the jock the basket case


“Saturday, March twenty-fourth, nineteen eighty-four. Shermer High school, Shermer, Illinois. 60062”

Thirty years ago today,
a princess,
a delinquent,
a brain,
a basket-case,
and a jock,
met for detention.

This is a special day.

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About that post where Stiles is leaning up against the lockers, you mentioned in the tags that he looks like an 80's movie. It reminds me of the breakfast club where everyone is running up and down the corridor while the chick, the basket case, - I've forgotten her name sorry! - just stands there and watches. And then I thought about how she and the jock hooked up and then thought of jock!derek and basket case!stiles and it made me incredibly happy.

Referring to this: x

*screams* (genuinely)

Nonnie, you have no idea the height of my obsession with brat pack movies. The concept of jock!Derek and basket case!Stiles makes me very happy. I really like Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson’s story in the film but I kind of always preferred Ally Sheedy and Emilio Estevez’s - I have a huge obsession with jock/loner story-lines and Ally Sheedy’s character is by far my favourite in The Breakfast Club. And you are right, Stiles really does look like her in that moment:

They both have that slightly judgy look about them. (I love it. I am weak. Take me now.)

I also think a Breakfast Club AU with Stiles as Allison would work - specifically on an angst level with the Sheriff as Allison’s main character arc (in terms of what each of them are battling with emotionally) is that she is ignored at home and subsequently shuts herself off from her peers. Imagine the Sheriff who, after Claudia’s death, found it very hard to look at Stiles because he looked so much like her and as the years went by he found it easier to shut him out. Imagine rebel!Stiles who does anything and everything to get his dad’s attention: smoking, drinking, skipping school, sleeping around. He wants everyone to think he’s weird, a special kind of bad news, but can’t quite pull off the bad boy act because in reality he’s a giant nerd and while he is very popular with the guys at Jungle, his heart is never quite in it. Mostly, he’s just fascinated with foreskin. (The fact he’s once or twice let himself wonder in the heat of the moment if Derek Hale has foreskin is none of anyone’s concern.)

On the other hand, you have Derek in the role of Andrew whose main arc is about the guilt he feels over bullying a guy in his year because he wanted to make his dad proud and show him he isn’t weak. Personally, no matter what universe, I could never see any version of Derek humiliating someone to the level Andrew does (the whole point of Derek’s arc is that he chooses to be kind when dealt shitty hands, even if that kindness is sometimes ill thought out). However, I could see Derek snapping under the pressure he faces at home and beating up someone like Jackson for bullying Erica and going too far. Maybe it’s a werewolf AU where Derek is finding it hard to deal with the pressures of becoming the next Alpha after Laura dying (shit, oh god no, I’m hurting myself big time with this one). Maybe you have Derek who is trying to be the perfect everything: top of his class, captain of the basketball team and straight, straight, straight (dates all the girls in his year) because he’s desperate to prove to his parents that he can be everything they had hoped Laura would be. Secretly though, while Derek likes working for his grades and enjoys basketball, dating is hell for him. Objectively, he likes the idea of sex and kissing but he’s never been in a relationship with anyone that that has been remotely appealing with. All he actually wants is to open his own bookshop one day, and perhaps talk to that strange boy he sometimes sees cutting class with books on the male circumcision and satanic rituals.

Now, I know make over scenes are overrated and overdone but I am a sucker for them and all I want to see is that moment where Lydia (because of course Lydia is prom queen) takes Stiles to the bathroom and gels over his hair and gets him to take off some of his layers - “three plaid shirts, Stiles? Really?” I want that moment where Derek - already completely smitten with Stiles’ unique style of fucked up-ness (because c’mon, you know Derek probably already had a crush on Stiles before detention) - can’t breathe the moment Stiles steps out of that bathroom and he can see his face. And Derek will do the whole awkward woah thing Emilio Estevez does and Stiles will get all defensive and snarky about it, all the while being unable to stop from smiling like an idiot when Derek can’t stop staring.

Anyway, long story short, nonnie - YES. Yes, I love this idea. I want this idea. I need this idea. I have read two Breakfast Club AUs for the Sterek fandom but I must have more. It’s important. So very important. For health reasons.

Okay so I know that the movie itself is basically just like superpowered breakfast club, but the fact that the fandom doesn’t have an actual breakfast club au is such a missed opportunity.

Imagine a Teen Wolf Breakfast Club AU.

On that one Saturday, five students–the basket case, the criminal, the princess, the jock and the nerd–were called in to serve detention in the library of Beacon Hills high school.

