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My Lover Smells Like Fish (1)

(( Pausing the other story I’m working on briefly to fulfill a request from @ennui160. This should be about five parts. ))

“It’s been throwing trash out of the tank— don’t feed it today.”

“Okay,” Alfred says, hiding his annoyance at his boss for not having informed him of this before he loaded the fish into the bucket. Turning around, he rolls his eyes and makes his way back into the stinky food storage room, prepared to throw the slimy fuckers into their holding tank. Apparently, mermen only eat live fish.

It’s kinda messed up, if you think about it. Humans don’t just dislocate their jaws and swallow live cows or nothin’.

Twenty minutes later, during lunch break, a comment from Francis has him looking up.

“It seems our aquatic friend is in a mood today.”

Alfred glances over at the tank they’re near, which happens to be the back wall access of the merman’s tank. It’s a pretty good observation point for the new exhibit, which explains why the handy metal picnic bench has been set up there. All the aquarium goers in the main areas can’t see the employees through the back glass, so it’s a prime spot to sit down and eat a sandwich so long as none of the overbearing scientists are trying to do work there.

“Yeah, Ludwig told me not to feed him.”

Francis purses his lips at that, expression soured. “I suppose that is the result of him throwing those awful pennies back out at the children?”

“Hey, man, it could’ve hit a kid in the eye or somethin’,” Alfred points out. “You can’t let bad behavior go unpunished or it’ll just get worse.”

“It’s a merman, Alfred, not a dog.”

“They’re really not that different.”

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[scenario] [request] not so subtle glances

(i tried ok i cant write edgy stuff like this…………) 

22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Title: not so subtle glances

Member: Seungcheol 

Genre: slightly suggestive?? lots of kissing // fluff kinda

Word Count: 1235

“Seungkwan, I’m telling you, you cannot leave Seungcheol & I in the same room.” He rolls his eyes at you and continues to tie his laces.

“I won’t take long. I’m going to the store to get more soda and snacks, not flying to China.” He stands and unlocks the front door, humming loudly over the sound of your complaints. “Anyway, we’re just working on a group project, I don’t know why you’re so nervous.”

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Sweetheart // Archie Andrews

HI OKAY SO I NEED MORE ARCHIE ANGST IN MY LIFE. I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is a vixen and she notices Ms.Grundy shows up everywhere near her boyfriend and she confronts her about it and Ms.Grundy in her bitchy way tells the reader who also happens to be Archie’s girlfriend about their little set up during his music lessons and it completely wrecks the reader because she’s so in love with Archie and just a lot of angst.

Thank you for the request! Still trying to keep up with requests but they keep coming in! Please bare with me and enjoy this.


‘Alright Vixens, you’re dismissed for another day.’ Cheryl announced and flipped her hair over her shoulder, walking away with her minions. Betty, Ronnie and I all rolled our eyes, leaving the gymnasium together from another cheer practise. I still couldn’t get over the fact I did cheerleading.

'Honestly, I don’t know how the hell she managed to get cheer captain. Who thought that was a good idea?’ I asked.

'The girls who Cheryl places fear in.’ Ronnie answered, causing the three of us to laugh. We made it in the hallway, getting ready for our next class before I stopped in my tracks seeing Ms. Grundy talking to Archie.

She’d been doing this for the past few weeks, appearing either when I’m with him with just the two of us or just him. I knew she was helping him with his music, but it was very consistent thing.

'Honestly?’ I sighed. Ronnie and Betty followed my gaze to my boyfriend and his music teacher who were in conversation.

'Don’t think too much of it Y/N, she’s only helping him with music.’ Betty reassured me, watching them interact.

'She better be.’ Ronnie muttered.

'I’m going over there, wish me luck.’ I walked away from my two best friends to my boyfriend. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a smile, seeing his face light up when he noticed me.

'Hey babe,’ he greeted, wrapping his arm around my waist. I looked over to Ms. Grundy, who was glaring at me over glasses.

'We’re not done talking about this.’ Ms. Grundy said to Archie, walking away from the two of us. I frowned, staring up at my boyfriend.

'What was that about?’ I asked, staring back to where Ms. Grundy left.

'Nothing, it’s all okay.’ He kissed my temple, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

I knew there was something more to this story…

And I was going to find out.


After math, I stormed out of the classroom, walking to the direction of Ms. Grundy’ office. She was having a go at my boyfriend when he didn’t deserve it and I was going to find out why.

I opened her door, seeing her with her chello in hand, lifting her head to see me at the door.

'Y/N Y/L/N, what seems to be the problem?’

'The problem is what you have with Archie. What’s going on?’ I demanded, glaring at her.

She laughed, cocking her eyebrow at me and removing her glasses. She looked like a completely different person, hardly recognisable. 'You have no idea, do you?’

'About what?’ I shook my head at her, confused at where she was going with this.

'You see, you’re boyfriend, he isn’t as innocent as you think he is.’ She smirked, stepping closer to me. I frowned at her, standing back a bit.

'Why are you saying this?’ I asked, my heart rate increasing immensely.

'You think he’s Mr. Perfect? You’ve got the wrong idea, sweetheart.’ I shivered when she said the nickname that Archie had given me.

