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Hello! This is your online course adviser. It's been brought to my attention that you've suffered a recent lapse in self-control, due to pictures being circulated of certain TV characters. This has prompted cause for concern with regards to your being able to concentrate for long periods, without interruption, skills necessary for completing coursework. So we propose to test your commitment by asking you to complete a drabble of 500 words or less, using the prompt "I Can't Concentrate......."

@ladymatt This is BEYOND brilliant. My wine addled brain thought that my adviser found my blog somehow. Then I laughed my ass off. How about 700 words? Because I have no chill, and this was super easy.

“I can’t concentrate,” Alec said, dropping his phone on his desk and rubbing his hands through his hair. He picked up the next file from the towering pile.

Izzy grinned. “Tell Magnus to stop texting you. He’s got it so bad, I swear. You’ve only been at work a few hours.”

“Maybe it’s not Magnus.”

“It is. I can tell by that stupid smile that breaks out on your face every time your phone makes a sound.”

His phone buzzed from his desk, and Alec picked it up again, swiping the screen to see a picture of Magnus with a cup of coffee and bed head.

Coffee doesn’t taste the same when you aren’t here :(

Alec smiled and ignored Izzy’s laugh.

That’s because I make better coffee than you.

The reply was instant.

No. It’s because the view is better when you are home <3

Alec’s smile grew wider.

His sister cleared her throat, and he looked up at her while pressing the button to silence his phone.

“He’s sexting you, isn’t he?” she asked mischievously.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Alec said pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Sexting. Don’t act like he’s not.”

“First of all, I have no idea what that is. Second of all, no.”

“Oh, come on! Don’t try to tell me you are dating Magnus Bane and you don’t know about sexting. I don’t believe you.”

Alec just stared back at her, his face a blank mask.

She scoffed, “Oh my god. Naked pictures. Dirty talk. You know…sex via texting.”

Okay, that definitely sounded like something he needed in his life, but he wasn’t going to admit that to his sister. Also, that was the dumbest name ever, so he was definitely not using that word, even if he did the thing.

“How do you ever get any work done, Izzy? Seriously. He just woke up. He was saying good morning….with his clothes on. Now get out of my office please.”

“Surrrre, I believe you,” she said with a wink and then sauntered out of his office, shutting the door behind her.

The moment she was gone he opened up his message thread and texted Magnus back.

My view is better when I’m there too.

He didn’t even bother putting his phone down this time. Truth was, he’d woken up late and left in a hurry, and he and Magnus didn’t get to start their morning off in their usual way, so he was definitely distracted. Then his sister had to go and put thoughts in his head of naked pictures of Magnus. That didn’t help his focus any.

Another message popped up.

Why did I just get a text from Isabelle telling me to stop “sexting” you so that you can get your work done?

Alec’s eyes got huge. Damnit Izzy.

Ignore her. Sorry.

He cringed and waited for a reply.

:( So you are opposed to the idea? Because my morning wasn’t as nice as it usually is. My handsome head took his HEAD to work.

Alec thanked the angel that Magnus couldn’t see his blush. He summoned up some bravery and typed.

I didn’t say I was opposed to it.

He watched the little text bubbles anxiously.

Are you alone in your office right now?

Alec’s heart started pounding faster as he replied.

Yes. As a matter of fact I am.

Magnus replied.

Good. Lock your door, now.

He jumped up and went to the door. He wasn’t sure why he would need to lock his door for texting, but he rarely hesitated when Magnus asked him to do something. Just as he was turning back around, a portal opened in his office and his boyfriend stepped out of it. Completely naked.

Alec stuttered over his words and nearly choked on his own tongue.

“Hi darling,” Magnus said, stalking toward him.

“Hi,” Alec said, breathlessly. “I thought you were going to text me.”

“Oh well, why would I settle for that when I can magically appear in your office?”

“Naked,” Alec said, looking him up and down before reaching out to pull him in.

“Perks of dating a warlock,” Magnus said, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love these perks. Way better than that other thing,” he replied, before kissing his love thoroughly.

when malec & sizzy are on a double date & izzy is trying to be more affectionate
  • Magnus: An apple tart? Excellent choice, Sex Lex.
  • Alec, quietly: Don't call me that in front of my sister, [hesitantly whispering] my Magaroni and Cheese.
  • Izzy [to Simon]: Well, let's dig in, Si ... Si ... Sink Faucet.

My three favorite characters:

- Even tho he’s so cold and hard he has so much love inside of him, you could stop wars with it
- He has so much power and still isn’t cocky (at least towards most people)

- Izzy means independence to me. She doesn’t need a man to fight ten demons at the same time
- If you can run in those heals you can run the whole world

- He always got hurt
- He’s genuinely happy when something good happens to him. He’s all smiley and can’t stop
- He always cares more about other people than himself even tho most people have been arseholes towards him
- Look at him. Just do it.

