the jasmine dragon teashop

Noodles and Company: Chapter 5

Summary: Mako is working part time at Narook’s seaweed noodlery. Eight months into Mako’s employment there, Narook hires his niece Korra as a hostess in hopes of helping her recover from her most recent breakup. Narook asks Mako to help Korra and, because Mako doesn’t know how to say “no,” he begrudgingly agrees to his boss’ request.  

Genre: Romance/Slice of life/AU

Pairings: Makorra, mentions of Korrasami

Notes: If you’re wondering if I have anything else better to do, the answer is no, I’m on break and I’m trying to finish this before I go back.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4.

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Library AU | drabble #4

Eren continues to bring tea for Levi. There is some kind of progress.

Eren has come to learn Levi’s tea preferences. It only cost him a couple weeks going through the entire menu at the Jasmine Dragon teashop and his spare change.

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