the jesus christ lizard

This adult male Green Basilisk (Basiliscus plumifrons) looks like a little green dinosaur! This lizard is also commonly known as the Jesus Christ Lizard for its amazing ability to run on water with specially adapted toes. I found this one in the rainforest at the edge of Río San Juan, Nicaragua.

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Tortuguero. Costa Rica 2014.

Green basilisk or double crested basilisk.

They can walk on water and we saw it !!!! but it was so unexpected that we could not capture the moment in a video or photo.

Their camouflage is perfect, it was very hard to see him at first.

Only the males have crest and it’s double.

Tortuguero. Costa Rica 2014.

Basilisco verde o basilisco de doble cresta.

Son capaces de andar sobre el agua y lo vimos!!!! pero fue tan imprevisto que no pudimos captar el instante ni en video ni en foto.

El camuflaje es perfecto, fue muy difícil verlo a la primera.

Solo los machos tienen cresta y es doble.

disclaimer: i fucking love lizards. all reptiles, actually. i adore them. they’re perfect and if i had a good setup i would own a reptile (probably another beardie) right now.

but JESUS CHRIST some lizards just

the way their heads poke out of their neck skin

they look like uncircumcised penises