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I got my name out there in variety shows. I had the image as the lively and energetic member. And to be honest, I’ve showed people my genuine side by ruining my image. But I have a serious side as well, and I aim on showing people that side more often.

Jackson for InStyle Korea .02.2017 


GOT7 Reaction

Got7 reacting to them asking for nudes jokingly and you actually do lol

Oml thank you for requesting this anon!! I’m sorry it took so long for me to do it, but I hope you like it! I also did this reaction a little different I hope that’s ok >.<

Mark: Mark would be sitting next to Jackson when it all happened. And sure enough Jackson decided to look over when Mark received your text.

“You saw nothing Jackson.”

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Jaebum: Jaebum was just waiting on the rest of the members when you texted him. Then Youngjae came out with a camera in hand and asked Jaebum what he was doing. 

“Oh, just texting [y/n].”

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Jackson: The members were filming a variety show when you texted Jackson. He was excited to leave until Jinyoung reminded him that they had practice after filming.


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Jinyoung: Jinyoung was on tour when you texted him. He just so happened to be getting to go on stage and was filming a backstage video. Mark asked him what he was looking at and if it was from you.

“Yes. It’s hard being away from [y/n]. I can’t wait to see them.”

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Youngjae: Youngjae was hanging out with the members when he got your text. He hadn’t realized that Jaebum was behind him until Jaebum spoke up.

JB: “Um, Youngjae. What is that [y/n] sent you?”


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BamBam: You had texted BamBam earlier that day, and Yugyeom saw. Later Yugyeom was filming and began to tell what happened until BamBam “stopped him.”


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Yugyeom: The members were filming a v live when you texted Yugyeom, and Jaebum noticed. Though it wasn’t said, Jaebum asked what was going on. When Yugyeom didn’t answer Jaebum ended up pushing him off his seat for texting during a v live.

“It’s nothing. Just a text from[y/n]”

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i’m sorry this was so bad but I tried lol

Dreams for my faves in 2017

SHINee: Everyone stops calling them flops and embraces them as the legends they are, Onew releases a killer solo album, Key takes over the fashion industry, more fab choreography, variety shows.

Got7: Youngjae and Jackson go back to their original roommates, Bambam treats got6 to food, JJP comeback, Yugbam date, everyone moves past the LA incident, more Coco.

Monsta X: Yall stop sleeping on them and realize they’re gifTS FROM GOD, Wonho feels more confident, Starship gives Hyungwon and Minhyuk more lines, Shownu becomes more comfortable calling himself the leader, more Hyungwonho moments.

AKMU: YG GIVES THEM THE PROMOTIONS THEY DESERVE, Suhyun solo album if Chanhyuk goes into the military, more wonderful siblings antics, collab with Lee Hi, keep updating Jjome’s insta.

Less fandom wars and more Weekly Idol is The Best.

Everyone gets the rest they deserve.

Pending List

Updated: 1/21/17


  1. Opposites attract. DK. (Combine with the DK smut request)
  2. All mine. Amber. *SMUT
  3. Variety show romance. Suga.
  4. Married to the mob. Jongup. (There was another request for this that will be combined!)
  5. What are boyfriends for? Kyungsoo. *SMUT
  6. Moving in. Sik-K.
  7. Anxious. Vernon.
  8. Award winner. S.Coups. *SMUT
  9. First child. Lay.
  10. Running Man. Jungkook.
  11. Poly-life. Mingyu+Wonwoo *SMUT
  12. Pre-show jitters. Rap Monster. *SMUT
  13. Three of a kind. B.I, I.M.
  14. Control. Jimin. *SMUT
  15. Sleep over. Jonghyun.
  16. First timer. DK. *SMUT