Stiles is Allison, the “basket case” reject that everyone thinks is crazy–his mother was mentally ill, so they assume he is too. He’s a social outcast who would much rather sit in the back of the room and exist in his own world.

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Derek is John, a teen who is accused of being a criminal. There are rumours circulating that he killed his family but they’re all lies: he’s the victim. He lives with his abusive uncle, suffering from the man’s alcoholism and physical and verbal lashings.

(Except he ends up with Stiles in the end)

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Lydia is Claire, the “princess” of Beacon Hills High. She lives every day with parents who would much rather buy her love than spend time with her. She gets the highest grades but pretends to be stupid. The truth is she doesn’t want to be treated as something frail; she wants to be treated as a person.

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Jackson is Andrew, the athlete whose adoptive parents are either neglectful becasue they don’t know how to deal with him or overwhelming in their crushing expectations of who he is meant to be.

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Scott is Brian, the sweet nerd that no one talks to. The truth is he lives with a single mother and they struggle to get by. He’s trying to work to help her, but all he really wants is to let her know that no matter what happens they’ll be okay.

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Imagine the shenanigans they get up to during those hours of detention: climbing through vents, running down halls, dancing around the library, getting high, confessing their darkest secrets…

Five students, brought together for those few hours, leave as friends.

Modern AU: High School {aesthetics}: a brain, a princess, a criminal, a jock, and a basket case.

“We were the kings and queens of promise
We were the victims of ourselves
Maybe the children of a lesser God
Between heaven and hell”

Click here to read Kings and Queens, a Throne of Glass fanfiction.

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Hi!! Thanks for your lovely blog :) I have a favor to ask: so I just watched The Breakfast Club last night and somehow I can't get a Merlin Breakfast Club AU out of my head. With like Arthur as the jock, Merlin as the basket case, and maybe Morgana as the princess, Gwaine as Bender? Have you heard of any Breakfast Club AU's?? Thanks!

Hiya! Thanks very much! :) The only one I could find was The Most Convenient Definitions

There’s also this one that’s a WIP that hasn’t been updated in a few years but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Sincerely, The Breakfast Club

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Thanks for your blog and your fics too--I love your work! Sooo I just watched The Breakfast Club last night and somehow I can't get a Merlin Breakfast Club AU out of my head. With like Arthur as the jock, Merlin as the basket case, and maybe Morgana as the princess, Gwaine as Bender? Have you heard of any Breakfast Club AU's?? Thanks!

Hmm. I’ve looked around and I haven’t found a Breakfast Club AU although that sounds brilliant! All I know of is this gifset au

ROAD TRIP TO THE MOON: Space exploration is quickly creating a future with thousands of possibilities. Trips to the moon can soon be possible. Road trips, in a manner of speaking. Not so long from now, there can be a generation of young humans who will make this journey to discover themselves among the stars: the loners who find their match beyond the sky; the jocks who look danger in the eye in front of supernovas; the basket cases who find their ways looking at the Earth silent beneath their feet.. and, of course, the little shit who chooses the soundtrack along the way. This is for them. [LISTEN]

1. FRANK SINATRA fly me to the moon 2. DAVID BOWIE space oddity 3. RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON space colonists 4. JOHN MAYER gravity 5. ELLA FITZGERALD it’s only a paper moon 6. BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND making faces at the man in the moon 7. TOM WAITS drunk on the moon 8. SPACE teardrops from the moon 9. PINK FLOYD interstellar overdrive 10. BLUE ÖYSTER CULT astronomy 11. JANELLE MONÁE many moons 12. RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON the people who stay on the earth will explode 13. LOTTE LENYA moon of alabama 14. EPICA cry for the moon 15. MUSE supermassive black hole

Okay so the breakfast club. At one point the janitor is looking at pictures of old all stars in the hall. And one of the pictures says Carl reed.the janitor was popular and now he’s stuck in the same school sweeping after assholes the same assholes he used to be. Also Brian (the nerd) was in detention because he brought a flare gun to school. He was going to kill himself because of the pressure to be perfect. The breakfast club seems shallow on the surface but the whole point of the movie is that everyone is screwed up. They’re all fighting their own battles but we don’t see that. We see what we wanna see in the simplest of terms the most convenient of definitions. We see a Jock a brain a princess an athlete a basket case and a criminal when reality there’s a reason everyone acts the way they do. That’s why this movie is so perfect and that’s why it’s my favorite.