the james boyle

  • Sirius: I haven't seen Remus in weeks and it's been so hard. I love him so much.
  • Sirius: Oh my god. I've said "I love you" to him before, but I've never added "so much." What if I never get to say "so much"???
  • James: What about me? What if something happens to Remus and he never gets to meet my baby? I don't want to hang out with some stupid baby who's never met Remus.
I hope you meet someone who wants to experience you and not just see you by their eyes. Someone who doesn’t only want to have sex with you but moves their fingers over your body like trying to find a city on a world map and mark their favourite destinations. Someone who wants to experience you like a masterpiece. Whenever we observe a masterpiece we get the urge to touch it and most of the time we do, involuntarily, because it’s so perfect that we not only want to see it with our eyes and forget it’s details later on because I read somewhere that every time you recall a memory your brain edits it bit by bit so we long to experience it so that each part which contributes to it’s perfection stays with us afterall how scary it would be to forget how perfect you felt. So I hope someone experiences you like a summer breeze stroking your hair, like the warmth of bonfire on a chilly winter night, like the taste of that traditional homemade dish by a mother for her children who’s taste forever lingers in their mouth. I hope you find someone who justifies in treating you like the perfect art you are.
—  James Boyle
  • Me when the Leafs are down 5 - 0: That's it. We're done. Over. There's no way you are coming back from this. Go home and learn the spelling of H.O.C.K.E.Y.
  • Me when the Leafs are up 5 - 0: Wonder what new, innovative techniques they will find to fuck this up?

Movies/play cast meetings are great by nature but also because they provide with stuff like:

  • Cool Slytherin meeting
  • Scorpius and evil great-aunt Bellatrix
  • Grandma Molly and 3 of her grandchildren
  • More Weasleys (with Fred II if you wish)
  • Malfoy boys: Nicer with each generation
  • Godfather and godson
  • me yesterday: look at the leafs go
  • me today: look at these babies
  • me tomorrow: look at them!
  • me next week: seriously look
  • me forever: L O O K
Cast 1 Malfoys vs Cast 2 Malfoys

death cage match


But I’ve been having fun comparing the different cast photos of Draco and Scorpius.

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and then

(gif by @ohscorbus)

So, in the Alex/Anthony images, I see Draco looking battered and paranoid. His eyes darting around to see if any attacks are pending. His hand protective on Scorpius’ shoulder. And then Scorpius, looking so vulnerable. Wary. Sad. 

In the James/Samuel images you can see Draco’s breeding, his pureblood upbringing, clearly in the way he holds himself. Back straight. Regal and contained. He does have a bit of “Try it and you’re dead” expression in the photo, but in the gif I see sadness. Pain, but repressed pain. Pain he’s trying not to show. And Scorpius’ expression as he looks at his father is so interesting. It’s not quite fear, but more uncertainty. They’re standing close, but aren’t touching.

And what I love, is that both sets of Malfoys are projecting things which are entirely in character for script Draco and Scorpius. They’re telling the story through their poses, but different parts of the story. 

  • Morgan Rielly: I brought reinforcements.
  • Nazem Kadri: You brought Polak?
  • Morgan Rielly:, but I brought the next best thing.
  • Leo Komarov: Hey.
  • James Van Riemsdyk: Leo? You brought Leo? The next best thing would have been Boyle.
  • Leo Komarov: Normally I’d be offended, but he is freakishly strong.