the jolsons






I don’t know, Ben, maybe you can take some comfort from the fact that at least Jamie apparently does think you have balls – because I’m not sure the same can be said of Jamie re: Ollie. 

But whatever Ollie lacks in balls he sure makes up with memory because look at the lovely continuity in Spinners and Losers!

(Mind you the continuity of memory is not exactly matched by continuity of hair and sideburns unless Malcolm and Ollie both celebrated the end of the original flavor PM by popping out to the hairdresser.)

you know how sometimes you draw something, and you don’t like how part of it came out, so you just crop the good bit? this is what happens when you do that and it gets away from you

Precious is in two books, barely, and I love her and she needs to be in AMU ok

#YardSquad Airing of Grievances

Some unfortunate bastard whistled at Cpt. Von Uberwald earlier as he was being let out. She did that thing with her teeth, and he demanded to be thrown back in his cell #CaptainCalmCoolCollected

Igor made an announthment in the canteen earlier. Apparently we aren’t doing our jobth ath efficiently, thince he hathn’t scrubbed the thlab for the past few dayth. #ThourputhThientitht

Cstbl. Jolson dumped her tea on Kipper during shift change. He’s a little more persistent than your average moron. #hedeservedit

Washpot replaced his soapbox, and scattered pamphlets from the second floor landing, imploring us to change our ways. #mustbeadayendinginy

I think she’s the greatest entertainer of the twentieth century. Number one. Everybody talks about Al Jolson; I don’t know Al Jolson , but I can’t concieve of anyone being better than Judy. There’s not too many people that can hold an audience for two hours, just by themselves. She danced, she moved, she sang, she acted. I just feel there’s nothing, anything, near her.

- Mort Lindsey

A former cop is organizing a blackface fundraiser for the officers who killed Freddie Gray. Really. 

Bobby Berger, a 67-year-old former policeman who lost his job for performing extracurricular blackface shows in the 1980s, is reviving his alter ego for a fundraiser for the “Baltimore 6,” the six officers charged with 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s murder. Berger impersonates Al Jolson, a blackface performer from almost a century ago. But wait it gets worse as Berger has been justifying his act in the press.