'What the fuck are you talking about?’ I spat, clenching my jaw.

'While you’ve been living in your own world of the perfect relationship, Archie and I have been doing more then just…music lessons.’

I felt my heart stop at her words, feeling it shatter into small pieces.

'I’ve been giving him what he wants - no, what he needs. Every music lesson, here in my office…’

'Please…stop…’ I pleaded, feeling my eyes starting to water and my vision becoming blurry.

'In my car…all summer long.’ I shook my head, putting my hand over my mouth, feeling a few tickles of tears fall down my cheeks.

'You’re lying!’ I exclaimed at her, shaking my head.

'I’m afraid not.’ She chuckled sarcastically. I turned around, pulling open her office door before sprinting out of the toxic room.

Students who I ran passed watched me run, tears streaming down my face as I passed them in the hallways. I saw Archie with Betty, Jughead, Ronnie and Kevin as their facial expressions changed.

I didn’t have enough time to look due to sprinting past them, especially Archie. I couldn’t look him in the eye, he’d completely broken my trust and my heart.


'Y/N, wait!’

I ignored my friends as I exited the school, sprinting down the steps. I stormed over near the school parking lot, hearing footsteps not to far behind me.

'Y/N-’ Archie grabbed my wrist and stopped me from walking. I ripped my wrist away from him, glaring at him.

'No! No you - you don’t get to talk or speak or anything!’ I screamed at him. He seemed taken aback, confused as to why I was screaming at him. 'You’re a fucking liar!’

'Y/N…’ Betty looked between Archie and I, ready to stop me before I physically hurt him.

'No! How could you, Archie? With Ms. Grundy!?’ I exclaimed. His face dropped, looking at me with sorrow.

'Y/N…I’m so, so sorry. I ended it today-’

'You should’ve never started it! You’re my boyfriend!’ I sobbed, holding a handful of my cheer top in my hand. 'You were suppose to love me-’

'I do love you!’

'Then why he fuck did you cheat!?’ I screamed. Ronnie, Betty, Jughead and Kevin remained silent, not speaking a word due to the shock of Archie having an affair with a teacher.

'I-I don’t know! She manipulated me!’ He answered. I shook my head, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

'Really? That’s the best you got?’ I bit my lip, shaking my head at him. 'You’re pathetic.’

'I love you!’

'Stop saying that!’

'No, because it’s true!’ He exclaimed back at me. 'I never loved her, I never will.’

'She gave you what you couldn’t wait for with me. I’m sorry that I wasn’t that easy Archie.’


'No. We’re done. Even if I still love you now, I’ll learn to get over it. You e wrecked me…I loved you and your broke me. You promised you wouldn’t…I guess I was kidding myself to ever believe anything you say.’ I spat.

'Y/N, don’t - don’t do this…’

'Archie, enough,’ Ronnie finally spoke up, walking past him to stand next to me, 'you’ve done and said enough. C'mon Y/N, let’s get out of here.’ She wrapped an arm around my shoulder, leading me away from my ex-boyfriend.

Betty walked on the other side of me with Kevin beside her, leading me away from my heart that had shattered in front of the boy I love.

And I don’t know how I’m gonna fix it.

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Author (Jughead Jones x Reader) Part Two

Request: Yes a couple of lovely anons

Could you pleaseeeee write a part 2 of author?💓😭

‘Author’ was really good. I would definetly like to read a part two if you decide to write it

Originally posted by stydiaislove

“So she just gave you her number?” Archie sat there talking to his best friend. “Who knew you could get a girl!” He joked.

Jughead put his hand to his heart mocking offense. “Of course I can get a girl. I’m Jughead Jones the third!” He boasted jokingly.

After you had given Jughead your number, he had texted you immediately.

Hi, its Jughead Jones.  You left your number for me.’ Reading the text that appeared on your screen, you smiled.

‘The boy from the book signing right?’ He replied almost instantly.

‘Yeah.’ You could almost imagine the blush that was forming on his cheeks.  You hardly knew the teen, yet your heart fluttered at the thought of him.

‘I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for coffee some time? To talk about my next book, or something alone those lines.  I could always use a little help with my writing, and you seem like the writers type.’ 

On the other end of the conversation Jughead was grinning happily, something almost never seen from the young man.

‘Of course! I’d love to!’ He sent the text excitedly. ‘You are my favourite author, it would be an honour to help you.’

‘Just think of it as helping a friend Jughead Jones.  That is, if you would like to be my friend.’

Jughead smiled as he spoke out loud. “I’d definitely want to be more than just your friend.” He sighed to himself typing in his reply.

Of course I would, I mean who wouldn’t? Where would you like to meet (Y/n)?’

Ever heard of this place called Pop’s? I live in the Riverdale area, and I figured you did too, I’m hoping I was not mistaken.’Jughead’s jaw dropped. 

You lived in Riverdale? How had he not noticed it before?  He knew everyone in Riverdale, yet he had never seen you around.

‘I have, and I do live in the area.’ He sent back quickly.

‘Great! It’s a date! I’ll see you there at 6pm.  Talk to you later!’

Jughead had a date with his favourite author.  A girl who lived in Riverdale, who he hadn’t met before the book signing.  What on Earth was happening?