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The Killing Joke trailer redrawn closer to the Graphic Novel’s original style (Brian Bolland’s) and with colouring closer to the 1988′s version.

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CATJOKES!! (I am so sorry)

Since joining the BatJokes community a few days ago, I can safely say I am in shipping Hell and it is mostly thanks to the wonderful @gayforbatjokes who is a talented sinnamon roll and y’all should follow them. I love you plz notice me <3 <3

Anyway their style of drawing Lego Batsy and Jojo reminds me of cute round cats so. I drew them as cats. Because I’m a filthy furry. H a h.

So yes I hope everybody likes these edgy gay fuzzballs <3

Requested by @joker-x-harley

Edit: it’s based on this post

You first requested me about a million years ago, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long! I got into an art block and couldn’t do much for a while. So now that I finally have the motivation to do it, I wanted to make up for the long waiting time. I hope this is sufficient enough somehow! :’( I know it’s not perfect and I should’ve done it more detailed. But after 5 hours I’m kinda exhausted.. ha ha ha..