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So I decided to go through the Just Like You video and try to find all the articles. As you can see the articles all come from different newspapers and while most are very recent, some are from a couple of years ago! This makes me think that there’s no way they are all just random articles because it really makes no sense to have articles from different newspapers and years. I havent made it all the way through the video yet, but this is what I have so far!

  • Owners put off by fear of being conned (Mark Souster, The Times UK, Oct. 10, 2017)

“Racing’s governing body plans to conduct a review of the buying and selling of racehorses in Britain…”

  • Tom Paley Obituary: Pioneer of the American folk revival renowned for his duets with Woody Guthrie and running into trouble with the McCarthyites (no author??, The Times Uk, Oct. 10, 2017)

“In the late 1950′s Tom Paley used to play around New York as a duo with Woody Guthrie…”

Note: Why is the following quote crossed out in the lyric video?

“He was likened to Puck, ‘quintessentially witty, a master teller of jokes’“

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I remember when we were rehearsing the hotel scene, he [Mike Nichols] took me into a corner and said, ‘Do you remember the first time you had any action at all?’ And I said yeah. It was a sweater feel. I was in junior high school, playing the piano, doing Al Jolson in blackface, if you can believe that, and this girl was in the show, and we were waiting to be called. And we’re kind of attracted to each other, but I can’t get too close to her because of the blackface. And somehow, at one point, I put my hand on her breast.

“Mike said, 'Let’s do that scene again, and do that to Annie. Don’t tell her. Just find a place to do it.’ So I got up behind her, and just as she takes her sweater off, I put my hand on her breast. And she was brilliant. She just looked at it, and then went back to her sweater, taking a stain out or something. And I started to break. I took my hand off her breast and I turned away and thought, I’m gonna get fired, because breaking is the worst thing you can do. I turned my back on her and Nichols and walked over to the wall and started banging my head against it. And he goes into hysterics. He said, ’That’s in the movie.’

- Dustin Hoffman 

Al Jolson: Angel Child, 1922

Angel child,
I’m just wild about you,
Angel child,
Say that you love me too,
In your arms forever I’d stay,
You drive away,
Shadows of gray,
When you smile,
I’m in heaven it’s true.
Cuddle closer do,
Angel child,
I’m just putting it mild,
When I say that I’m wild about you.

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Terry Pratchett, “Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook”
(Illustrations by Peter Dennis)

An illustration of the Ankh-Morpork train station, and some ads for food you can buy there.  There’s some great details in the top picture, including a zombie and a dwarf lady.  Also I love how Verity Pushpram was just mentioned briefly as someone who Nobby Nobbs didn’t want to consider dating because of her eye issues (although he thought she was sweet on him because she threw decent fish at him), but then became a repeat cameo background character who’s a very successful businesswoman that Nobby would be lucky to date.  And ALSO, All Jolson!  A dark-skinned Howondalandian immigrant, who got in on the railway catering business on the ground floor!  Hurray for a diverse cast!

Maggie’s 5K Celebration Writing Challenge

Wow I’m so shocked. I truly am because I never thought people would like my writing. You guys are so amazing and I really love each and every one of you for your support and kindness and messages. Thank you for being so patient and kind even when I don’t post regularly. Hopefully this works. It’s my first writing challenge and I can’t wait until I read all of your fics you guys.

So this is going to be a little different. Since I’m always getting song requests, I thought it would be cool to have the prompts as songs and you get to pick who you want to write it for.  But I am switching this up a bit. I’ll have a prompt list of 40s songs for those of you who want to write for Bucky, Steve, Peggy, Howard Stark, etc. The other twist is, if you don’t want any of the songs I put, you can use the lyrics of your favorite song to write for whomever, even if it’s for Bucky, Steve, etc. So basically you have a never ending prompt list. 


  • I mean you don’t have to but it would give me the confidence boost I need if you followed this weirdo
  • Reblog this post so more can join.
  • You can write for any Marvel and DC character you want. Extending it to any of Seb and Chris’ characters.
  • Absolutely no Peter Parker smut. I mean it. You can write fluff for him but no smut. You can write Tom Holland smut but again. No Peter Parker smut.
  • Have to be 18+ to write smut.
  • Can be smut, fluff, angst!
  • Preferably a reader insert but you do you!
  • Deadline is Jan 1, 2018 so post it whenever you’re done.
  • If you can, include the song lyrics in the fic because it adds a little flavor to the story.
  • Can be a one shot or multiple chapters or a series :)
  • Tag me in your author’s note and use this in your tags #221bshrlocked5kcelebration. I will be following both of them. If I don’t reblog your fic, it means I didn’t get the tag. Send me an ask telling me you wrote it.
  • 500 words minimum. No maximum.
  • Shoot me a message telling me what song you picked, who the character is and “genre”. I will be adding them to a masterlist so everyone can see who’s writing what.
  • If you feel the need to drop out, let me know so the song could be open for someone else.
  • ENJOY :)

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April Showers (Jumin x MC)

As you get ready in the morning you begin to sing, not expecting a duet.

