the joke is hilda and zelda

Zelda fanfiction be like

This isn’t angst, it’s fluff! Please forgive me!

And I’m just like Darn! No angst?

Whatever will I do?

It’s not like the canon games are already tearing my heart out enough already

I’m having such a GRAND time! Like, to non zelda fans, this might seem like a bunch of random screenshots, but if you’ve played any of these games…

Then you know what the hell I’m talking about

Seriously, just gimme the damn Zelink, Zelgan, Malink, Midlink, or Whatever fluff and don’t apologize for it (that’s a joke, I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you wonderful fic writers out there)

Also, I’d add a picture of that flute playing elf from ALTTP, but I can’t find a pic