the jensen code

Flaw In My Code (Audrey Jensen x Reader) LGBT

ok so this is gonna reference gasoline by Halsey as you can see from the title.

Plot: you have a huge crush on Audrey but you grew up in church, so you think there’s something wrong with liking girls.

warnings; homophobia, kissing, sexually suggestive, curse words, grammatical errors

“Y/N, Y/N,” you tore your gaze away from a certain girl with a pixie cut when you heard Noah’s voice.

“Are you okay?” he asks you in a worried tone. “Yeah, I’m fine, just thinking,” you say. “Yeah, about Audrey,” he says, in a mocking tone. Your face reads shock at his choice of words. “I am not!” you try to say strongly but you’ve always been a shit liar.

“Yeah, you are. Look, I know that you might not want to like Audrey, but you do. And I don’t believe for a second you don’t. Definitely not with you always ogling her. Why don’t you just tell her?” he says quietly.

“Because. I don’t want my parents to hate me and I don’t want to completely ruin my friendship with Audrey,” you say to the lanky boy sitting in front of you.

“Well, it’s going to ruin your friendship anyways if you keep it hidden. And if it’s your parents keeping you from telling her, then screw them. This is your life, not theirs. So don’t let any homophobic assholes keep you from happiness.” he says, turning away from you and to his book.

After five minutes of the silent treatment and the side glares you and Noah were sharing you finally got up and left. Noah’s eyes followed you, and so did Audrey’s, but you didn’t care. After exiting the library, you made up a small plan in your mind of where you were going to go. You headed towards the supply closet. Opening the door and shutting it, you sat down.

When the better half of ten minutes was up, you changed your mind and headed out of the closet (haha puns) and towards the exit, leaving school all together. You knew your parents would be mad but you didn’t give a damn. Besides, it’s not like they can do anything while in Costa Rica. Instead, you’d receive punishment when they returned in a week.

Getting in your car, you plug your phone into the aux chord and turn on Gasoline by Halsey. Turning it up enough to drown out your thoughts, you put the car into drive and leave the parking lot.

When you pull in your driveway, you shut off your car and sit there for a minute, thinking. Was Noah right? A few minutes passed and you became more stressed bin your driveway you unhook your phone and get out, locking the doors behind you. After digging for your keys, you finally felt the cool metal against your fingertips. Pulling them out, you put one into the lock and pushed open your front door.

The alarm goes off signaling the door was opened and Tank comes hurdling towards you, ready to attack you with love. Bending down you hug him and he comforts you. He’s extremely protective of you and whenever you’re upset, he senses it, and comforts you. He always makes you feel better

When you’re done with your little session you sit up and go get him food, knowing he’s hungry. You fill his bowl before going upstairs to your room, and taking a nap.


You wake up to the sound of Tank barking and your doorbell ringing. Before heading downstairs, you look at your phone to see the time is, but instead you see a text from Audrey telling you she’s coming over. Fuck. You think.

You look in the mirror and decide you can’t really do much about it because she’s already here. Finally, you walk downstairs. You take a shaky breath before opening the door.

You’re greeted by beautiful girl know as Audrey Jensen looking as good as ever, not making this any easier. Hair messy, like shed been messing with it out of habit. Eyes dark, but she looked stunning. Plus she’s wearing those ripped jeans that she looks so fine in. As if the jeans weren’t enough, she’s wearing that red flannel. Honestly, your knees were weak at this point and your stomach was in knots.

Finally being able to form words you tell her to come in and she does so. You walk over to the couch and sit, her following suit. You were both sitting in awkward silence before you decided to break it.

“So can I get you anything? Water or-,” but she cuts you off. “Actually, I’m here to talk to you. I’m worried about you, A/N. You’ve been acting weird and then today you stormed out of school, this isn’t like you. What’s going on?” she says this to you, worried and pleading look in her eyes. How could you not give into her?

“I- I’m just worried about school, that’s all,” you try to lie, but once again, you’re a shit liar and Audrey gives you a look that’s says “yeah I bet” signaling for you to try again.

“Look, the reason I’ve been acting so weird is-,” you pause for a second deciding if you’re making the right decision. Her look wins you over and you continue. “Is because I’m gay, I like girls and I don’t know how to deal with it. You know how my parents are, they’re two of the biggest homophobes I know and I don’t know if I can handle their rejection. They’ve beat into my head that being gay is wrong. Like anyone who’s gay has a flaw in their code. But how could you be flawed? You’re the most beautiful human I’ve ever met and I like you so much its unreal,” you say, the last part slipping out was completely unintentional and you prepare yourself for what’s about to come next, but it never does.

Audrey laughs and its the most beautiful thing you’ll ever experience, her laugh. Her smile. It reaches her eyes, and its like she lights up. When she’s done she takes a breath and begins talking.

“Well, first off, I’m shocked to say the least. I would have never in a million years thought you liked girls, but anything is possible. Now, the thing about being gay is wrong, isn’t true in any way. Love is love, you are free to love whoever you want to and if your parents can’t accept you for you, then they are shit. Just know that your friends will love you, regardless of your sexuality. Lastly, if I’m hearing right and not imagining things I heard you say something about you liking me, did you mean it?” she asks you, her tone and facial expressions laced with seriousness. Not being able to form coherent words yet, you nod in response.

“Well, thank fucking God because keeping my feelings from you is getting to be extremely hard,” she laughs and shows off one of her dazzling smiles. You’re too dazed by her confession to laugh along. You’re drawn out of your daze when you feel a pair of soft lips on yours. Melting into the kiss you respond, moving your lips in rhythm with hers. Its like your lips were made for each other and you’ve never felt so comfortable in yourself until this moment. Your hands find their way into her hair, while hers find her way to your hips. Before you can process what’s happening you’re both laying on the couch, her on top, straddling you. Lips still moving together, tongues dancing against each others. You pull her closer, if possible. Before things can go any further, a buzzing sounds from Audrey’s back pocket. Sighing frustratedly, she answers the phone.

“Yes, Noah?” she asks while moving off of me, while I whimper at the loss of contact. I hear his voice but its a bit muffled. “No, I can’t make it, sorry. I’m with Y/N right now,” she says, declining his invitation. I hear his muffled voice again before she ends the phone call with a goodbye and a click. She hits some buttons before locking her phone.

“Now no one can interrupt us,” she says before reconnecting her lips with mine.


I know, this is terrible I’m sorry. But hey, Audrey fics are always good man! Right? anyways, Rachel out ✌

Have you ever loved a character that’s gone through so much, that you’re just like ITS OK BBY COME HERE MY CHILD LET ME SHEILD YOU FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD SHHHH ITS GONNA BE OK