Word Count: 548

Hi! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day! I was wondering if you guys would like for me to bring in other stories onto my A03, meaning they aren’t related to Mystic Messenger. The ones I’m thinking of possibly transferring are from Danganronpa and Until Dawn. Let me know if you’d like me to do so! Thank you! 

Also, the song used in this prompt is April Showers originally written by Al Jolson, though the version specifically referenced in this prompt is that sung by Frank Sinatra in 1947

The link is here 


You had woken in the morning, your husband always up and about as you swung your legs over the bed, rubbing your eyes groggily. 

“Did I…sleep late?” You muttered, looking up as he greeted you, placing a fond kiss to your head. 

“Not by much darling, don’t worry.” He cooed, continuing on getting ready, your heavy feet dragging off towards the bathroom.

You reached out a small brush and ran it through your hair, morning light pouring through the window, a warmth decorating your skin.

It let a sort of comfort sink into your body, a small song slipping from your lips, simply a hum at first., eventually growing. 

“Though April showers may come your way.                                                         They bring the flowers that bloom in May,”                                  

You began to sway as the music played in your head, the song seeping from the bathroom to the home as a whole. 

So it was only a matter of time until your husband noticed.

You stepped from side to side, feet tracing about almost like a ballroom against the tile floor. 

“So if it’s raining have no regrets.                                                                                   Because it isn’t raining rain you know, it’s raining violets.”                 

You hardly noticed Jumin peering to you, a softness painting his expression as you danced across the room, your voice gentle.      

He entered the room, joining his, albeit much quieter.

“And where you see clouds upon the hills,                                                                    you soon will see crowds of daffodils.” 

He took your hand in his, pulling you close as he spun you about, the two of you dancing in the bright room.

You were almost too nervous for a second, erupting into a small laughter as you buried your head in the crook of his neck.

“Do you not want to sing with me? I thought we made a great duet love.” 

You snickered, lifting your head and pressing a kiss to his nose, squeezing his hand. 

“I’m just not used to having such a star singer with me!” You beamed, your feet pinned against his, following his swaying steps. 

“Surely you don’t mean me because I’m hardly anything notable.” He exclaimed, spinning you once again.

“I don’t think so!” 

“And you seemingly amaze me once again.” 

And you both continued to sing, seemingly a lullaby as droplets of rain dotted the glass. 

“So keep on looking for a bluebird                                                                                and listening for his song                                                                                                  whenever April showers come along.” 

And even as the hazy rain came above, you both had never felt warmer than you did with each other. 

For you were the other’s sun.


On this day in music history: November 10, 1980 - “The Jazz Singer - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” is released. Produced by Bob Gaudio, it is recorded at Arch Angel Studios, The Record Plant Mobile 3, Dawnbreaker Studios in Los Angeles, CA, Sunset Sound and Cherokee Studios in Hollywood, CA from Mid 1979 - Early 1980. Issued as the soundtrack to the film starring Neil Diamond and Laurence Olivier, it is a contemporary remake of the 1927 film starring Al Jolson, the first motion picture to feature a synchronized soundtrack. While the film receives mixed reviews and tepid box office returns, like Diamond’s soundtrack for the ill-fated “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, the album is a huge success.  It spins off three singles including “Love On The Rocks” (#2 Pop), “America” (#8 Pop) and “Hello Again” (#6 Pop), becoming Neil Diamond’s biggest selling album. Originally released by Capitol Records in 1980, the rights to the soundtrack album revert to Diamond’s long time record label Columbia Records in 1996, when it is remastered and reissued on CD. Out of print on vinyl since the late 80’s, it is remastered and reissued as a limited 180 gram LP by Capitol Records in 2017, both to commemorate Neil Diamond’s 50th anniversary as a recording artist, and the 75th anniversary of Capitol Records. “The Jazz Singer - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” peaks at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 5x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Etienne Drian, Gaby Deslys, 1910s.

Gaby Deslys (1881-1920) was a singer and actress of the early 20th century from Marseilles, France. She selected her name for her stage career. It is an abbreviation of Gabrielle of the Lillies. During the 1910s she was exceedingly popular worldwide, making $4,000 a week in the United States alone. During the 1910s she performed several times on Broadway, at the Winter Garden Theater, and performed in a show with a young Al Jolson. Her dancing was so popular that The Gaby Glide was named for her.

knucklesandgyros  asked:

An also something to add about Mel Brooks -- he's a WWII veteran. He was a combat engineering who was responsible for defusing land mines (!!) and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. And he used to troll the shit out of the German armies too. Like when they'd be playing their propaganda out on loudspeakers, he set up his own loudspeaker system and would play Al Jolson (a Jewish musician) records to troll them right back (though I'm sure someone will paint Brooks as racist for this)

Mel Brooks is a national treasure and I will fuck up anybody who trashes him.