the joining

Pidge, Hunk and Lance shared a Minecraft server while they were at the Garrison and when they went to space they were sad about leaving their town behind. But then Pidge remembered that she had her laptop (with her copy of the game on it) so they all worked together to duplicate the game and make it compatible with Altean technology and now the entire team plays Minecraft together.


So as I am OFFICIALLY freaking the FUCK out that our Boy has come through and an actual Old-school Teddy, Intimate Fans only Show where WE GET TO PICK THE FRICKIN SET LIST is ACTUALLY GOING TO TO HAPPEN-

Exhales. Barely. 

Let’s discuss what he MUST SING. PLEASE GOD. 

Starting with:

Autumn leaves, One Night, Firefly, So, and We are. 



Steroline appreciation week? more like 10 Days Of Steroline.

Regardless of how things went down. We can all agree that it’s the Ship Of Dreams and nothing will ever come close. It’s been a long ride, and these two idiots changed a lot of things in our lives. We have been lucky enough to ship the healthiest and slowest burn ship to ever exist. And since no one knows what happens in a year, this might ends up as our last appreciation event.

So forget the bitterness, fight through the lack of motivation. If Stefan and Caroline made you happy once, join the sterofam in appreciating our children. Whether it’s a gifset, graphic, fanfic, meta or video. Shower the fandom with your fascinating edits and share the love. Tag your edits with #SCAW17.

[4th September - 13th September]

  1. Day 1. The moment/episode you started shipping them.
  2. Day 2. Favorite season.
  3. Day 3. Favorite love declaration(s)/speech(es).
  4. Day 4. Favorite comforting moment(s). (in which one of them comforts the other)
  5. Day 5. Favorite parallel(s).
  6. Day 6. Favorite stage of their relationship.
  7. Day 7. Favorite no humanity moment(s).
  8. Day 8. Favorite happy scene(s).
  9. Day 9. Favorite heartbreaking scene(s).
  10. Day 10. Why you loved them/ What you’ll miss most about them.

Tell your friends and the friends of your friends. We will love them forever, too.

angelblack3  asked:

you seem to be focused on your taemin han au which is fabulous because i love this doggo son he's adorable. but omg i would DIE for your mint eye flipped au where the only 'good' characters are mc, rika and saeran that would be AMAZING.

yeah but … do u really wanna see that level of angst :D

((thank you so much btw)) ♥