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HELLO!! im kaito kuroba aka kaito kid from magic kaito 1412 (and detective conan but shhhh) and i really do miss being in the limelight with my heists! i love electroswing and edm!

Hey :3

1. Looking Like This - Lyre Le Temps

2. Fireflies - Bassjackers ft. Luciana

3. Lone Digger - Caravan Palace

4. Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) - The Chainsmokers 

5. Peeping Tom - Jamie Berry

6. Run Wild - Hardwell ft. Jake Reese

7. Sing Sang Sung - Jenova Collective

8. Fearless - Matt Nash X Carta

9. Bass Me Baby - Annella

10. Team (Elephante Remix) - Lorde