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Hi Steph! I'm new to the fandom, could you please share with me the best Johnlock fanfics (in your opinion)? There is so much of them I'm lost... and I don't know which are the 'legendary' and 'must read' ones. Thank you so much! <3

Hi Nonny!

First of all, WELCOME!! I hope you are enjoying your time here!! OH GOSH, okay so funny thing, I’m actually currently making a list of ALL of my favourite fics ever, because someone else asked me ages ago, and now I have 5 other people asking me LOL.

As I explained in this post here, many people have already made great lists of “the best fanfics” in the fandom… But of course I’m stupidly picky about my fics.

Anyway, since I’m already working on an entire list of my biggest most fave fics ever in every place everywhere, how about for now, since I’m due for it, I give you my last bookmarked fics since I last did a list last month? I hope these will tide you over Lovely! In the meantime, you can also check out my ‘my fic recs’ blog tag, and I’ve a tonne of lists, some of which you can see here

I-J’s Last Bookmarked Fics (July 2017)

Upon Reflection, Tenable Frippery by emmagrant01 (T, 1,299 w. || John’s Beard, First Kiss, Fluff) – John was, inexplicably, growing a beard.

Gigantic by BubbleGumLizard (E, 2,135 w. || Size Kink, PWP) – John seems to avoid Sherlock seeing him naked. Sherlock wants to fix that.This is porn. Part 19 of Mystrade NaNoWriMo 2015

What He’s Like by magikspell (E, 2,919 w. || Love Confessions, Fluff, First Time, Inexperienced Sherlock) – Realistic first time. They love each other so much.

Straight Shooter by nefariosity (E, 3,249 w. || Est. Rel., Light Dom/Sub, Military Kink, PWP, Bottomlock) – Sherlock has a military kink. John indulges him.

The Prize We Sought Is Won by deathfrisbees (E, 4,610 w. || First Time, Mild D/S, Oral, Military Kink, Bottomlock) – Sherlock’s in love, or in lust, or both–unfortunately, the object of his affections is not only his completely oblivious flatmate, but said flatmate would probably run screaming into the hills should he find out. John’s been invited to a wedding–unfortunately, the groom used to serve under him back in Afghanistan, and requests that John wear a uniform he’s honestly not sure he fits into. Unfortunately for both flatmates, Sherlock’s got a military kink the size of Kandahar and John wants to know if he actually can fit into this uniform or if his eyes are deceiving him. It goes from there.

Facade by distantstarlight (M, 4,715 w. || Fluff, John’s Beard, No-Shave November, Grumpy Sherlock, Clueless Sherlock) – Sherlock is highly irritated with a challenge John has agreed to undertake. Why does he need to grow a beard anyway?

Telling the Bees by siennna (G, 5,174 w. || Fluff, Beekeeping, POV Sherlock, Love Confessions) – It took a beat of silence for the words to settle in, before both of them realized what John said. “You—” Sherlock started. “I—” John said at the same time. “Love me? You love me?” Sherlock asked faintly. Part 3 of sienna’s favorites

The Death of Doubt by Gingerhermit (E, 6,584 w. || Alternate Canon, BAMF John, POV Sherlock, Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama, Meddling Mycroft) – Mycroft asks for John’s help in rescuing Sherlock from his Serbian captors.

Illogical, even. by magikspell (E, 9,119 w. || Grey-Ace Sherlock, Character Study, Growing Up, Victor Trevor, Romance, First Time/Kiss, Sherlock-centric) – Five reasons Sherlock never believed in love and one reason he does now.

With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.

The Painted Man by jinglebell (E, 9,894 w. || Tattoos, Scent / Tattoo Kink, Rough & Tender Sex, Fluff and Smut, Obsessive / Jealous Sherlock, Touch Starvation) – Here stood John Watson – middle name, Hamish, ex-RAMC captain and field medic, favourite brand of jam: Duerr’s, preferred toothpaste: Mentadent. Loyal, steadfast, interesting John had just done the most unpredictable thing merely by being.John’s body was covered, neck-to-waistband, shoulder-to-elbow, in tattoos.

