talks in puns and sarcasm while Steven uses sex jokes and giggling intentions, and they both find one another adorable. 

Tumblr , Rant ;TCC

tumblr is a safe place. for everybody. it’s a safe place for the LBGTQ+ Community, it’s a safe place for all communities. so please the people who like to slam or discredit the TCC community about the fascination about serial killers , mass murdering , cold cases and the columbine especially , if you don’t understand feel free to message me or somebody who can explain the questioning and the intrest in these cases instead of going on rants or blocking or sending nasty messages in ask. it would be much more appreciated. trust me 90% of the tcc would have no problem telling you about these things. please just don’t be rude and vulgar.

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March 23rd, 2010 devastated the lives of many in Nanping. At approximately 7:20 am, Nanping City Experimental Elementary School (福建南平校园惨案) were viciously attacked by a crazed man. This man was Zheng Minsheng, a community doctor who had suddenly snapped. He entered the school armed with a knife but was later subdued by 3 adults. This incident resulted in the loss of 8 lives; 4 boys and 4 girls. Zheng was arrested by authorities and charged with intentional homicide. He was found guilty and executed by shooting 20 days after his trial on April 28, 2010.

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Who do you think really killed Jon Benet? I think her brother did it and the parents helped cover it up, your opinion?

Hi! Its really hard to answer this question because I’ve read so many different theories on what happened to JonBenet. However I AM pretty convinced it wasn’t an intruder or anyone outside the house. Every piece of evidence points to a family member killing JonBenet and then staging the crime scene.

Its hard to say whether it was Burke or one of her parents who killed JonBenet. If it was Burke, it begs the question: why? Burke was barely more than a child when she died, and the theory that he killed her because he was ‘jealous’ seems a bit weak to me.

In my opinion I believe the murderer to be one or both of her parents. JonBenet was found to have been sexually molested before her death, and the fact the killer covered her face after death suggests he/she was ashamed about what they done. Hiding her body in the basement rather than dumping it elsewhere is another sign the killer was a parent who felt guilty about what they did. Hiding a body where it will be easily found and therefore given a 'proper’ burial is a dead giveaway that the killer was someone close to JonBenet.