the jealous hips

Crumbling Facade

pairing: Eric x Reader

fandom: divergent

request:  Could you write an oneshot with Jai Courtney OR Eric (divergent) where Jai/Eric is jealous and the reader calms him down and then much fluff? *.* ♡

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To most people in the room Eric would have looked like he always did. Angry, annoyed with a hint of his sadistic nature underneath. All of it was true of course but right now he was furious.

You could see it in the way that his head shifted, just slightly to the side his eyes intently fixed on you. There was a whole storm raging behind his eyes, one that he could very good. It wasn’t easy to break through this facade but right now it was slowly crumbling.

“…right? What do you think?”


“Think that is a good idea?”

You hadn’t listened at all while you were looking at Eric on the other table. No clue what he had just said but he obviously wanted an answer.

“You know what Mark, I think that’s an excellent idea.”

The poor guy didn’t even try to flirt with you, all he wanted was some training advice. He was probably unaware that Eric was plotting his murder right at this moment. It was definitely time to put an end to that. No murders on your watch.

“Will you excuse me for a bit?”

“Yeah, yeah sure thanks for the help!”

You walk over to Eric, sit down in his lap without a word and put your hands behind his back. He raises his eyebrow, giving you a doubtful look but shifts a little to the side to give you more room and puts his hands on your hips.

“Someone’s jealous.” You smirk at him, feeling how his hands grab your hips tighter.

“I have absolutely no reason to be jealous.”

“Really? Then tell me you were not just thinking of breaking his arm.”

“No.” A quick look at the other table before he turns to you again, “His legs.”

“Oh come on Eric, leave the poor guy alone he’s a real sweetheart.”

“You know…” Eric stands up with his hands holding you in place. You wrap your legs around him and hold onto him tighter, “…sweet guys don’t last here very long.”


“But.” Throwing you up in the air a bit, he grabs your waist and puts you over his shoulder to carry you out, “Maybe you can sway my resolve to kick his ass a bit, if you’re being extremely nice and all.”

jealous .

this was supposed to fufill a request but i kind of changed it so much that it hardly fills it anymore, so. sorry bout that. 

It’s around nine and the boys had just gone to bed. You’re tired and descending the stairs in socked feet, yawning into your fist and turning off the hall light as you pass it. Today’s been long– the twins had a little league game that Shawn coached and you took the baby to a new daycare you’d been thinking about switching to. It was nice, but when you sent some pictures to Shawn of the interior, he got the vibe that it was a bit dingy. He tends to not think anything is clean enough, good enough for his baby girl.

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||Someday|| A Brett Talbot Imagine

{Requested:Can u do an imagine when y/n is really a badass hunter and she with scott pack from the start and then they meet Brett cocky little bastard and y/n dont give a fuck about him make it cuute👍}

