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take care of yourself (or i’ll do it)

Title: take care of yourself (or i’ll do it)
Author: idontreallylikebutterflies (Laulerelelere)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 1564
Summary: ’‘Bitty, you have a broken arm.“
’'So what if I have a broken arm? I’m still baking a pie.”
Bitty has broken his arm and is, Jack thinks, really stupid about it.

Most memorable line: Jack: Why is Lardo texting me that you are doing something stupid?
Bitty: she’s a traitor


                                  “Okay, should we get some coffee? Sure. Where?”
Chandler and Monica walk over to the kitchen-counter and leave their keys. Then the other four pick out their keys and leave them as well. They all leave the apartment. Joey helps Chandler with the stroller in the hallway, while Monica and Rachel have their arms around each other. Everybody walks downstairs to Central Perk. The camera goes inside the apartment again, and it pans around. We see the keys on the counter, and the final shot is of the frame around the peephole. The screen fades to black. (Friends, 1994 – 2004)

Jack:  *gives insightful commentary on the way people think and act*

Jack:  *deconstructs the themes and mechanics of video games*

Jack:  *picks up on subtext and foreshadowing*

Jack:  *solves puzzles while actively making witty remarks*

Jack:  *overlooks an item*

YouTube Comments:  “wow jack is really stupid”


Here’s the dumb fucking FRIENDS opening I made of the AH crew.


Soldier: A dozen roses, Gabriel?  Really?

Reaper: …That’s what you’re supposed to do, Jack.  But you got me just one.

Soldier: That’s because you’re my only love.

Reaper *blushing*: YOU…cheap…bastard.

Soldier: You’re my one and only.

Reaper: WAIT - 

Soldier: You’re my ONE true love.

Reaper: NO - 

Soldier: Love is a numbers game, but you’re the ONE for me.

Reaper: omfg

Soldier: My heart and SOLE.

Reaper: STOP

Soldier: I may be Soldier: 76, but you’re Number: 1 in my heart.

Reaper: *wraiths away*


Soo like…. is Will Turners heart back in his chest?… or is it still in the other chest?

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