the jk threw me off

usagifelton said: I commented in your post but figured I’d ask officially. You mentioned the informal way Kook talks to Jimin, but as a non-Korean speaker can you clarify for me, is there a difference in how he talks to Jimin vs how he talks (formal/informal) to Taehyung? Or the other members?

Anon: hi!! just a question about korean speech, is speaking completely informal to someone more intimate (closer?) than semipolite? or does JK speaking to JM in semipolite still show they are very close? and also i thought V allowed JK to speak to him like that too but the xmas vlive threw me off (when JK said gomawo). in a vlive they did in JPN when JK sang tori kelly and V said he doesn’t have the lyrics, wasnt JK speaking informally?why would v allow informal speech only sometimes(esp vlive 4 both)

gayyaoibl said: Hey~ first of all I wanted to say That I love love your blog , definitely my favorite Jikook blog! What I’m here to ask you is , well I heard before that in korea and betweens couples/people involved in a roma, it’s considered something very attractive when the younger one speaks informally / banmal to the older one , I want to know if that’s really true ? Since I’ve noticed that jungkook sometimes talks to jimin in banmal and if that’s indeed true then that must the reason why he’s doing it.

Anon: Hello sajeon :)) this not abt our kook/min but im rly curious, does the speak formal to the older person even when we close apply for girls too? Or more strictly in boyxboy friendship? Cause i think i saw many girl idols dont add “-yo” when they speak to the unnies she’s close to. But im not sure. Thankyouu ^^ 

If you need a refresher on what banmal means, click here. Also check out some my previous answers to similar asks here, here, and here.

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