(Reader’s P.O.V)
Malia groaned in pain as my arrow pierced her skin, lodging itself in her back. I shot another arrow into her leg before withdrawing another arrow. I looked around and spotted Liam who was running by. I smirked before shooting an arrow at the tree he was running towards. As soon as it hit the tree, sparks flew, messing with Liam’s vision. I quickly withdrew an arrow and aimed at Liam before letting it fly into his leg. I heard footsteps behind me, making me turn around quickly and firing at the person legs. Scott groaned as the arrow lodged itself into his leg. I withdrew two arrow and shot his shoulders while he was distracted. I turned back around to see Theo taking an arrow out of Liam’s leg. I shoot Liam and Theo with many arrows as they start dashing in the other direction. Once they collapsed, I felt Scott and grab my cross bow and throw it into the bushes.
“You sure you want me to train like this?“I asked as I took out my daggers.
"I’m sure."He whispered as he looked behind me.
I swiftly turned around and slashes a deep cut into Malia’s shoulder and kicked her away. She was going to attack me while Scott distracted me.
"Thank god I’m still human."Stiles muttered as I dug one of my daggers into Scott’s back.
Scott snarled at me as I dragged the dagger down his back. Scott elbowed my face, making me stumble backwards. Once I regained my composure, Scott lunged at me. I waited until he was close enough before sticking my feet up, kicking him further away from me. I grabbed a spearI I had in my pocket. The great thing about the one I have was that it shrinks itself as small as it can so it can fit in my pocket. I pressed the button, making it expand into its actual size. I swung the spear at Liam and Theo, throwing them towards a tree. As soon as I spotted Malia running towards me, I swung the spear again, making her fall on her butt as it came in contact with her face. I cursed under my breath as I saw Liam, Theo, and Scott rise to their feet. Malia smirked as she stood back up, making me glare at her. As soon as I saw Theo take one step, I threw the spear at Malia. It lodged itself into her shoulder and the tree she leaned on.
"I’m stuck!"Malia yelled as she tried to remove it from her shoulder.
Theo, Liam, and Scott charged at me, making my eyes widen. I reached for the knives on my belt and threw them and Theo, making him fall backwards. Liam and Scott where the strongest ones, so I was worried for a few seconds. I grabbed the wolfsbane can and took the the ring off, making wolfsbane fly into the air. Scott and Liam started coughing as they tried looking through the fog of wolfsbane, trying to find me. I ran over to the bush and grabbed my crossbow, I aimed at Liam who was the first one to make it out of the fog. As soon as he spotted me, I fired five two arrow at his legs, and four arrows at his chest. Liam’s gasped for air, collapsing on the ground. The fog started to clear as Scott fell to his knees, coughing and gasping for air. I appeared right in front of him, shooting two arrow into his chest before kicking his face. I placed my foot on his chest, keeping him from getting up. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw another werewolf growling at me. He started charging at me, making me shoot as many arrows as I could.
"Wait, wait (Y/N)!"Lydia yelled as I withdrew my last arrow.
"He’s not in our pack and he dares interrupt our training session?"I asked, letting my last arrow fly.
The tall werewolf stumbled back before collapsing, making me clench my jaw. I grabbed my two daggers out and rushed over to him. As I was about to dig my daggers into his chest, a pair of arms held me back.
”(Y/N), don’t! He’s a friend of ours!“Stiles yelled as he held me back.
I glared down at their so called friend, he groaned before opening his eyes. At first he seemed angry until he looked up at me.
"Tell your friend to not get in my way next time."I muttered before walking away.
I pulled the spear out of Malia’s shoulder, making her yell in agony.
"Remind me not to train with (Y/N) ever again."Malia muttered, grabbing her bleeding shoulder.
Scott groaned before getting up, pulling the arrows out. Theo and Liam and cursed under their breaths as they pulled arrows out of them.
"That was good practice (Y/N) but was the wolfsbane necessary?"Liam asked as he and Theo walked over.
"In a real fight, your enemy won’t go easy on you. They’ll do whatever it takes to kill you as quick and easily as possible."I answered, making Scott nod.
"She’s right."Scott spoke up.
"So who’s going to introduce me to my soon to be girlfriend?"Brett asked, making me furrow my eyebrows.
"You better be talking about someone else, anyone else but me."I spat, making him smirk.
"I’m talking about you sweetie-”
“Don’t call her that!"Stiles yelled, covering his mouth.
I clenched my jaw as I glared at Brett.
"But she’s so cute and tiny-"Brett started to say before I pulled out a knife and throwing it at him.
Stiles screamed, running away and hiding behind Lydia.
Brett’s knees buckled in pain as I lodged a dagger into his thigh.
"Listen here pretty boy, I don’t like cocky little bastards like you so I suggest you shut your mouth and stay out of my way."I muttered, staring him dead in his eyes.
I started walking away from them, no longer wanting to be in the woods.
"She’s new…I like her."I heard Brett say as I hopped onto my dirt bike.
I clenched my jaw, trying to stop a smile from creeping onto my face. I started my dirt bike before speeding through the trees all the way to my house.
(Brett’s P.O.V)
Yesterday I had met a very feisty yet adorable girl named (Y/N). She was a hunter that had been in Scott’s pack from the start. I smiled as the school bus stopped, meaning we were in Beacon Hills Highschool where Scott and his pack attended. I spotted the pack outside our bus, walking outside their school. Liam frowned as he saw me, he and I still weren’t the best of friends. (Y/N) seemed to notice him tense up, she looked to where he was looking and spotted me. She glared at me before pulling Liam to her side.
"Kick his ass on the field for me."She muttered, making him smile.
I smirked at her, she can pretend to hate me all she wants but at the end of the day, she’ll be mine. I stepped down from the bus and was met by the pack who all seemed welcoming except for Liam, Theo, and (Y/N). Then again Theo never really seemed welcoming of anyone.
"I am, my facial expression is just always menacing.” Theo shrugged, making me jump.
“Did I say that out loud?"I asked.
Scott nodded before sticking his hand out for me to shake. I smiled and shook his hand and watched as (Y/N) and Liam folded their arms.
"Look at Dunbar and his girlfriend!"Someone from behind the pack yelled.
