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APH The World Twinkle Ep 13

Alfred on the outside :

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SG1 Meme: Relationships (6/6) | Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill


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How many people do they need at the wedding? Apparently everyone and their monther. There's a crap load of people we've never ever seen in the background. Maybe if they didn't spend so much money on bad CGI and jamming eps full of guest stars this season they could've gotten the guest stars back for the wedding. These ppl are nobodies just so they can have trained dancers? I'm just so underwhelmed that this most important moment in their lives looks blah.

It does look kind of generic? A rooftop? That’s the best they could come up with? I know it’s Storybrooke, but come on. And why NOT the Jolly Roger? Wedding party on the ship, guests on the dock. It’s not hard, people.

My guess, since they wanted it to be the musical, they had to find a space good for dancing, fuck all what actually makes sense for Emma and Killian as characters. They’ve shared some of their most poignant moments on board that ship. But nope, let’s have it on a roof! Do the nuns have a chapel or something? A place with pretty stained glass? No?

Just please tell me Archie isn’t officiating. Please.