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Settle a debate for me. Can Pidge be White and Jewish at the same time or not? Does it even matter?

ok i want to preface this by saying I am not jewish nor do i consider myself speaking for all jewish people and if anything i’m about to say is wrong please correct me (nicely) 

personally i cannot answer the question of are “Jews considered white or not” because honestly that’s actually still an ongoing debate and the answers differ from who you ask. 

now that being said, can someone be white and jewish at the same time? of course. there are jewish people from every country and ethnic group. While yes some people do consider Jewish to be an ethnicity, it’s also a religion. there are Chinese Jews and Cuban Jews and Cuban Chinese Jews. so yes. 

friendly reminder that since a lot of people have decided xmas now starts right after halloween: not everyone celebrates xmas or wants to participate.  don’t shame people for not participating in xmas traditions or blacklisting xmas. if people ask to not be wished a merry xmas, don’t wish them a merry xmas. don’t get upset if people express their frustrations with how christian normativity makes it impossible to escape this non-secular holiday for almost two months. if people want nothing to do with xmas, please just let them be.


Mom And Dad And All The Adults Were Wrong (2017)

ok a lot of pent up feelings about the country.  I couldn’t sleep until I made this

i forgot to put a lil part about the truck i saw in my town with the iron cross and a trump sticker on it but I think my point is made pretty well

please know all of these things are real, this is a nonfictional comic

do not repost, reblogs though are welcome

terrible people get blocked immediatley stay the fuck away from me


introducing snailpals on etsy !!!

this shop is run by two disabled, mentally ill, jewish lesbians trying to make things that make people happy !!

i am one of those people and i cant get a job due to disabilities so this is my job and i want to get money for us to move out in july !!

our shop will feature jewelry, stickers, stuffed animals, and crayon sculptures, all handmade ! there isnt currently that much stuff up but we have a lot made that we will be steadily adding so keep looking out for all of it !!

Mizrahi Jewish People in the Holocaust

The Israeli school system teaches the average 11th grader all there is to know about the Holocaust and World War II, yet seems to nearly neglect mentioning the Holocaust in non European countries such as Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Iraq.
A classmate did a class presentation the other day, talking about her grandmother who’s a Holocaust survivor from Libya. My white, Jewish, American teacher’s response was “oh, i didn’t know the holocaust was there too” or something equally as ignorant.

The Nazi policy didn’t spare Jewish people outside of Europe -  the 400,000 Jewish people in France’s territories in North Africa (French Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) were included in the number of “the Final Solution to the Jewish Question in Europe”.
Jewish people in Libya, that was under Italian rule, suffered from Anti Semitism and economic restrictions as Italy’s relations tightened with Germany. In 1942, laws of racial discrimination were activated in Libya, men were recruited to forced labor and Jews were transferred to concentration camps.
The Vichy rule in Algeria from 1940 cancelled the Jews citizenship and activated the same restrictions that applied to the Jews of France.
The Vichy rule in Tunisia was pro Nazi and in 1942, the Nazis occupied 
French Tunisia. The commander of Tunis was then Walther Rauff, who was involved in the development of death gas vans and the Final Solution in Eastern Europe and instituted anti Jewish policies.
Iraq was for a short term under the Nazi allied regime of Rashid Ali Al Gaylani. Among its results was the Farhud which was a pogrom that killed 180 Jewish people.

You will not be taught about Mizrahi Jewish people in the Holocaust, although it is as important to know.

It’s election day. Please vote for Hillary. I have never been so nervous about an election. These two candidates are polar opposites and to say they’re both equally bad is false and dangerous. Trump and his VP want to strip away basic human rights for everyone who isn’t a cisgender straight white man. Say goodbye to safe abortions, marriage equality, and any future progress we would make by having a blue supreme court. Even if you don’t like Hillary, if she wins, the supreme court will go blue for the first time in decades. That’s HUGE. Human rights will move forward at an exponential rate. Hillary is qualified. She has done amazing things despite the GOP smear campaigns saying she hasn’t. 

I know none of my followers are voting for Trump, but a lot of you want to vote third party. Please do not split the vote. If you are liberal and you do not vote for Hillary, you are splitting the vote, and ultimately helping Trump win. This is dangerous. This is scary. This is real. This whole election reminds me of the rise of Hitler. 

Please, if you can, just vote.

Friendly reminder this holiday season

Simon is Jewish!!! Don’t erase this incredibly important part of him by writing just Christmas fics. The people around him are going to be celebrating Christmas and that’s fine! Just don’t write him off as celebrating it himself.

Do research and don’t get pissy if Jewish people call you out if you mess something up. We’re all learning and it’s great! Not something to feel bad about.

Honestly?? For once I’d like to see a Jewish character who doesn’t just have a throw-away line about eight nights of presents for Hanukkah… please give me Jewish characters who invite their friends over for Passover Seders, who fast for Yom Kippur, who bake Challah every Friday morning, who build Sukkahs and eat Hamentashen… give me practicing Jews. Characters with Jewish backgrounds are fantastic, but we so rarely get to see our traditions represented.


#representation matters