Liam and (Y/N) groaned before rolling their eyes.
"That’s creepy how they copy each other…"A girl said, making them roll their eyes again.
"Stop doing that."Stiles muttered.
"We’re not doing anything!"Liam stated.
Scott smiled before wrapping his arm around Liam and (Y/N) as the pack followed Scott.
"I didn’t know they were dating."I mumbled.
"They deny if all the time but we always see them together, they’re like inseparable."Someone from the other lacrosse team answered.
I sighed before walking into their school’s locker room. I really hoped (Y/N) would be mine.
As soon as I finished changing, I opened the door to find Liam and (Y/N) walking side by side down the hall. (Y/N) was wearing an extremely short white skirt and a white crop top.
”(Y/N) (Y/L/N), how many times have I told you about our school dress code!“A teacher yelled as they opened their door.
(Y/N) balled her hands into fists as she turned around.
"About the same amount of men who have left you-”(Y/N) started to say but was stopped as Liam covered her mouth.
(Y/N) kept talking but everything she said was muffled my Liam’s hand. Once Liam removed his hand from her mouth, he grabbed his jacket from his back and put it on her.
“Happy now?”(Y/N) asked, turning to the teacher.
The teacher glared at her before slamming the door. (Y/N) and Liam continued walking down the hall, making me jealous. Her hips swayed side to side, making my mouth water. I’m not giving up on her. The rest of the team walked out to the field and met with Beacon Hills Highschool’s team. I kept scoring goals, hoping (Y/N) would be impressed. After a while that Kira was disqualified from the game, Scott raced off in the middle of the game. Coach Finstock yelled for him but Scott kept running.
“Does anyone know how play lacrosse?’‘Finstock asked the crowd.
Everyone exchanged looks before I noticed (Y/N) stand up.
"I do coach!”(Y/N) spoke up.
“(Y/L/N), are you sure? I don’t want you complaining about a broken nail-”
“Coach, just let her play."Stiles said.
Finstock sighed before throwing her a spare jersey and burgundy shorts. (Y/N) put the jersey over her crop top and removed the crop top after having the jersey on her. She put the shorts on and then removed her skirt, I only managed to see her bare stomach. She gave Malia and Lydia her clothes and grabbed Scott’s lacrosse stick and helmet. Even if lacrosse gear, she looked stunning. She walked to the middle right across from me as the referee put the lacrosse ball in the middle of the circle. (Y/N) looked up at me and glared at me. She looked down at ball and before I knew it, the referee blew the whistle. Once I realized he had, (Y/N) had already picked the ball up with her stick and dashed through my team. She kept running until four of my team mates charged at her, she immediately jumped, doing a front flip before landing near the goal. She threw the lacrosse ball in the goal, making the crowd cheer. I watched at Finstock screamed at (Y/N).
"I never doubted you for a second (Y/L/N)!"Finstock yelled, making her scoff.
Liam and Stiles ran to her and hugged her. She smiled as they peppered her with kisses. As they pulled apart, she ran back to the middle of the field.
"I didn’t know you were good at Lacrosse (Y/N)."I whispered.
"I didn’t know you even played Lacrosse Brett."She replied, making me smile.
For the first time, she smiled back at me. I was caught off guard again, making her grab the ball first. She ran past me and dodged a few of my team mates before passing the ball to Liam. Liam scored and made the crowd cheer again. (Y/N) ran to Liam and highfived him. Minuets later, Beacon Hills High had caught up to us, thanks to (Y/N). As much as I liked this girl, I couldn’t let her win this for her school. So when the referee blew the whistle, I tackled (Y/N) once she had picked the ball up. I fell on top of her and heard something crack. Everyone gasped and stood up to get a better look at us. I quickly got off of her and saw her shutting her eyes tight as she rolled to her side. Stiles quickly ran to her side and so did the rest of her team.
”(Y/N) I am so-“I started to say before something hit the back of my legs, making me fall to the ground.
I groaned as I held my legs, looking up to see Liam who was fuming. He dropped the lacrosse stick as Malia and Theo ran to the field. Right before he could lunge at me, Malia and Theo held him back.
”(Y/N) how many fingers am I holding up?“Finstock asked as (Y/N) sat up.
"Three crusty fingers coach.”(Y/N) answered, making the whole team laugh.
“You-"Finstock muttered before stopping himself from strangling her.
"I’m fine, let’s continue with the game.”(Y/N) spoke up.
Stiles helped her up to her feet and walked towards me.
“You’ve got a lot of guts Talbot."She mumbled as we both walked to the middle of the field.
"I think I might like that about you."She whispered before the referee blew the whistle.
I stood there shocked at her words and once I snapped out of my trance, I turn to see (Y/N) score. The crowd stood up as they screamed, cheering because their school had finally defeated us.
Stiles and Liam ran to (Y/N) and picked her up. Stiles helped Liam put her on his shoulders as the team chanted her name as they crowded around her.
"What happened?"Scott asked, appearing by my side as he and Kira watched the team carry (Y/N) into their school.
”(Y/N) filled in while you left and won the game for you guys.“I answered, making him smile.
"Awesome."He whispered before rolling after the team.
I sighed and started walking to the school bus, as soon as I was about to step in I heard someone call my name.
"You’ve got balls to tackle me."She said as stormed over to me.
I shut my eyes as she lifted her hand up to slap me, but it never happened. Instead I felt her warm month breathe on my ear.
"You earned a little bit of my respect."She mumbled, her lips pressing against my ear.
"But no one gets away unharmed when hurting me."She whispered before kneeing my in my stomach.
I groaned as I held my stomach, making her smirk.
"And I thought you were starting to like me."I muttered, making her laugh.
"I don’t care about anyone but the pack, I don’t give a fuck about you Brett Talbot."She spat, making my heart drop.
"Not yet at least."She whispered before walking away.
I stared at her as her hips swayed side to side, lust filling inside of me. She might not like me now, but she will one day. She knew I liked her and she was using that against me, oh boy was she smart.
"Someday."I whispered, smiling at her.
I hoped I to the bus, ready to go back to my house. Someday she’d start caring, someday she’d be mine.- Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day/night!

