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Peggy & Tina, Hats

for @hug-bubble

(Takes place in the forties, maybe late forties? Idk.  After TFA and well after fbawtft) suspend belief and timelines.  ;)  

Tina glanced over at the woman on the bus.  The hat had been what caught her eye.  Bold, red, wide brimmed.  She envied the type of person who could wear such a thing.  She would if it didn’t call so much attention.  Red was such a nice color.  

She adjusted her own hat, a black skimmer that she’d seen in a shop window.

“I do adore that hat,” the woman in the red hat said, her eyes still on the newspaper. British.  As most people in London tended to be.  

“Thank you,” Tina said with a small smile.  

“Oh?  You’re American,” the woman exclaimed, reaching her hand out across the aisle.  “What brings you to jolly old London?”  

“I actually…moved here years ago.  My husband—“

“Ah.  I see.  Say no more. I’m actually a bit of a transplant myself…I live over in the states,”  she laughed. “I’m Peg, by the way.”  

No last name.  “Tina,” she said, figuring there couldn’t be any harm in exchanging first names with a woman on the bus.  “I’m Tina.”  

My flight got rerouted to Chicago and I’m kind of debating staying here. Lord knows it’s not quite as jolly as the funeral we’re all about to use an excuse for a reunion. Regardless, I’m in the land of the Chicago dog and I will not give up my chance to eat at least three before my flight leaves in a couple of hours. 

These writers are ridiculous. Villains like Regina and Rumple have terrorized MUCH more people in canon flashbacks, regardless of how long they’ve lived. And they barely EVER get to meet any of the people they’ve victimized and apologize for their crimes. 

Killian’s flashbacks these past few seasons seem to be solely based on the idea of him righting his wrongs, over and over and over. And a change occurring with his relationship with Emma

In “The Jolly Roger” (3x17) with Ariel, in “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (4x15) with Ursula, and in “Dark Waters” (6x06) with Liam II.

Look, he has the best redemption arc in the whole series, in my humble opinion. But once, just ONCE, I would like to see more about his life.

Maybe the part of his life as a slave when he was a child/teenager? Maybe when he was first initiated in the Navy? Maybe when he first became a pirate and was coping with his brother’s death? 

The possibilities are endless, but these writers insist on re-hashing the same old formula, over and over again.

fun fact?

my infernape, bastion, who ive transferred up every new game since dppt was my first chimchar (the one i originally used on my main diamond run) and have had since i was a literal kid

is jolly natured out of sheer luck seeing as it was my first pick with no soft resets

#ThanksObama. For 8 beautiful years, you, your incredible family, and your vision led us. I still remember seeing you as a senator, transfixed as you spoke, thinking, “Him, he should be our president.” I remember election night, crying with my dad, feeling a joy and hope for this country I love that I’d never known before. You got my vote twice. You still have it. I love you, and thanks for making me believe that Yes We Can.