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Blowing Something Off

It’s not just blowing off an exercise that you planned, it’s not just bad for you physically but bad for you mentally because then that option is now available. The option to fuck off is available and you did it before and you’ll probably do it again and you’ll get mediocre results not just in that aspect of your life but maybe in all aspects of your life. Because that option to fuck off when you embrace it, that is a pathway that you might choose when it comes to dealing with conflict in your personal life, dealing with business decisions, dealing with career decisions, an uncomfortable decision you might be faced with or maybe you need to make a change as far as what your pathway is in life. But you don’t do it, instead, you fuck off and that inclination to fuck off, I think that gathers momentum as well. The inclination to be disciplined, that comes with momentum too and I think both things you take a path, the path of the healthy person or the path of the fuck off. Like both of them are available and whichever path you embrace dictates your character.

- Joe Rogan

“… the numbers you’re talking about Redban, these are all illusions people are spending all their time calculating these figments you know: my bank account number, how much I owe, how much debt I am or whats my credit for; its nothing, the’re not anywhere they’re imaginary or the senate, or the congress, or the president or the government; all imaginary things that aren’t they’re just these ethereal things out there when its like, if you go into your back yard and dig and pland seeds and grow something that’s real, you can look out there and see how many seeds or plants you´ve got growing out there and that thats fucking real. (what is the economy?) Its just imaginary, quantitative easing and were gonna buy stock shares and stock trades and send them over to Brashman Both and Ben Bernake said he´s gonna double the quantitative… Its like what the fuck are you talking about?…

…  So now the whole thing is criss crossed, all of society is criss crossed with tiny weird conections the deed to the house and the land and the house and the certificate of ownership of the house and the property tax you pay and all this its all imaginarty shit, none of its real, we all believe its real, not only do we believe its real but we´re so focused on it that we´ve forgotten about what is real which is the material universe which is the fucking water, and the ground, and the environment, and we´re just pumping shit out into cause thats stuff doesn´t seem real. Its a leisure thing you go out for a hike in the woods on a sunday, thats when you go into nature, you maybe on ocasion take the lady for a picnic, you know. But thats how you go to nature, you know, and its just like a novelty, oh look a tree…”

Duncan Trussell

Excerpt from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode 55 

anonymous asked:

Any good podcast recommendations? I like Tom Woods, School Sucks, etc but I'm looking for something new?

I’m always looking for new recommendations too. Hell I’d love to start

I’ll list the ones I listen to now in no specific order

  • Ron Paul Liberty Report 
  • Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard
  • Corbett Report
  • Around the Empire
  • Contra Krugman
  • Freedom Feens
  • Foreign Police Focus
  • Kinsella on Liberty
  • Lions of Liberty
  • Part of the Problem
  • Patterson in Pursuit (though he hasn’t updated in a while
  • School Sucks
  • The Brion McClanahan Show
  • The Dangerous History Podcast
  • Joe Rogan Experience 
  • JOrdan Peterson Podcast
  • The Libertarian Institute
  • Peter Schiff Show
  • Seeds of Liberty Podcast
  • Tom Woods Show
  • Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

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