The Neighbourhood // Jealou$y (feat. Casey Veggies & 100s) // #000000 & #FFFFFF

This is the shit that your baby loves too.
Promise that’ll make a baby with you,
Make a momma of you,
Ain’t no drama with you;
My baby brings heat like a momma does too.

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I was watching some dance vids and was curious if there is any male belly dancer.

Apparently there are! 


#malec Headcanon:


OR or or

Alec knew about Magnus and all his clients/friends/acquaintances.. but he thought it was all just Downworlder magic related stuff: making potion,  summoning demons~etc.. What he DOESN’T know was that Magnus sometimes helps to filling in at his mundane (male) friend belly dancing class when they are short of an instructor. 

Anyway one day Alec was out with his siblings (and Clary - coz lets face it, who else from the Institute that she could hang out with) for *insert boring Shadowhunters business here* when Jace went like “Hey, isn’t that Magnus? What’s he doing here?”

Alec was curious too as he thought Magnus will be at home all day (to be fair, Magnus told him he’ll be busy the entire day and Alec assumed that he meant he meant he will be with clients at the loft) and so the four decided to (secretly) follow Magnus (yes, Magnus is the hundreds years warlock BUT these four ARE trained Shadowhunters and if they can’t follow even one warlock who isn’t even on alert, then I’ll be very disappointed in them >.>) to a nearby building block. 

They kinda lost sight of him for a while and was just wandering around, when Izzy noticed the faint sound of music in the air. They traced it to one of the old building and peered in curiously into one of the big glass window looking inside a… brightly lit room (it was a dance studio but I don’t think they are familiar with that) where they could see several men and couple of women inside, gathered at the front part of the room - seemingly entranced by.. what the team now realized, the sight of one Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn - shirtless and… dancing? *cue Jace’s jaw dropped, Clary and Izzy delighted gasp and Alec’s eyes glazing over in lust

Could that still even be called dancing?? It certainly doesn’t look like any kind of dance Alec remember seeing of. 

Magnus is writhing and swaying his hips teasingly, kohl lined eyes gazing at his enraptured audience seductively, glossy pink lips smirking as he moves his hands just as gracefully as if he was weaving a spell onto them - commanding their attention to be on him and him only.. 

anonymous asked:

(daily-zweilous) Wow!! Hi there!! What's it like to be a Hydriegon??


It was very weird when he evolved and his two personalities suddenly had to share a head, they got angry and lashed out a lot, but over time they melded and once ‘we’ became ‘I’ it was all round a pretty good experience! 

Dating Damian Wayne (NSFW Version)

NSFW Dating Headcanons with OLDER Damian Wayne. Same as previous but with NSFW.

Requested by: Anonymous

-totally awkward when you first started going out
-but not in a traditional way (???)
-like he was stiff and robotic
-spoke formally
-“i wish for you to accompany me to a restaurant to engage in conversation and form a special bond with the other that may lead to becoming ones significant other.”
-“is that asking me to go on a date?”
-he wouldn’t know what to do
-tried to keep it sophisticated
-(went to an art gallery for a date and he just vomited facts)
-got intel secretly to see what you liked after an unimpressed you left a date at an exhibition for a reputable photohrapher.
-once he saw how much you enjoyed fun dates. Movies (without him talking all the time how something was inaccurate), roller blading, etc.
-(not that other dates weren’t fun)
-he enjoyed watching you laugh and smile
-not big on PDA
-But will hold your hand at most times
-and if any other guys try to look at you in any way he would be sure to either kiss your cheek or place his hand on your hip.
-lots of gifts
-you had to tell him
-“you don’t have to give me something everytime you see me!”
-he’s often confused by you
-(asks Dick for dating advice but won’t admit it)
-“what does it mean Dick?”
-you met his pets before his family
-you also met Alfred before his family
-he kept postponing you meeting his family
-“they can’t be that bad Dami”
-you found out he was Robin fairly quickly
-he was very cocky about
-you accidentally found out
-and he didn’t deny anything despite the risk
-now the fact he’s Robin is something he loves to casually drop.
-“I’m Robin!”
-“Just eat your dinner Dami.”
-You are also the only person he’ll really listen to
-“Why are you sitting on couch Damian? You’ve been there since 10”
-“Beloved told me wait. So I’m waiting”
-“Do me a favor Damian and never leave her.”
-“Beloved.” (I seriously can’t with all the imagines when Dami calls someone beloved I DIE)
-he didn’t see much purpose in sex other than procreation
-but decided to see what the fuss was about
-First time was awkward.
-(when is it not??)
-(also would say it is his FIRST time)
-but now he loves sex
-whenever he can do it, he will
-prefers to do it on a bed though
-(no objection to any other sturdy surfaces as well)
-he likes to watch your face
-every response you have to what he does
-he L O V E S seeing how he makes you react
-and oh boy STAMINA
-long sessions
-(totally have done it in the batmobile once too but were caught)(Something I’m basing off Damian in Battle For The Cowl)
-Bruce brushed it off and just said “be safe.” Before walking away.
-willing to try what you want
-prefers just sensual, intimate sex though
-is sure to satisfy your every need
-even if he’s not up to it
-he (voluntarily, no pressuring him) may finger you
-Also can be a big romantic for anniversaries
-rose petals
-getaway to a hotel
-sex for as long as you can go on those nights

