the jacket premier


1964 / 1968 / 2016

he wore that jacket not only at the “a hard day’s night” premiere but also at “here we go round the mulberry bush” premiere (?)

The source of ahdn photo: beatlesphotovault

Robert Carlyle:
  • The number one Begbie stan
  • Signs chests
  • Tries to record fans taking pictures of him but records himself
  • Wore a denim jacket to the Trainspotting premiere
  • Wore jeans to the T2 premiere
  • Is pure and whole and must be protected

Adam’s leather jacket in the ‘Girls’ premiere is brand-new—and if he doesn’t seem quite at home in it, that was a wholly calculated move.

“Adam is trying too hard, which I think speaks to the larger theme of this episode,” costume designer Jenn Rogien says of Adam in “Iowa.” “He and Hannah are reading each other wrong, and he’s also missed the mark with the audition. That’s not something he’s used to.”

The jacket isn’t without a few alterations, which were blessed by star Adam Driver. “You’ll notice it has fringe across the back of it—it actually had fringe all the way down the sleeves and across the back, but it skewed way too much toward ‘Vegas impersonator,’ so in the fitting, I cut it off the sleeves. Adam and I agreed his character would have been fine with a little fringe.”