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The dream team of Storybrooke hanging out at “The Rabbit Hole

“And I win… again! Sorry Dave, but apparently, you need some practice! Haha” Robin chuckled and met Killian’s eyes. The pirate was giving him a knowing look, one that was saying ’i-know-you-cheated-well-done’, to which Robin quietly answered ’thief’.

A smile danced over the lips of the two partners in crime when they saw David looking suspiously at the cards on the table, analysing them. Who would have known that Prince Charming was actually a bad loser?

I really hope that Nathan helps or even better, saves Max in episode 5 and if he doesn’t I’m going to be really pissed at the developers because they would be wasting the opportunity of great character development  and depth for Nathan that on his own is such a complex  and interesting character. But really though Nathan is a character with so much potential to be just simply downgraded to the stereotypical villain who’s raising hell just cause he’s got mental illnesses and way too much time to kill. Not saying that I’m condoning all the shit he has done just that there has to be more to him than that, it’s been implied there are deeper reasons to why he is the way he is. Besides I don’t think a guy who has a diploma of best son of the year or whatever pasted on his wall is a serial killer/rapist, I don’t think a guy who spents most of his time blazed is capable of doing half the things Jeffershit did, (hell, he doesn’t even know Rachel is dead), I don’t think someone who cries and begs and says sorry, everybody hates me, self loathing stuff, etc when he’s being beaten up instead of throwing insults and going on a rampage is capable of cold blood murder/rape.

Anyway, I know, I know the odds are not in Nathan’s favour but there are little clues along the game pointing otherwise and I’d like to believe them, starting by the fact that he’s way too obvious to acually be the bad guy like episode 4 and all suspense movies prove: The most obvious guy will never be the actual killer/criminal whatever, it’s always the most unexpected (cough wanna be hipster asshole cough). That and in episode 1 when he  accidentally pulled the trigger killing Chloe, he totally freaked out and went on mode what the fuck have i done, Another thing I’d like to point out is when Max speaks with people who know Nathan, like Victoria, they all have positive thoughts about him wich leads to think that Nathan behaves in a totally different way from what we’ve seen in game when he’s with people he trusts and calls friends. Also when Max talks to him at the Two Whales he could have been way worse to her, being even more approachable than Frank (who by the way we all thought was an asshole and he’s got actually hidden depths, after all Rachel did date him and saw something good in him) and if we choose to ask him about personal stuff like Sean Prescott he actually answers in his tipical vulgar and rude way but still answers when he could have just flipped her off. Add the fact that after his encounter with Chloe, Max and Warren in the dorms he’s been MIA.

There are other things though, like the whole deal with Chloe in his room where he drugged her and took pictures and the foreboding what if Chloe hadn’t escaped and stuff; to be honest I don’t think Nathan would have done further than take pictures of her mainly because he’s a fucking dork and an epic fail of a bad guy. If he had actually wanted to pull a Shitterson on her he would have bound her legs and hands and he would have done the rapey thing while she was unconscious. And he did none of that, furthermore Chloe completely overpowered him even being under the influence (not defending what he did tho, i would have kicked his ass to china and back). I mean at first he seems like he’s The Big Bad and it turns out he’s just not all that.

Or maybe this is just me over analyzing shit though this is my sincere and honest opinion and until episode five comes out I’m going to maintain this position in regards to Nathan: he’s being manipulated by Jeffershitson and his father (who also forced him to cosplay as one of the girls of Sailor Moon when he was a kid and that’s one of the reasons why he’s so damaged) and he’s also being used as a cover, if anyone finds out or suspects something their primary suspect will be Nathan, Nathan will be framed for Jeffershitson’s crimes. It’s just that I can’t bring myself to think he’s that much of a fucktard (probably because he’s my trashy son/my cinnamon roll/mah problematic fave/my wounded boy/mahsonofabeatch) If you think otherwise or happen to think the same, feel free to write me and cry over this bloody game and its characters and stuff. We can only wait for episode 5 to throw some light on Nathan’s character and his POV.

P.S: Please read xlazyxwriterx ‘s fic Always Take The Shot so you can get more or less where I’m coming from with my rambling. The fic is so accurate is almost creepy.

EDIT: Now I’ve also got a new theory and other stuff that adds up to my argument wich you can find here x x x Please check it out

Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 41

It felt almost surreal to be sat in the back of an ambulance at Neal’s side. Emma had watched as the EMTs gave him oxygen, connected him to a drip and an ECG, and then they’d sat in silence, Neal’s heavy, pained breathing and the rhythmic beeping of the ECG the only things she could hear.

She wished she wasn’t alone with him. David and Mary-Margaret had waited with her until the ambulance arrived, but instead of joining her, instead of sending Regina to the hospital too, they’d decided to ask Mother Superior to heal her. The same had been offered to Neal, but he’d told them, through gritted teeth, that he didn’t need or want magic to mend his injuries.

Emma wasn’t sure what to say, if she even should say anything. When she’d been trying to cope with the realisation that Neal had betrayed her, she hadn’t wanted to talk about it. She hadn’t been able to talk about it, and she hadn’t also been dealing with a bullet in her shoulder.

It was probably better not to talk.

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Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU

Thanks to @lyriumrebel for editing this with me! | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 40

Jefferson had accompanied Emma back to the loft, although other than a polite conversation about how their children were doing, the walk had been unpleasantly silent. She may have decided to trust his words, but the last time they’d spent any time together, it had ended with a gun to her head and her father tackling Jefferson out a window.

“What’s he doing here?” David asked, the second the two of them walked into the loft. “He hasn’t tried to kidnap you again, has he?”

“And brought me back here?” Emma said, one eyebrow raised. David shrugged, keeping his suspicious gaze locked on Jefferson. “No, he came to tell me what Regina’s up to. Apparently, she plans to destroy the town and escape with Henry. We both want to stop her, but he refused to make any sort of plans in public.”

“Well, we’re not in public now.” David stated, folding his arms across his chest and standing up to face them. “And I really want to hear more about this whole ‘destroying the town’ thing.”

“There’s no need for hostilities, Charming.” Jefferson said with a roll of his eyes, loosening the cravat around his neck. “Your wife and I came to an understanding. We're… well, I feel like 'friends’ is the wrong word, but we’ve definitely moved past any previous wrong-doings.”

“Wrong-doings?” David repeated incredulously, clearly believing that the word was a bit of an understatement. “What sort of understanding was that? Was there an apology involved?”

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