Kehlani is one of the fresh emerging faces of R&B and Charlie Puth is one of the fresh emerging faces of pop, put them together and you’ve got two big names of the future and a cover which will blow your mind. They take Drake’s latest track Hotline Bling and turn it from a heavy hip hop beat based track to a soft and gentle piano ballad, completely flipping the song and making it completely unrecognisable. Charlie’s famous falsetto is used to its absolute best and Kehlani’s soothing tone works perfectly with that piano. Can these two just make an album together? That’d be out of this world - Jakk

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Work > You

Request from stephanielee9000: Can I have Christian smut plssss? It’s like both of you had a fight as have not been talking to each other for almost 2 weeks and you went to the club (he is there too) wearing something that turns him on and you kinda make him jealous by dancing with other guy…others are all on you

“I don’t fucking care, Christian! You told me that we were going to my friend’s wedding together and now you’re bailing on me?”

“I need to get this video out and I’m not even close to finish. And it’s only a wedding, I’m sure you’ll be fine going by yourself”.

“No it’s not just a ‘wedding’, it’s about a promise you made to me. How am I suppose to tell everyone? They are expecting two guests! And what about the plane tickets? Are you going throw away your ticket? Do you know how much money that shit cost?”

“Just tell them I’m sick or something and don’t worry about the plane ticket. I’ll call the airline and cancel it. No biggie”.

You looked at Christian with tears in your eyes.

“This isn’t the first time you have bailed on me, Christian. Lately, you’ve been putting work first. I know you have a lot of passion with what you do, but can you please put me first for once?”

“Babe, it’s not as easy as it seems. I really need to finish this video, the guys and I have so much left to do. I’ll personally call your friend and apologise to her, okay?”

You gave up on the argument because you knew Christian wouldn’t change his mind. Being with him sometimes was stressful because he comes home late and he usually puts his work ahead of you. He was even late to your one year anniversary dinner. You had to wait in the restaurant all alone and was embarrassed because people thought you were being stood up. 

“Whatever do what you want”.


You flew back to Australia to attend you friend’s wedding the next day. You had planned so many things to do with Christian while the two of you were back home. You purposely planned the trip to last 2 weeks so that you two would have time to do visit family, friends and maybe road trip somewhere. But with Christian being Christian, your plans are thrown out the window. 

The two weeks that you stayed in Australia, you didn’t even try to contact Christian. He tried to contact you but you simply ignored him. This isn’t the first time you’ve ignored his calls and texts. You posted photos on Instagram and saw that Christian liked each everyone of them so you knew that he knew you were safe and doing okay. Well it would have been better if he was actually there with you…


“Hey, wanna go clubbing tonight? Or are you too tired from your flight?” 

You landed back in Korea not too long ago and currently waiting for a taxi to take you home. You didn’t bother calling Christian to see if he was able to pick you up nor did he try to contact you. 

“Hey! Um yeah sure, I’m up for it. Where is it?”

“Awesome! I’ll message the address and let’s meet at my place, okay? We’ll go together”.


You opened Christian’s apartment door and saw his usual shoes were gone so this meant he was not home. You noticed the living room and kitchen was spotless and couldn’t help yourself to feel proud of him. You were glad that he didn’t trash his place while you were away. Then on the kitchen table, you saw a little box with your name on it. You noticed it was Christian’s writing:

Welcome back, baby! I missed you so much so here’s a little something for you. Sorry I couldn’t pick you up so please call me when you see this message xoxoxo.

You opened the box and saw a silver necklace with a moon pendant. Christian always told you he loved you to moon and back. You tried calling Christian but it was straight to voicemail so you texted him instead. You told him that you got home safely and will be going to the club with your friend later. 

Christian messaged you back just before you left home and he asked which club you were going to. You replied to him and that was it. He didn’t say anything else. You’re now afraid he’s mad at you but you thought, he always put work first so tonight, you’re putting your friends first. 


You arrived at the club with your friends. You wore a dress that had a plunging neckline and it stopped just above your knees. You paired your dress with a new pair of heels and also wore Christian’s necklace. 

Your friend’s friend bought drinks for everyone and you tried not to drink a lot tonight since you’re still a bit jet lagged. A few hours passed and now you found yourself on the dance floor. You eyes began to wander around the club and it stopped at a certain table. You focused your gaze and try to figure out who the person sitting at the table was. This person looked very familiar and then it clicked. It was your boyfriend. 

Christian was sitting at the table and he also saw you. He was now staring intensely at you, and couldn’t help but to eye you from top to bottom. You could have sworn he licked his lips at you and you knew that look. You were waiting for him to come to you but he didn’t. He just sat at the table looking at you. Frustrated that he didn’t bother to greet you, you started to dance alongside a group a guys. One took notice of you and began to come closer. The DJ then started to play the remix version of Mommae by Jay Park. You took the opportunity to make your boyfriend jealous. You swayed your hips to the beat and against the stranger. 

