the joker artwork

“My freakness is on the loose
And running all over you
Please, take me to places that nobody knows
Got me up so high I’m barely breathing
So don’t let me go…”


Request Fanart from

pandorra777 said:Request fanart! Batman & Joker (classic comics version). Dancing on a rooftop. And let me tell that you are a wonderful, amazing artist, you works are very good! And I wish you all the best. Thank you!

In fact I finished this fanart request about last weekend and there is just one drawing for this request. (the third one) But I think it’s lack of something so I decide to added more two to completed what is actually in my head. 

Yes, they both on the rooftop, no fighting but holding hands, dancing and look into each other eyes…. kissing  ah… I’m blushing. >///<
ps. I will be unable to draw often after this, I have to finish my Batjokes comic (it’s 50pages doujinshi) before the end of this month! *cry*