My favorite thing about Telltale Batjokes is not only is John Doe somewhat redeemable (in the sense that he might not be a murder/terroist.) But suddenly all those ‘Bruce Wayne is suddenly letting the Joker stay with him under house arrest! Au’s “ are now plausible and canonly not as strange as the other universes.

The HouseArrest! AUs’ in any other set universe would have everyone who isn’t Bruce Wayne and maybe Alfred, hella confused. "Why is Wayne letting a criminal live with him?” They ask.

“Because Charity or some other B. S.” Bruce replies.

I can tell you the Police and the Public eye would be hella suspect about Bruce if he actually did that. Plus, I don’t think Arkham Asylum no matter how shitty they are would let a patient be placed under House Arrest in a strangers home. Not to mention the house of the most influential person in the city. Who if was killed by said patient, would leave the city in depression.

But, if this person was actually friends with this person then the public eye might be sympathetic. I mean John put Bruce down as his emergency contact for Gods sake, for all of Gotham knows it could be another Harvey Dent, a friend of Wayne’s who went astray.

So, in summary, I think in gonna be spending alot of time looking at House arrest au’s for the time being Ciao.

Day 3: Oh my God, I finished a drawing. It was like one year from the last time…
That’s a record. I’m impressed that I didn’t burned it yet.

By the way, here a creepy clown who bond a Bat just for touch his face because is canon as fu*k that he loves that bat-face.
No one asks for it but here we go :D

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Batman is bleeding on the floor. Surrounded by Bane’s gunmen. They start shooting in three seconds. Seconds that Batman cant use because his grappling hook is a foot behind him. All seems lost for the caped crusader.

Until a wooden crate falls on Bane’s head with a loud crash. A normal human would a died, but Bane is built like a fighting Bull. A Bull with Toxin coursing thourgh his veins.

So he’s just pissed.

A manicle laughing diverts the men’s attention upwards.The sight of The Clown Prince of Crime dressed to the nines laugh at them enrages them.

“Shoot Him!” Bane shouted at his men.

The clown did a show stopping backflip behind the crate he was standing. Right before the bullets started to fly. The men didn’t stop until they were out of ammunition.

By the time they refocused on killing The Batman. He was already gone. So was his grappling hook.

*On the rooftop of the abandoned warehouse.*

“You know, the proper response to someone saving your life is, Thank You.” Joker teased the Bat as he tended to his wounds.

Batman was sitting on the edge of the roof pulling gauze out of his utility belt. Joker lounging on the rooftop like a sleepy cat.

Batman growled back, “What are you even doing here? Have you been following me?”

The Joker put a finger to his red pouting lips as he mulled it over.

“Harley wanted me to get a new diamond for Lou’s collar. I just happened to overhear the commotion on the way to Zales,” His painted lips split into a smile.

“You know for someone who loves sneaking up on people you make a lot of noise when your in pain.”

Batman rolled his eyes behind the mask.

“Even so, why did you do that.” Batman had finished taping the guaze around his torso.

Joker raised an eyebrow.

“Do what?”

“Save me.”

The Joker shrugged.

“Why wouldn’t I save you?” Joker’s voice sounded so honest and genuine that Batman had to turn to look at him.

“Just last week you set fire to my cape. While Harley was trying to smash my head with a mallet.” Batman deadpanned

“So?” His mouth quirked into a confused frown.

“You could of killed me.” Batman pressed on.

Joker let out a short bark of laughter.

“But I didn’t. I never can and besides,” he sat up “A world without Batman is a world without air. Why would I want you gone?”

Batman was about to reply but then the sound of nearby sirens interrupted him. They both whipped their heads to witness the flashing red and blue lights headed their way

“Welp that’s my cue. Bye Bye Batsy. Been Fun” Joker waved a farewell and jumped of the rooftop.

Batman was tempted to follow him but his injuries required further assistance. He aimed his grappling hook at the nearest building and jumped into the night.