the jam brands

  • Has anyone else ever smashed band names and things in the sea together? There are so many possibilities
  • Green Bay
  • Pierce The Whale
  • Black Veil Tides
  • My Tentacle Romance
  • Fall Trout Boy
  • Parashore
  • Linkin Shark
  • Twenty Øne Pirates
  • Sink 182
  • Mervana
  • The Krillers
  • Pearl Clam
  • Coldray
  • New Drowned Glory
  • Sand New
  • Bouys Like Girls
  • Three Days Plaice

(Other) (BRAND NEW) Jam of the Day: the Mountain Goats, “Rain in Soho”

Literally just out. Just today. Just a few hours ago. Coming out officially on May 19 on Goths. It’s a dark thumping piano/choral headbanger that filled my heart with a sick kind of joy at hearing all of those minor chords. High praise.
The Painted Man (9895 words) by jinglebell [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Johnlock - Freeform, Tattoo!lock, Tattoo, Tattoos, gratuitous description of tattoos, Sherlock is aroused by successfully kept secrets more than tattoos, but you can choose to read it as tattoo fetishism if it pleases you!, Docking, Rimming, Creampies, unprotected anal sex, armpit sniffage, size queen, let’s play with the foreskin, scent fetish?, is that a thing?, Sherlock really likes how John smells and has no respect for decent human boundaries, Sherlock has some really unhealthy and macabre thoughts, so basically Sherlock being himself, abstract mentions of cocaine use, skin starvation, rough n’ tender sex

Here stood John Watson – middle name, Hamish, ex-RAMC captain and field medic, favorite brand of jam: Duerr’s, preferred toothpaste: Mentadent. Loyal, steadfast, interesting John had just done the most unpredictable thing merely by being.

John’s body was covered, neck-to-waistband, shoulder-to-elbow, in tattoos.

I had another fic by jinglebell in the queue for a rec but then this popped up and I couldn’t resist. There are tattoos and the best part is that they are on current day BBC John Watson, which is way sexier to me than the other iterations of tattooed John. It is gloriously smutty too and involves a sex act I did not know about before penis Friday a couple of weeks ago. 

Favorite line: John liked difficult things. And Sherlock was the most difficult thing of them all. Thus, John should like him best.