Christian saw what you trying to do and he didn’t even flinch. He just poured another drink and watched you put on a show. By the time, the song ended Christian was still sitting at the table and you didn’t even realise the stranger was talking to you.

“Let me buy you a drink?”

“Um no thanks. I’m not drinking tonight,” you answered. 

“Such a shame. Do you want to join me at the bar then? I’ll drink, you talk and I’ll listen. What do you say, pretty face?” The stranger proceeded to come closer to you and he put his arms around your shoulders. 

You tried to move his arms off you but he didn’t budge. 

“Excuse me, I have to go back to my friends”.

He still wouldn’t let go.

“Look, I’m not interested in whatever you’re looking for, ok?”

“Really? Then why were you grinding against me just a few minutes ago?”

“It’s because she was putting on a show for me”.

You turned around to see who said that. It was Christian, of course. Christian pulled you away from the stranger.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard him. I was just putting a show for this guy here”.

“Yeah man, you were just a prop”.

The stranger scoffed and stuck his middle finger at the both of you. You laughed as Christian turned you around and put his arms around your waist.

“Hey there”.

“Hey you,” you greeted him back as your arms wandered around his neck. 

“What would you have done if I didn’t come and rescue you, [Y/N]?”

You scoffed at his question.

“Rescue me? I can take care of myself, Christian”.

Christian grinned and leaned in towards you.

“Are you saying that you have been taking care of yourself for the past two weeks?”

He leaned back out and gave you his mischievous smile. You knew exactly what he meant when he said ‘taking care of yourself’. 

“Hm, maybe just for tonight I want you to take care of me. I’m tired of taking care myself. Doesn’t ‘feel’ quite the same, you know?”


“Hey! Be gentle with my underwear. You’re gonna tear it,” you yelled at Christian.

“Baby, I have seen many more of these at home. A whole drawer of them so I’m sure it’s ok if one gets ripped,” he snapped back at you.

“I just bought these and can you just take it off normally?” 

Christian and you left the club and now you two were in his car. Christian had put the passenger’s seat down and you sat on top of his almost naked body. Within seconds of getting into the car, Christian had already stripped down to his boxer then he started to undress you. 

“Normally? We’re in a car with limited space. Why don’t we just put your underwear to side?”

You shook your head at him and you leaned back to the dashboard and attempted to take it off. You struggled as Christian watched on, grinning and licking his lips at the same time. Once you got it off, you threw it at him.

“Thanks for the help, babe”.

Christian snickered at your comment and grabbed you by the hips so that you sat directly on him. You leaned forward and kissed his lips. You took control of the kisses while Christian ran his hands up and down your body. You were in full control of his mouth and you accidentally bit on his lips too hard.

“Ow! Babe?!”

“Aw I’m so sorry. It’s not bleeding so you’ll be okay,” you reassured him as you rubbed his lips with your fingers.

“I can’t say the same for you”.


Christian lifted you up and pulled his boxers down. You reached for a condom in the glove compartment and slid it on him. He watched you intensely as you put on the condom.

“I’ve missed your touch”.

You grinned at him shyly as you leaned back into him to continue placed kisses on his lips, cheeks and neck. This time Christian took control and his hands cupped your ass as you began to grind against him. Your movements were slow and every time you pushed against him a little harder, Christian let out a soft moan. You always loved it when he did that. Christian ran his hands down you and it was like you had read his mind, you lifted yourself up to allow him to touch your core. 

“Shit babe, it’s soaking down there”.

“And you’re complaining?”

Christian smiled at you and held his member so that you could slid onto him. He guided you down with one hand and you couldn’t help but to let something between a whimper and a moan. Once he was completely inside of you, you started to move your body up and down on him.

“Shit..oh my god…”

Christian held onto your upper thighs to support your movements and at the same time he was also pushing himself into you. You head banged against the roof of the car and it started to hurt so you leaned back into him. Being in this position allowed you control your movements better and you could move in which ever way you wanted. You used this to your advantage so you tried several movements before setting on one that made you feel good.

The car windows started to fog as both of you filled the car with moans and grunts. Christian’s hands made their way towards your ass and he squeeze it hard and you knew his prints will be visible later. 

“Oh… my god, Christian…ooh”

“Yes..keep going baby..fuckkk”

You held onto his shoulders as you continued riding him. Christian started to kiss your neck and chest areas and this took you overboard. The way his lips left your sensitive areas sent shivers down your spine. You were getting close and your movements began to slow down, but Christian didn’t allow that.

“Baby keep going..c’mon..shitt”

“I can’t..any..more..fuck..”

You head buried against his neck and seeing this, Christian cupped his hands around your ass and he started to push you up and down him. You held onto him for dear life as he thrust in and out of you. You could feel him deep in you and with each thrust you were getting closer and closer. 

You lifted your head away from his shoulders and began to kiss him, but that didn’t last long since you were about to come. 

