the jen monster speaks


Dork alert derp!

This is me crawling out and posting something myself to show off my dinky Twilight Sparkle closet cosplay because I’m a dork. I may be going to a small anime con in Helena, MT, and I’d feel naked if I ended up going without a cosplay, even if it’s as ratchet as a closet cosplay. I’m planning on getting a crown bc I love Princess Twilight mmkaaaay.

Don’t judge me. =A= /goes back into hiding

I really enjoyed The Lone Ranger. It was a fun movie, full of action and humor, and it covered a lot of what I always imagined the Western genre to be.

But what stinks about the movie is that when I search the tag, that’s all I see. I started watching the original television adaptation from the 40’s/50’s and I LOVE it, more so than the movie. Sadly, all I find under the Lone Ranger tag is a bunch of complaints about the movie. All I want is to see is Jay Silverheels and Clayton Moore’s pretty faces. :c

But that’s what Google Images is for