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Some concept art for my KOTFE fic

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Anakin gave her a curious look. "Ahsoka, who are you staring at?" (idk just pick one of ahsoka's many gfs, your call)

It was rare for her and Anakin to be training at the Temple rather than out in the field. Ahsoka lived for the adventure, but she still liked the familiarity of her home. There was something calming about the clash of lightsabers and the soft murmur of Jedi Masters instructing their padawans.

Unfortunately -  or in Ahsoka’s opinion, fortunately – Ahsoka was very distracted at the moment. She was normally focused during her training sessions, but then again… Barriss and Master Luminara were rarely training at the same time as her and Anakin.

Ahsoka couldn’t keep her eyes from continuously finding Barriss’ graceful form. Lightsaber battle was already beautiful… but Barriss? Barriss truly turned it into an art form. Her movements were flawless, her form perfect.

Actually… everything about Barriss was perfect. And Ahsoka was completely in love. Ahsoka let out a sigh when Barriss made a particularly spectacular movie.

Anakin gave a his padawan a curious look. His padawan was acting strange… “Ahsoka… who are you staring at?”

Ahsoka spluttered and turned to face Anakin. “No one!”

Anakin frowned and looked to where Ahsoka’s gaze had been just moments before. He shook his head as realization dawned on him. He knew exactly who his padawan had been lovingly gazing at.

“Snips… you know that attachment is forbidden by the code.” Anakin lectured, adopting what he silently called his ‘Obi-Wan Voice.’

Ahsoka scrunched her nose and crossed her arms. “Like you’re one to talk.”

“Excuse me?!”

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kylo ren: I had such a bad and conflicted childhood.

galen marek: parents get killed before his eyes by darth vader. vader takes him in and trains him to become his apprentice. been tortured, cut and harmed many times during trainings. at the age of 17 he was send out to kill jedi masters for vader, killed 4 in total! was betrayed by vader and almost died. started with creating the first rebellion to fight against the emperor. could pull star destroyers out from the sky, got betrayed AGAIN by vader and the rebellion leaders got captured. galen survived and instead of flying he went to rescue the rebel leaders. fought vader, fought the emperor and died galens over all answer to kylo….  stares at him. “yeah” 


“This is Obi-Wan Kenobi: a phenomenal pilot who doesn’t like to fly. A devastating warrior who’d rather not fight. A negotiator without peer who frankly prefers to sit alone in a quiet cave and meditate. Jedi Master. General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Member of the Jedi Council. He is respected throughout the Jedi Order for his insight as well as his warrior skills. He has become the hero of the next generation of Padawans; he is the Jedi their Masters hold up as a model. He is the being that the Council assigns to their most important missions. He is modest, centered and always kind. He is the ultimate Jedi. It is characteristic of Obi-Wan that he is entirely unaware of this.”

Matthew Stover


“The road lies before you, Anakin Skywalker. Will you walk it alone?”        "No, master. As a Jedi. If you’ll show me the way"

ILUM - CRYSTAL CAVE - Young master Obi-Wan Kenobi & his padawan Anakin Skywalker (I love to draw this era)

“Ilum,” Obi-Wan answered, watching his padawan’s expression carefully.

The name brought a spark of recognition to Anakin’s face. His bright eyes flashed. Still, he kept his tone guarded.

“I see.”

“We’re not here on a mission” Obi-Wan continued. “It’s a quest. It’s here that you will gather the crystals to fashion your own lightsaber.”

Anakin’s sober face cracked with the grin that Obi-Wan had come to look forward to seeing, a smile that radiated pleasure and hope.

“Thank you for this honor” he said.

“You are ready” Obi-Wan replied.  

A guide to lightsabers