“Oh my god..babe..oh my god…I-I-I”

And in that moment you reached climax. You closed your eyes as your body started to quiver and shake. He held onto you as you felt your orgasm pass through your body. Not long after, Christian came. His head fell back and you kissed his neck while he was going through what you just went through several seconds ago. 

“I forgot to tell you this earlier but welcome back babe, I’ve missed you so much”.

“I’ve missed you too. I shouldn’t have ignored your calls and messages. I’m sorry”.

“Don’t be and I promise from now on, I’m putting you first. Work comes second, okay?”

Before you could reply to him, you heard someone knocking on the car window. 

Secluded [Namjoon Smut]

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It was a late Friday evening and Namjoon was taking you out to Yoongi’s party. Upon arrival Hoseok greeted you with a red solo cup and a huge smile. You wandered off to talk with Jungkook and Yugyeom, whilst Namjoon was pulled out to the garden by Jackson. The music was loud and everyone seemed to be enjoying their time: Yoongi always threw the best parties. The younger boys kept refilling your cup and you felt yourself slipping into an intoxicated haze. After your fourth cup of martini and sixth shot you were dancing crazily with Jungkook and Yugyeom, also pulling Youngjae and Mark to dance with you. Subconsciously, you started grinding at Mark’s hip and Jungkook’s crotch with virtually no space around you. You were becoming a slut and you were fully aware of it and aware of how your boyfriend will react. Your plan for the night was to tease him and get him mad because the vanilla sex was boring you and you were needy for some rough action. You saw Namjoon standing in the doorway out of the corner of your eye and you made intense eye contact with him as you continued to grind on Mark and Jungkook. Namjoon’s eyes darkened and he frowned at you, narrowing his eyes and you smirked, knowing he was becoming jealous. You leaned up and pressed a quick peck on each of the boys’ cheeks before moving in the direction of your jealous boyfriend.

Namjoon grabbed your hips once you were in front on him and pushed you against the nearest wall, not caring about where he was. His lips attached to yours and he grabbed handfuls of your ass. His lips moved across your cheek and jaw, lowering to your neck where he began to nip and suck, marking his territory. A shaky moan escaped your lips and you gasped when Namjoon’s hand snuck under the hem of your shorts and his fingertips ghostly touched and tickled the soft skin of your ass. Your hands were gripping tightly at your boyfriend’s shoulders and lewd sounds were slipping past your lips. “Let’s go,” Namjoon said into your ear, grabbing your hand and pulling you behind him to the door. Along the way the boys were throwing confused looks your way and you sent an apologetic look back at each one of them and just allowed your boyfriend to pull you out of the house.

He kept leading the way until you reached his car. “Get in,” Namjoon grumbled and himself got in the other side. He started the car and started driving. The silence was awkward and deafening. Soon Namjoon’s hand landed on your thigh with a small slap. “You’ve been a naughty kitten, Y/N,” His fingers massaged your thigh and his hand seemed to creep up closer to your core. You squirmed in the passenger seat and tried to avoid Namjoon’s gaze. Suddenly his fingers slipped under the demin material of your shorts and the lace of your panties. You gasped and turned your head to stare at Namjoon with a surprised look. His two fingers rubbed circles on your clit and you started moaning, your womanhood growing wet. “Take them off,” Namjoon demanded. You look at him with a confused look. “Your shorts. Take them off, baby girl,” Your hands quickly unbuttoned the shorts and pushed them down your legs. Namjoon smirked and continued working his magic on your clit. His eyes were focused on the road and he drove at a steady speed, yet the speed of his fingers seemed to increase. Your boyfriend continued pumping his fingers in and out of your wet pussy, making you a moaning mess. Thank goodness it was just you two in the car and not at the party and that it was dark outside so anyone driving past wouldn’t be able to see what the pair of you were doing.

“Namjoon,” You called out, trying to suppress moans and your shaky voice. He hummed to tell you he was listening. “I want to suck your cock,” The words escaped your mouth without your brain even being able to process them. Namjoon smirked at you, looking at you then his lap. “It’s all yours, kitten,” Having heard this your hands shot to his bulge and you rubbed him through the rough material of his jeans. He slipped his fingers out of you and told you to lick off your own juices. You obeyed his commands and then began to undo the belt, button and zipper of Namjoon’s jeans. You pulled out his cock from under the thin material of his Calvin Klein boxers and your mouth practically drooled at the sight. His cock was thick and hard, the tip glistening with drops of precum, just begging for attention. Your hand wrapped around his thickness and you gave it a couple of pumps. You then proceeded to lean forward towards his lap and your tongue gave the tip a couple of kitten like licks. Satisfied with the foreplay you unbuckled your seat belt and repositioned yourself so that you were kneeling on the passenger seat and facing towards Namjoon’s lap. You moved your head forward and wrapped your lips around his girth, your fingers creating a ring at the base of his cock. You began bobbing your head up and down and you felt Namjoon’s fingers slipping into you again from behind this time. The full feeling made you moan around his cock and that sent vibrations down Namjoon’s friend causing him to groan. Your head bobbed up and down at a steady speed, your cheeks hollowed to take more in and down your throat, whilst Namjoon pumped his fingers in and out of your core and he curled them to brush against your spot. Namjoon suddenly swerved and pulled over between some trees, stopping the vehicle. He pulled you off from his cock and slid his fingers out of your wetness. Your boyfriend unbuckled his seat belt and got out the car, walking over to your side and pulled you out, harshly pushing you against the hood of his car.