Confidential by sussexbound (M, 10,654 w. || Epistolary, John’s Journal, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Self-Acceptance/Discovery, John’s Sexuality) – When John accidentally stumbles upon the Confidential file Sherlock’s been keeping on him he is both angry and curious. What he learns about himself, though–well, that changes everything.

At the Edge of Desire by philalethia (E, 16,375 w. || Post S3, Pining, Arse Worship, Humour, First Kiss / TIme, Sexual Fantasy, Awkwardness) – While helping John move back in to the flat, Sherlock discovers a strap-on among John’s things. He finds the discovery considerably difficult to move past.

Tomorrow’s Song by agirlsname (M, 24,645 w. || Post-TRF, POV Sherlock, Angst with a Happy Ending, Virgin / Repressed Sherlock, Love Confessions, Slow Burn, Pining) – How can he think a relationship with me would be a good idea? I am the sort of person to take a break from my life and when I come back after two years, I expect to find it exactly as I left it. In reality I find it shattered to pieces. (I actually equate you with my life. When did I start doing that?)

Where Else Would I Be? by cwb (E, 34,910 w. || Retirementlock, Domestic Fluff, Falling in Love, Parentlock, Fluff and Smut, Reminiscing) – John and Sherlock’s five-year-old granddaughter spends the weekend with them in Sussex. Sherlock happily indulges her whims, and John takes care of them while quietly revisiting the past thirty years of their lives together.

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. {{for some reason this wasn’t bookmarked??? I’ve loved this story for years and apparently I didn’t bookmark it??? News to me.}}}

Bridging the Ravine by SilentAuror (E, 58,883 w. || Post S4, Couple For a Case, Bed-Sharing, First Times, Confessions, Awkwardness, Sex Trafficking) – Sherlock and John go undercover at Ravine Valley, a therapy centre for same-sex male couples in an investigation into a possible human trafficking ring. As they pose as a couple and fake their way through the therapy sessions for the sake of the case, it quickly becomes difficult to avoid discussing their very real issues. Set roughly six nine months after series 4.

Snowells Week Day 6: Double Date.

Oh no, HR’s head got blurry! This one was very hard, because I couldn’t pick a prompt, none of them were inspiring me.

Actually, funny story, I had just stated that double date would be too hard and was meaningless to me when I got this idea in my head. 

Ah, the irony.

Medium: Watercolor, brush and ink

Art by me, Jimmy Fission.

Please don’t repost anywhere, thanks.


Super Groupies x Persona 5 Collaboration Wallet, Card Case, Key Holder and Phone Case Announced

Persona 5 Wallet:

A long wallet inspired by the world view of Persona 5.

It features a playful design including the motif of the trickster. On the zip, there is a charm in the shape of the “phantom mask” as worn by the hero. Inside there is a wonderful contrast between the black base and red coin purse. There are 12 card pockets for a wide range of functionality. The wallet will be delivered in an original box.

Product Details:

Price: 11,800 yen + tax
Brand: SuperGroupies
Size: Height: 10 cm, Width: 19 cm, Depth: 2.5 cm
Weight: 156 g
Capacity: 12 Cards
Reservation Period: Friday August 4, 2017 – Sunday August 20th, 2017
Delivery Period: Late October, 2017

Card Case:

A card case inspired by the world of Persona 5, in a special collaboration with popular brand “JAM HOME MADE.”

It features metal parts on the surface in the form of the “phantom mask” trickster motif. The brightness of the interior decoration in contrast to the black catches the eye. In the lower right pocket is the Phantom Thieve’s logo, and another pocket features the Take Your Heart message.

The item is finished in a simple way and will fit easily into a business setting. With a unisex design, it is perfect for gifts as it can be used as a business card holder. It will be delivered in an original box.

