the jeans are a bit too big for me though

@stcrbcund liked for a teenaged Malcolm

“This is a pretty cool bass, old man. You know, I always wanted to learn it.” Mal had been sitting in the room of some other crew member, he didn’t know who’s but he knew the access code to get in. “Father would kill me, though.” He plucked at a few of the strings, listening to the deep sound the amplifier gave off. “So whose quarters did you say this was again?” He’d changed into a sweatshirt and jeans that had been given to him, though they were a bit too big. Obviously, the person who’d worn them before had a bit more muscle on him. 


Portland, OR, USA

(I have stopped by this store because they are having a great sale on jeans. The cashier is male and I am female. He rings up the first pair of jeans and they come up at $49.99)

Me: Oh would you mind taking those jeans off, I found them with the $29.99 jeans, but they must have been put back in the wrong spot.

Clerk: Not a problem sorry about that.

Me: No big deal, I know how disorganized things can get with customers digging though the clothes all the time. I just hope that the rest ring up correctly.

(The next 2 pairs ring up at the correct price, but the 4th pair doesn’t.)

Cashier: Would you like me to remove that last pair?

Me: Yes please, I guess 2 out of 4 pairs isn’t too bad, they are on sale for a great price.

(At this point he is looking a bit shocked that I haven’t started yelling at him yet.)

Me: I mean it is not your fault that someone put the pants back in the wrong spot.

Cashier: Thanks for not being mad, I my shift is over in a half hour want to get some coffee?

Me: What!? I am sorry, but I am married (holds up ring finger).

Cashier: *mumbling* Oh…um… well you were just being so nice about the jeans I thought you were flirting with me.

(He turns about 10 shades of red and stuffs my receipt in the bag and shoves it towards me without making eye contact.)