the jaw!!11!!

Until Next Time (m)

[4:38 AM] Jimin: film yourself for me

[4:38 AM] You: Ur kidding

[4:38 AM] Jimin: do it

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i know the day just started but do you know what i’m craving for breakfast?

[4:38 AM] Jimin: i want to get a taste of your heaven

Synopsis: Who would have guessed that a stranger you met through an online game would quickly escalate into a cyber fuck buddy?

Originally posted by emmareader

Pairing: Jimin x Reader // Gaming!AU

Genre: Smut & a dash of humor

Word Count: 5k

Includes: sexting/phone sex, dirty talk

Trilogy: Until Next Time Maybe Next Time ↣ At Last

A/N: fuckboy-ish Jimin ahoy; re-upload since i’m trying to finish making a part two!

[10:22:05 PM] erectchim: um. who are you

[10:22:13 PM] seokjinsaga: has left the server.

It starts with a swarm of messages from unrecognizable usernames, one stranger flooding after another. You get a sudden impulse to turn back and explain to the other players that you made a typo in the server name, admitting it is all a mistake, but you freeze when your cursor hovers over the chat bar. All you have to do is exit the game but you choose not to and surprisingly, you hold no regrets.

[10:22:20 PM] erectchim: this is a private server

[10:22:29 PM] erectchim: how did you get in here?

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1. 1st Verse
2. JHOOOOOOOPE 40 times on a loop but every time it gets higher
3. nut @ hoseok’s part it cypher 4
4. hoseok imitating puppy sounds
5. $ope for lyfe (feat. AgustD)
6. hobi’s shoes squeaking against the floor when he practices choreos
7. Jin’s laugh remix (1 hour version)
8. skit: my little mermaid socks
9. diss track @ twitter haters
10. ode to j-hope’s jaw and cheekbones
11. hope on the streets, angel in the sheets
12. sounds of the sun (not some nasa bullshit!!)


11 jaw-dropping front pages captures this moment in American history 

Americans woke up Saturday morning in a very different country from the one they knew only 24 hours before. Marriage equality is the law of the land. In newspapers from around the nation, the response was overwhelming and heartening. Many newspapers also highlighted Obama’s eulogy in South Carolina on their front cover.

1.) Jaws (1975)

2.) Jaws 2 (1978)

3.) Jaws 3-D (1983)

4.) Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

5.) Night of the Sharks (1988)  Jaws 5

6.) Cruel Jaws (1995) Jaws 6

7.) Aatank (1996) Jaws 7

8.) Deep Blue Sea (1999) Jaws 8

9.) 12 Days of Terror (2004) Jaws 9

10.)Shark in Venice (2008) Jaws 10

11.) Dino Shark (2010) Jaws 11

12.) Sand Sharks (2011) Jaws 12

13.) Bait 3D (2012) Jaws 13

14.) Jaws in Japan (2012) Jaws 14

15.) Jurassic Shark (2012) Jaws 15

16.) Ghost Shark (2013) Jaws 16

17.) Sharknado (2013) Jaws 17

18.) Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)  Jaws 18

19.)Sharknado 3 (2015) Jaws 19

I needed to do this so I could get through 2015 in peace. 

If you’re telling people who didn’t like the new film why they SHOULD have liked it, or that they CLEARLY DON’T UNDERSTAND what Godzilla means, or that they CLEARLY HAVEN’T SEEN a Godzilla film before, or that they should “go watch Gojira and/or Jaws!!11!”, you’re not going to change their opinion, and you’ve no right to, either. While I’m so happy the majority of G-Fans have loved it, this film definitely isn’t for everyone, and we just have to accept it. We need to grow up and be better than shouting down anyone who didn’t like it.

The thing I wanted to post as a sort of end-of-year celebration/thank you for a wonderful year isn’t quite ready yet, but I still really felt like writing something for New Year’s, as a thank you to you all for being such wonderful, talented, supportive, giving people!! For best results, please listen to this song while reading (opens the track on Spotify)

This was a mistake, Emma hisses under her breath, low enough so the pirate close to her can’t hear. Every time she readjusts the thin gloves on her hands her hat slips down her forehead, and every time she fixes her hat her sleeves fall out of her gloves. 

Killian, alternatively, could apparently stand steady in a full-blown blizzard without complaint. He’s waiting for her with his arms leaned over the boards surrounding the rink, eyes gleaming with intent, and it only makes her grumble more.

“Who even told you about ice skating, anyway?” She asks, tightening the laces of her skates. He’d gotten his own faster than her somehow (the smug bastard) and was being way too patient while he waited for her to finish. “Did my mom put you up to this?”

“I was simply told to force you to spend time outside of the loft today,” he shrugged, “your family didn’t mention anything specific.”

She rolls her eyes and stands — or tries. God help her, she’s already wobbly and they aren’t even on the rink yet. It doesn’t even occur to her to be suspicious about his word choice because she’s too worried about snapping an ankle.

His helpful, warm hand comes to circle her waist and steady her as they walk up to the little opening in the rink wall. Sporadic groups of teenagers are already swirling over the clean ice, accompanied by what appeared to be a professional ice skater — how are jumps like that even possible, and why is there always one guy on the rink who’s so much better than everyone else?

And then they’re actually doing it, him holding on to her and standing just as steady as if they were still on solid ground while she wobbles in her skates. Emma digs her nails into his arm reflexively to warn him against any jokes on her behalf and took a careful step forward, just to test the ice.

“You’re not supposed to walk, Swan. You glide.”

“Excuse me, fancypants. Some of us aren’t complete naturals at everything we do.”

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Bands That Always Appear on My Dash

1 Brand New
2 La Dispute
3 The Story So Far
4 The Wonder Years
5 Man Overboard
6 Touche Amore
7 Title Fight
8 Balance and Composure
9 Real Friends
10 Citizen
11 Tigers Jaw
12 Basement
13 Neck Deep
14 The Front Bottoms
15 Joyce Manor