the joke is hilda and zelda

Zelda fanfiction be like

This isn’t angst, it’s fluff! Please forgive me!

And I’m just like Darn! No angst?

Whatever will I do?

It’s not like the canon games are already tearing my heart out enough already

I’m having such a GRAND time! Like, to non zelda fans, this might seem like a bunch of random screenshots, but if you’ve played any of these games…

Then you know what the hell I’m talking about

Seriously, just gimme the damn Zelink, Zelgan, Malink, Midlink, or Whatever fluff and don’t apologize for it (that’s a joke, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you wonderful fic writers out there)

Also, I’d add a picture of that flute playing elf from ALTTP, but I can’t find a pic

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ZeLink, MaLink, NabsGan, NabsImpa, Midlink, MidZeLink, Shink, Hildavio (Hilda/Ravio) Fierce Deity/Hylia, Tingle/A burning abyss.

Alright, rapid fire thoughts and one line headcanons. For the more ambiguous ones I’m going to assume OoT characters are being referenced.

ZeLink: Cute! Before Link left for Termina I imagine he spent a lot of time at the castle just being great child hood friends with Zelda and getting up to all kinds of hijinks. By the time he got back from his adventure in MM, even Zelda’s father was joking about them practically being engaged. It wasn’t until they were both a bit older (late teens, early 20′s) and had gone through a few failed romances with other partners that they realized “Whoops, we’ve fallen in love.”

MaLink: Like MidLink years latter, I hold this to be the definitive ship for Ocarina of Time. (As far as that particular Link goes, I thin Romani is a better option but we’re just looking at OoT here). We know for an absolute fact that Malon is one of the people Link reached out and reconnected with after being sent back to the child timeline since he borrows and uses Epona again for the events of Majora’s Mask. From Malon’s perspective, it would be pretty shocking if one day a young boy in green clothes swept into the ranch, immediately befriended the most temperamental horse in the entire herd with a song only you knew and rode off into the sunset. The mystery alone would be enough to drive her crazy (assuming Link didn’t ask to use Epona beforehand, and even if he did). Talon would tease her about her obsession, calling it a crush. When Link eventually returned to Hyrule, he’d be met with a barrage of questions about where he went, where he came from and how the hell he know’s Epona’s song. Malon would declare herself Link’s rival and compete with him over who Epona likes more. This rivalry eventually blossoms into romance which leads to marriage and kids. Fast forward YEARS and we find a new Link growing up in a small ranch/farming community south of Castle Town with his own Epona and yeah I think y’all can see where I’m going with this. Hyrule Historia says that TP Link is a direct descendant of OoT Link and I think we all know who OoT Link ended up with to make it happen. Case closed.

NabsGan: Ganondorf was actually an honorable man once, with good intentions for the betterment of his people. Nabooru respected that quite a bit until Twinrova stepped in and started seeding thoughts of the Triforce and an open coup against Hyrule in his head. It’s safe to say that Ganondorf may have had feelings for Nabooru as well, at least before he succumbed to the influence of Demise. I like to think a small part of him regretted what happened to her after he went bad.

MidLink/MidZelLink: Have already been covered extensively on this blog, including the previous post to this one. While I am all for polyamory, I sadly have no experience with either observing it or writing it. Also TP Zelda is kind of hard to write for since she played such a minor role.

Shink: Did this one already but oh man is Link gay as hell for Shiek. Seven years of hormones all hitting his system at once and he has no idea how to deal. Actually makes Shiek’s disappearing acts a lot easier since Link ends up in a daze whenever he’s around.

Hildavio: CUTE. Ravio went through a lot of trouble to help restore Lorule (or at least that’s what he’d have you believe) and Hilda knows it. I can just imagine Ravio trying to be suave, charming and romantically roguish only to completely beef it somehow. Hilda of course laughs and scoops him up in a big hug and delivers smooches.

Fierce Deity/Hylia: So what if the Fierce Deity is actually the spirit of the first Hero as depected in the Skyward Sword manga featured in Hyrule Historia? After sacrificing himself to ensure the safety of Hylia’s chosen people as they escaped into the sky, he somehow ascended to Godhood. Perhaps it was a gift from the Triforce or the Golden Goddesses or Hylia herself. We know that Hylia had grown very fond of and attracted to this Link, which is why she set the beginning stages of the Hero Cycle to begin with. I posit that a small piece of the Fierce Deity exists within the soul of each incarnation of the Hero, Link. Hylia established this cycle of reincarnation and rebirth to allow for herself and the Fierce Deity to be together in some fashion or another for forever and eternity. Of course Demise had to come back and mess things up but the whole thing is incredibly romantic.

Tingle/A Burning Abyss: I have to draw the line here. This blog does not support or condone incest ships in any shape or form and I will not ship Tingle with that whence he came.

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let  it  be  KNOWN !  that  yes  ,  zelda  has  her  “flings”  but  she  never  really  settled  besides  that  one  joke  of   a  wedding  in  the  renaissance  era  lmao  a  marriage  that  lasted  3  days ??  like  ok  yes  she  also  dated  the  god  mercury  but  ??  zelda  is  probs  married  to  her  career  and  knowledge  and  is  just  overall  a  v  smart  woman ?  scientist ? like  she  has  no  time  for  men and  if  she  does ?  she’s  probs  BREAKING  hearts.  honestly  she’s  probably  always  telling  sabrina  and  hilda  that  men  just   drag  you  down , and she’s  also  quite  the  DISCIPLINARIAN.  the  “not fun aunt “ in sabrina’s eyes ?? lmao