the jester's cap

Imagine you’re in battle and the bard in your group is getting OVERWHELMINGLY STRESSED. To the point where you question whether he’s going to make it or not.
When suddenly, an enemy lunges forward to attack, splashing his face with an unknown black goop.
The room becomes still, in that moment.
The Bard’s panic turns to calm.
He locks eyes with the enemy and lets out, in the highest pitched screech you’ve ever had to deal with

and the feeling it brings you?

h o p e…

I guess I haven’t posted this here before. This is another popular piece of mine. And another Star Wars-themed one. Basically I wanted to do a Deadpool piece but also had interest in doing a Darth Maul one. So I ended up realizing that Darth Maul and Deadpool had similar builds and colors and it just went from there. Also realized that Harley Quinn’s Jester cap had a similar shape to a Twi’lek’s head tentacles in the Star Wars universe. So I ended up blending costume elements of Harley Quinn and Aayla Secura and it all just kind of came together.

A Gay-Themed Children’s Book in a Country That’s Outlawed Gay-Themed Children’s Books

 Anti-gay activists threw eggs and rocks at gay rights demonstrators in St. Petersburg last month, shouting “Sodomy will not pass.” The patriarch of the Russian Orthodox church recently called gay marriage “apocalyptic.” And in June, the Russian government outlawed discussing LGBT issues with minors by officially prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” and making the distribution of gay-rights material punishable by fines and jail time.

In the midst of Russia’s crackdown on gay rights, one Russian author has published a children’s book that prominently features a homosexual character and his struggle to find acceptance in the country.

Daria Wilke, the author of the new book, The Jester’s Cap, emigrated from Moscow 13 years ago and is now a Russian professor at the University of Vienna in Austria. Her novel centers on a boy named Grisha, a 14-year-old who lives and works in a puppet theater with his family and an older friend, Sam, who is gay.

Read more. [Image: Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters]

Those bronies and their fedoras/trilbies...

I wear a jester cap. How do you expect me to tip that? :U

Maybe if I wore my Totes (brand) captain’s hat with the goggles, I could tip, but that would look silly!