the jasmine dragon teashop

These Promises We Keep

These Sins We Commit || These Hopes We Hold || These Lives We’ve Lost || These Lies We Believe  || These Hearts We Deceive || These Masks We Wear


Two years had flown by in the Fire Nation. With the dismantling of the New Ozai Society, things had really calmed down. There were less assassination attempts, more cooperation by the lower governments, more peace, and at that, Zuko was elated. The past two years had been a blessing, and he was happy, genuinely. Work was hard and tiring, but rewarding, and he made sure that he spent Sunday with Katara and his uncle. He tried for Saturday as well, but promised for Sunday. He made a point to keep his promises. 

The source of Zuko’s main joy, beside so many burdens taken from his shoulders, was that his uncle had moved permanently to open his teashop in Caldera. He kept the Jasmine Dragon, and went to the Earth Kingdom in the blazing summer. The rest of the year, Zuko had his uncle all to himself. It had made his life so much better. And, on top of that, most of all, he had Katara. Katara had been at his side for the past two years, acting as ambassador, and of course, his girlfriend. In Zuko’s opinion, they couldn’t have been happier. They were getting things done, had time together, and he was actually healthy for once, things were looking up. Things were wonderful, and Zuko, for the first time, loved his life. 

As per usual, Zuko was sitting at his desk, and Katara came waltzing in. She sashayed over to his desk with a facetious smile upon her face. Zuko sat down his papers and smirked up at her, ready to play along. But, instead, she unrolled a paper, and out fell dozens more. They were sloppy with smudged ink and some illegible, different, handwritings. They were letters of some sort. Zuko looked at her quizzically, she looked smug now and slightly irritated. 

“What’re all those, Kat?”

Library AU | drabble #4

Eren continues to bring tea for Levi. There is some kind of progress.

Eren has come to learn Levi’s tea preferences. It only cost him a couple weeks going through the entire menu at the Jasmine Dragon teashop and his spare change.

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