Product Details:

Price: 12,800 yen + tax
Brand: SuperGroupies
Size: Height: 7.5 cm, Width: 11 cm, Depth: 1.5 cm
Weight: 59 g
Capacity: Around 30 Cards
Reservation Period: Friday August 4, 2017 – Sunday August 20th, 2017
Delivery Period: Early December, 2017
Product Page

Persona 5 Key Holder:

A key holder inspired by the world of Persona 5, in collaboration with popular brand “JAM HOME MADE.”

The trickster’s motif in black and red, one on each side. The contrast of colour is lovely. The key ring part features the charismatic logo as a charm.

Elegant accessories that you would want to brag about are prefect as gifts as well as for yourself. It will be delivered in an original box.

Product Details:

Price: 7,800 yen + tax
Brand: SuperGroupies
Size: Height: 20 cm, Width: 8 cm
Weight: 44 g
Reservation Period: Friday August 4, 2017 – Sunday August 20th, 2017
Delivery Period: Early December, 2017

Persona 5 Smartphone Case for Iphone 6, 6S and 7:

A notebook type smartphone case inspired by the world of Persona 5.

The red stitching shines on the black surface embossed with the trickster motifs. It is a simple impression that pops. A plate of the Phantom logo is featured on the fastener. When opening the case, Morgana and the letters “Take Your Heart” can be seen. Morgana’s silhouette as if running to the top of the card pocket is very cute.

Product Details:

Price: 5,200 yen + tax
Brand: SuperGroupies
Size: Height: 14.5 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 1.7 cm
Weight: 71 g
Reservation Period: Friday August 4, 2017 – Sunday August 20th, 2017
Delivery Period: Late October, 2017

Fluff October 3

30 Days Till I Said …
Third Day: Bumping into each other

Day 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Decided to do 1,000 word dabbles (on average) instead of drawing because .. heh… I have a ton of pending art to do anyway.

Pairing: Edgeberry
Theme: Coffee shop/College AU (Yeah one of those, booo, I always wanted to try them :P)


Blue did not show up the next day, nor the day after that.  Fell found himself feeling disappointed, which niggled at him more than he cared to admit. Alas, coffee and good business waited for no monster and he soon redirected his disappointment to scaring away any other potential new employees.  

Which annoyed several people.  Including his current employees.  Not that anyone would actually say anything about it because they really wanted to keep their jobs/limbs attached.  

For the sake of everyone’s sanity his most senior employee after Red had left, a dragon monster named Lina, decided that enough was enough.  After preparing herself with some extra cups of courage she walked up to her boss and suggested that maybe-possibly-by-any-chance he could let her run the interviews scheduled for that afternoon after close.  That way he could go arrange some supply deliveries for the shop because he was such a good-amazing-with-a-good-eye-for-discounts-monster.  Pretty-please?.

Fell did not argue the point too much.  In fact, he had only argued out of principle.  It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Lina’s judgement, it was more that he wanted to make sure he didn’t want to end up with another hyper monster or human, that couldn’t even keep a simple promise.  

“They have to be able to work full time.   I don’t need any part timers” he instructed as he put on his scarf.  

“Yes Mr. Fell” said Lina looking at her clipboard, which already had sheet of paper filled with all of his instructions and qualifications a new employee should have, written by Fell.

“And it needs to be someone who can at least tell the difference between a latte and an americano”  said Fell over his shoulder as he walked over to the exit.

“Mmm mmhhh”

“AND they need to be punctual!” He said as he grabbed the door handle.  

“Of course Mr. Fell” Lina smiled at him from her spot on the counter where she was thankful he couldn’t see her tail twitching.  


“Oh no!” said Lina looking at her empty wrist and rushing from behind the counter “The market is closing in only two hours! You better go!”

She pushed her boss out the door before he could argue he actually had 4 hours before close, with cheery chorus of: “Don’t worry, I have everything under control! Bye! Have fun! Don’t kill anyone!”

Suddenly Fell found himself outside with a door locking behind him.

He grumbled a little bit, adjusted his long red scarf and stomped to his car.  One just couldn’t find good help nowadays.  

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