Your face was pressed against the cold metal and Namjoon stood behind you, leaning forward to whisper in your ear. “You’ve been such a slut tonight, Y/N,” His cock was pressed between your ass cheeks and you, in response, pushed your hips back. Namjoon’s hand connected with your ass cheek and you groaned. “Answer me!” He said through gritted teeth. You knew you had made him mad, but you also knew that he wouldn’t dare hurt you, well unless kinky, angry sex counts as hurting you. This is what you wanted though: angry sex. Vanilla was boring and you mentally thanked yourself that the plan worked. “Yes. Yes I have, Joonie,” You replied meekly, almost sounding pathetic. His hand slapped against your cheek again with more force this time and you moaned and giggled lightly. “Do you think you deserve to be fucked?” Namjoon asked, slapping your ass again and again until your cheeks were gaining a bright red shade. You groaned and mumbled a ‘yes’. “I’ll treat you like the slut you are then, kitten. Would you like that?” You nodded your head in response and soon Namjoon was pumping himself to get hard again before he pushed inside of you. Your pussy was wet enough to just take him and his fingering before did the job of prep. His thrusts were slow at first, one of his hands pressed down on the small of your back and the other continuously spanking you. Soon his thrusts increased in speed and his hand moved to your hip and the other wrapped into your hair and pulled as he took you from behind. The pulling at your hair hurt a bit, but you took pain well: Namjoon had fucked you like this many times before so you were more or less used to it.

Namjoon fucked you until you reached your orgasm and you spasmed under him, laying on the hood of his car spent. He helped you ride out your orgasm to the end and then he finished himself off, releasing inside of you. You had no energy left, but managed to turn around and kiss Namjoon with the remains of energy that you had. He kissed you back and then pulled your panties up and you shorts before picking you up and placing you back inside the car. He drove back home and you rested your head on the window with shut eyes. Upon getting home, Namjoon supported you in the shower to get cleaned up before you both fell asleep with smiles on your faces, cuddled in bed.

Dating Damian Wayne (Kid Friendly)

Dating Headcanons with OLDER Damian Wayne.

-totally awkward when you first started going out
-but not in a traditional way (???)
-like he was stiff and robotic
-spoke formally
-“i wish for you to accompany me to a restaurant to engage in conversation and form a special bond with the other that may lead to becoming ones significant other.”
-“is that asking me to go on a date?”
-he wouldn’t know what to do
-tried to keep it sophisticated
-(went to an art gallery for a date and he just vomited facts)
-got intel secretly to see what you liked after an unimpressed you left a date at an exhibition for a reputable photohrapher.
-once he saw how much you enjoyed fun dates. Movies (without him talking all the time how something was inaccurate), roller blading, etc.
-(not that other dates weren’t fun)
-he enjoyed watching you laugh and smile
-not big on PDA
-But will hold your hand at most times
-and if any other guys try to look at you in any way he would be sure to either kiss your cheek or place his hand on your hip.
-lots of gifts
-you had to tell him
-“you don’t have to give me something everytime you see me!”
-he’s often confused by you
-(asks Dick for dating advice but won’t admit it)
-“what does it mean Dick?”
-you met his pets before his family
-you also met Alfred before his family
-he kept postponing you meeting his family
-“they can’t be that bad Dami”
-you found out he was Robin fairly quickly
-he was very cocky about
-you accidentally found out
-and he didn’t deny anything despite the risk
-now the fact he’s Robin is something he loves to casually drop.
-“I’m Robin!”
-“Just eat your dinner Dami.”
-You are also the only person he’ll really listen to
-“Why are you sitting on couch Damian? You’ve been there since 10”
-“Beloved told me wait. So I’m waiting”
-“Do me a favor Damian and never leave her.”
-“Beloved.” (I seriously can’t with all the imagines when Dami calls someone beloved I DIE)

Kiss The Girl

Reposting this, because my former imagine blog, worldwrestlingimagination, got deleted.

Fandom: Wrestling - New Japan Pro Wrestling

Characters:Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, other Bullet Club members

Reader Gender: female


Request: @sonjasbuterbugjohnson asked “Y/N is friends with the Young Bucks, they know Kenny has a crush on her, but does not want to ruin the friendship. Matchmaking and fluff happen.“

Insults flying through the air with the hectic sound of tapping in the background, I threw my hands up in the air with a victorious gesture, dancing around while sitting on the couch, the man next to me covering his face in faked shame. 

“Did you won?“, a voice called out from the kitchen, witch was next to the living room, Matts head peeking around the corner of the doorframe, nodding a yes towards him with a big grin on my face. 

“Mark this day in the calender, Nick. [Y/N] finally won over Kenny.“, Matt mocked with a matching smile on his face to mine, his brother appearing next to him, a towel and a wet plate in his hands. 

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