the jolly boys outing

It’s finally finished!

I took the day off to get this son of a bitch completed and I swear to Chuck, I need a big glass of red right now.

This ‘Jolly Boys Outing’ is based on castiel-knight-of-hell‘s pre-season 10 headcanon:

 “John’s journal entry about the Knights of Hell suggested that they might be fallen angels, and in scripture Abaddon was a fallen angel who led an army of other fallen angels that had been thrown into the abyss. Pre-season 10 I had a theory that Crowley might try to recruit Cas into becoming a Knight of Hell… Cas [would] becom[e] a Knight of Hell so he could be with demon!Dean then go on a boyfriend rampage of beer, karaoke, and bar fights.”

K6034 - 04/04/2015 - Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

“Lovesong”- The Cure- Captain Swan

Killian’s song to Emma?

 “Lovesong” by the Cure….. ha.. you sap. (1st part is set in the time b/t 4a and 4b and second part post 4b).

He was always calling it magic.

She was always correcting him.


This so called “land without magic” seemed to be filled with a magic of its own kind. Without a shred of doubt, Killian had a habit to be baffled by the strange things that filled this land he was trying to shape his new life in. (He knew the irony of that statement considering just how long of a life he’s had thus far.)

Lately it was music.

More specifically, it was sitting in Swan’s spectacular yellow vessel listening to this world’s music.

The variety! It could be almost overwhelming if he let it. Smooth to harsh beats. Strange almost tinny, unnatural voices to the crooning of a man’s voice who Swan simply named “Frank.” There were instruments that he could somewhat recognize that must be similar to the ones back in his home-realm, and ones that he could not even put a name to or understand the manner of which they were played.

It was bloody cold outside.

He often loathed to ever admit a defeat to the weather, but this time he acquiesce to the harsh chill in the air when his lady Swan asked if she should keep the car “running.” The question had only given him a slight pause, but he quickly inferred her meaning of allowing her vessel to keep piping in the hot air into its cabin.

Another plus side to keeping it “running,” was the control he had of the musical offerings of the mysterious magic- no, technology- that Swan called a radio.

Killian had to reach across himself to reach the circular knob that twisted to and fro that turned the crackling sound into something resembling coherent noise. He couldn’t settle on anything in particular, and his arm was starting to feel the burn at holding it at such an awkward angle.

Where was she?

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Make it rain. Calum Hood Smut

Requested: Noppe

Word Count: ?

Rate: R

Pairing: Calum Hood/ Reader

I swung back and forth on the swing set in Calums and Mines backyard. The warm air mixed in with the breeze hitting my face, made me even more relaxed. “Having fun over there?” I peeled my eyes open, to see a familiar figure staring at me. I laughed and keep at my slow swinging pace. I hummed in response and patted the swing next to me for him to join. He smiled and sat down next to me taking one of my hands into his.

I looked up and the skies where getting darker all of a sudden i stared at them until Calum broke the silence. “Have you ever had sex in the ran?” My heart skipped a beat and i looked at him shocked, with my eyebrows raised. “Well, have you?” I laughed. “Calum, i haven’t even had a kiss in the rain before- let along sex in the rain.

"Well do you want to.” I looked at him again, this time his eyes boring into mine. “Calum Hood, Where do you hide your voodoo doll, cause i can’t control myself.” I said cheekily as i got up and made my way over to him… Which only took like 2 steps.

He smirked and shrugged. “I guess i just have a way with you.” He got up as i pulled him over into the grass then pushed him down. Small rain droplets fell from the sky. He leaned in to kiss me. I stopped him. More rain falling from the sky landing around us, soaking our clothes. “If we get sick, it’s on you.” He smiled and shrugged. “I guess i can take the blame.” I smiled.

He leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was lust filled and sweet. His lips colliding with mine perfectly. I smiled when his hands traveled up my body unclasping my bra and slipping it off with my shirt. My nipples instantly hardening from the rain and his touch. His palm running across them as he detached his lips from mine and went down to my boobs. I moaned from the warmness of his mouth on me.

His hand traveling down to my hips. Squeezing then before undoing my jeans. The holes in my jeans, making my pants more went from the inside. He took them off along with my underwear. He placed his hand upon me . “Your soaking-hot.” I laughed and moaned at the same time when he put his mouth on my clit.

“Cal… I just want to get to it. ” He nodded and took off everything and put his tip inside of me. I gasp grabbing onto his shoulders. “I didn’t even put it the whole way in.” I nodded and laughed. “Just do it!” He shoved into me and i moaned instantly. His thrust were slow and easy. I moaned in agony. I wanted more. I grinded my hips against his with each thrust. He growled and ripped through a whole other layer of skin. I screamed in pain but it was quickly replaced with pleasure. I moaned loudly. “More!” He thrusts were’t even thrust anymore. They where pounds. He pounded into me like it was his job.

I was in so much pleasure i couldn’t even speak. My hands started to shake. And he knew i was close. “God Calum!” I moaned loudly. I came and i yelled out loudly as he groaned. “Jolly good show wasn’t boys?” I squealed and quickly jumped up. each boy leaned against the porch wall. Well all except for Luke. He wasn’t even out there. “You guys are sick you know what?” They all shrugged and walked inside the house

I know the ending sucks but i got lazy and i’m sick so yea. I am so sorry i was late too!!