the joke is harvest moon

the signs in fall and winter

Aries: henleys and beanies and dark denim, red plaid flannel, blankets so full of static electricity that they spark, how clean your lungs feel the first day the air is truly cold, car seat warmers, cold hands, pine and soap, red leaves and gold tinsel, cherry pie, bonfires, empty glass bottles, grilled cheese and tomato soup, aching joints, chocolate oranges, broken holiday ornaments, ripped black tights, pet fur on all your clothes.

Taurus: cream blush, chipped nail polish, warm brown leather, stick shifts and seatbelts, warm papers fresh off the printer, spiced apple cider, olive and maroon and navy, ballpoint pens, hot baths, carrot cake, winter comforters, power outages, dull gold, hot chocolate, dry shampoo, split lips, pearl necklaces, skipping school, perfume, bath towels warmed in the dryer first, hotel shampoos, county fairs and caramel corn

Gemini: choking laughter at two am, pirated movies, sneaking in and sneaking out, lace and leather, christmas lights, scented candles, pumpkin pie, costume jewelry, snow globes, hairspray, the smell of burnt matches, red solo cups, seeing scary movies late at night with friends, soft cotton, gingerbread, smudged eyeliner, summer camp t shirts, damp hair, clean skin, car stereo turned up way too loud

Cancer: sleepovers and pillow forts, sick days and snow days, nineties movies, banana bread, freezing november rain, gift giving, wrapping paper scraps, smores and sticky fingers, dryer sheets, bubble baths, thin mints, sucking your candy canes into sharp points, pajama pants and too-hot blankets, dangerous icicles, driving on ice, pecan pie, back rubs, secret santa

Leo: lost car keys, gum wrappers at the bottom of purses, army green jackets, hazelnut coffees, frozen wet hair, christmas carols in october, driving with all the windows down, high waisted summer shorts and borrowed hoodies, red velvet cake, television marathons, chokers, dyed hair with roots showing, breathing on cold hands to warm them up, day old coffee grounds, cheap rings turning your skin green

Virgo: scarves, fresh made tea, journals and notebooks, knee high socks, shorts with sweaters, freezing cold swimming pools, cookie dough, bubblegum, foggy glasses and unpaired gloves, withering ivy on brick buildings, bookmarks and highlighters, immaculate leather, shaggy diy haircuts, collected guitar picks, strip malls, berry lipstick, sparkly gel pens, nineties crop tops, getting locked out of your car, impromptu road trips

Libra: sweaters and hoodies and jeans and chucks, halloween jokes, popcorn balls, harvest moons, constellations and cold snaps, frost on your windshield, lyrics stuck in your head, worn out backpacks and melting soft hugs, orange leaves on trees, autumn sunsets, ice skating and movie marathons, tiny marshmallows, mac n cheese at three am with your best friend, scented body wash

Scorpio: liquid eyeliner and dry cuticles, lip piercings, cheek kisses, pink and gray and lilac and pastel blue sweaters, anything maroon and olive and navy, vans, bitten short nails, flip flops in december, driving on the freeway at night, new year’s confetti, flannel shirts, concerts, tank tops in november, ripped jeans, rolling storms and thunderclaps, candy corn and haunted houses

Sagittarius: audiobooks, coffee house poetry recitations, clear nights, the first snow fall of the year, grass crisp with frozen dew, the way the sidewalks look clean after the snow melts, snickerdoodles, lyrics scrawled in marker on arms and thighs, september dandelion puffs, snowball fights, blanket capes, dark blue nail polish, inside jokes, holiday movie marathons

Capricorn: winter formals, candy apples, rainbow shines of oil on asphalt,  beanies and headbands, room temperature diet coke, paper snowflakes, firewood, running on beaches with sparklers, pumpkin spice lattes, sparkly lip gloss and wind burned cheeks, midnight singalongs, party games, warm days, hershey’s kisses, ginger ale, ferris wheels

Aquarius: gray skies, laser pointers, grass stained knees, jackets tied around your waist, baby pink, dry bushes, ding dong ditch, downtown city sidewalk singalongs late at night at the top of your lungs, house parties, trick or treating, burned out lightbulbs, hardwood floors, the smell before it rains, colorful winged eyeliner, frizzy hair, scuffed shoes, fraying hems

Pisces: oxford shoes and winter boots, neat little prints, downloading fonts, neat handwriting, tapping your foot to music, fancy chocolates, hair combs, exfoliating in the winter, frosty october cold snaps, nail polish, fuzzy socks, cinnamon, laundry detergent, paper cuts, eyelashes on cheeks, stretching after waking up from a long nap, dry skin, cracking your knuckles, cold toes peeking out from under blankets