the jackie gleason show


In 1956, Bobby Darin and Connie Francis met after their manager, George Scheck arranged for Connie to record a song Bobby had written. They were soon in what Bobby’s friends described as, “an intense romance”. However, Connie’s parents didn’t approve of Bobby and one night after returning from a date, she found her bags packed and waiting for her on the front step. Bobby proposed almost immediately. When her dad found out about the engagement, he stormed into the rehearsals of the Jackie Gleason Show with a gun and threatened to shoot Bobby. Bobby managed to escape out of a window. Connie and Bobby talked briefly after the show, then he never called her again. They saw each other a couple of different times while appearing on the same television shows, but were never romantically involved again. Then one day, while her and her father were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, she heard on the radio that Bobby had been married to Sandra Dee. In her autobiography, she wrote of her heartbreak upon hearing the news, “I wished that somehow God would cause the Hudson River to come gushing in and entrap us in that tunnel.”