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14/  pictures of Luke Evans because there is never enough of Luke on your dashboard (and mine)

One funny thing is, though, I wear my watch on my right hand and I’m actually right-handed. People always wonder why - I don’t know myself, I’ve just always done it that way and I like it the way a good watch fits on my right wrist. 

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I am LIVING watching all these die-hard James Bond fans rip Harry. One guy said he's been a fan of 007 his whole life but if harry becomes james bond, he's done with the series.

My mother is a die hard Bond fan, she’d storm the studios, you should have heard her vitriol over Daniel Craig. Bond fans mean business. You don’t want to fuck with them. It’s actually a little scary…

Even if you’ve somehow never seen a James Bond movie before, you probably still know that the first person to play everyone’s favorite nymphomaniac superspy on film was Sean Connery in Dr. No(1962). The movie turned the already successful literary character into an international sex god, spawning like 80 freaking sequels.

However, the first Bond novel was actually Casino Royale, not Dr. No. Ever wonder why they didn’t adapt that one first?

Because they did, only as a low-budget black-and-white TV movie no one watched, way back in 1954. Before Connery or any of the others, the first onscreen James Bond was … um, some fucking guy. Watch this clip where the villain (Peter Lorre from Casablanca) tortures Bond with a pair of pliers – the most shocking part is that “Jimmy Bond,” as he’s called throughout the movie, has an American accent. Because he’s a U.S. government agent.

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