the jibblies

(after waking up in a lake, swimming to shore, and finding their things mostly intact, alongside some unusual objects they’ve never seen before)

rogue: “my things! and your things! and a doll… with a… hair ring! witch! burn it!”

wizard: “and what, precisely, is the difference between a witch and a wizard, i might ask?”

rogue: "well you see, a wizard is a learned creature of exquisite taste, refinery, and seeker of power. a witch.. wants your inner jibblies, and to force demons up yer arsehole till they hit the back of your teeth… no.. kill all witches..“

wizard: “well maybe i want to shove demons up some arseholes too, ever consider that? can be very therapeutic, demon-shoving.”


jibble toes THE sequel

When u feel like shit and u wanna die cause you dysphoric as fuck but you gotta put a smile on your face and go pay bills and shit but in reality you just wanna cut off these jibbly jamblie things that shouldn’t be there.

Everything About Scrappy-Doo is Horribly, Horribly Wrong

The voice, the role he fills, his big dumb face… everything.

He’s the physical embodiment of a producer saying “The ratings have dropped, what else can we cram in this show?” 

Look at him. Just look at him. Why is his head so big? He looks like someone grafted a giant dog’s smug, self-satisfied head on a tiny dog’s body.

I’m getting the jibblies just from from writing this post and accidentally looking at him occasionally.

Every part of him is wrong. How, and more importantly, why does his mouth shift from the side of his face to the front? 

I don’t want to know what biological processes make that possible.

The show knows he’s all wrong, and resents the viewer for not accepting him. 

Mere minutes in, it taunts us by making him almost die, via falling out of a still-moving truck. With a massive weight over his head. 

Over a bumpy road. 

In a rainstorm. 

In the dead of night.

He seems to be toast, and we all get teased with the mega ecstasy bliss that can only come from the prospect that Scrappy’s gone for good. 

Imagine it. The movie begins… he’s introduced… he falls out the back of a van… and the movie just moves on without him. Not only would it be infinitely better for the story, but it would also be hilariou–

…oh. Nevermind, I guess Scooby saved him, so we can all get to hear the loathsome little bugger quip incessantly for the rest of the movie.

Let’s face it, folks: Scrappy-Doo just might be the ultimate Scooby-Doo mistake.

Have an awesome day, my friend!

I hope you like cake!

(a little something from @daily-duskstone-duo, happy birthday.)

Vince: Oh my goodness, you two are amazing! This cake is so beautiful! I don’t deserve this! Edgy, Cha Cha… Gosh darn it! You two givin’ me things I damn well don’t deserve. Y’all are the best. Thank you!! <3


I’m not too big on art, but we literally can’t get rid of this guy~

Possibly side effects from prolonged contact include intense music, severe jibblies attacks, and possibly being his houseguest for all eternity~

anonymous asked:

Hii. I'm looking for a fic where they are in the omega/alpha universe and they can transform in actual wolves. I remember Bucky being the only omega and a ceremony with like challenges taking place between different packs and the winner would be Bucky's alpha. And then Bucky gets kidnapped by Brock and forced to go into heat

This one, maybe?

The Ties That Bind Us by Jibbly

“There hasn’t been an omega in this region for years”
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Ok I made it. Only 10!


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⭐- Cherry is terrified of slugs. Most people hate spiders but it’s slugs that give her the jibblies.

⭐- she can’t cook. I mean this literally. From burning the curtains trying to make gravy (she burnt the gravy too), to making pancakes that could both ooze off the plate and be used as a lethal weapon, it’s safe to say that if she cooked it you should run.

⭐- she owns only one dress, no others.

⭐- she can’t swim. She’s learning but she swims about as well as a stone.