(I just added the white frames)

You Fit Me Better Than My Favorite Sweater  |  Part I


“I’m not late!”

Simon—A mess of heavy breathing and haphazardly tugged on clothing— slams down his satchel onto the table, a very subdued Izzy watching him with  a blasé upturn of the lips and  her chin cradled atop her palm. Not  so much as a flinch to indicate that she even noticed his antics. (Then again, if the same thing happens every morning—Simon supposes that one should become immune from the shock.)

“You know chico, the buss leaves the same time every morning and yet you’re still late every morning. Should I assume that you’re trying to tell me something? Like maybe you’re about  to drown in you’re serious lack of time management skills.”

Simon all but collapses into the seat besides her, readily accepting the spare coffee she tacitly  offers him without even bothering to look his way—Just like every morning. “You know Iz, our friendly neighborhood SpiderMan was once perpetually late to his own bus, and I think he’s doing just fine—I mean erm, deals with the devil incarnate and being cloned about a million times over—But all considered…He’s doing pretty good…”

“Hmm, so are you telling me instead that you’ve been bitten by some radioactive insect?” She interrogates with a playful craning of the brows.

“One, Not an insect. it was a spider…Hence Spiderman, and two, I would definitely tell you if a spider bit me…Considering that it’d be the most action I’ve gotten in weeks.”

Simon immediately regrets the joke once Izzy  gives him that one eyed squint that all the fucking Lightwoods seem to have mastered as a way to call someone out on their bullshit. “Well I  know for a fact that Karen Diaz is still completely smitten with you—you know if you ever gave her, or anyone for that matter, the time of day.”

Simon bristles. “And your point is?” He presses—Not seeing the actual correlation.

“Oh, nothing, just an observation,” her lips quirk up into a shit eating grin—And Simon knows that look—It’s the same look she gave him before telling Marcie Cartwright about his embarrassingly large  collection of comics because, “She’s not the right girl for you Si.” Or the time she forced him to kiss her full on the mouth in front  of the entire cafeteria sophomore year to prove that he really was more attracted by the idea of Isabell Lightwood, then her in all her raw glory. “I’d destroy you Lewis, you need someone soft and lovey-dovey.” (Basically it’s Izzy’s I’m gonna embarrass the fuck out of you so that you can realize something that is glaringly obvious if you weren’t so helplessly  inept look™.) “But now that I think of it,  I bet  your reticence towards any romantic endeavors   might be induced  by your  complete obsession  of a certain brother of mine?”

Simon’s blood runs cold—And honestly Izzy couldn’t even bother  giving Simon the decency of rubbing out the sleep in his eyes before she finds it fitting to mortify him. “Ah—I—I don’t even  know what your even talking about Iz—Have you gone insane since I last saw you yesterday? I mean do you have any brothers? I didn’t even notice that was a thing…Wow when’s class starting huh?“

“You’re a lying liar who lies!” She crows, emphatically waving her finger around his face. And well—Fuck Izzy Lightwood for Practically glowing with glee at his embarrassment.

But before Simon could even think of mustering a semi coherent retort, the shrill ringing of first period’s bell sings to him like a chorus of angels. “Oh thank God.” But Simon knows he’s not off the hook quite yet if the This is not over leer Izzy gives him indicates anything. (And honestly why did Simon have to go and surround himself with such an array of bad ass women who could eat him whole for breakfast.)

“Morning folks, and welcome to your last semester of senior year,” Luke claps everyone awake, greeting the class with his booming voice—A dopey grin lighting up his objectively handsome face—Just as it does every morning after he clicks off the line with his wife and Idris Institute’s art professor, Jocelyn Fray. It’s one of the many reasons why the entirety of the student body all but  gushes over their love sick tendencies—Simon excluded of course because they are basically his God parents, and ewwww. Simon does not need to imagine them murmuring sweet nothings to each other in the depths of the night—or especially not them doing  the nasty.

The class gives him half muddled greetings in return—Only and only because everyone and their grandmother loves Luke fucking Garroway, if it were any other professor Simon would pretty securely wager that the student body would remain the mindless zombies that all teenagers on the  precipice of adulthood are before they get their daily caffeine intake.

“Now I know that this is probably the time when you all check out—Most of you have gotten your college acceptance letters, or tickets to travel, or have secured a job,” he commences to stroll up and down the aisles of desks as he passes out a salmon toned rubric to everyone. “But allow me to remind  you that   this course can and will if need be, hold you back from graduating with your class. So I need you awake, attentive, and alert at all times for just a few more weeks. Does that sound fair?”

As if on queue, the door to the room swings open—A flurry of heart eyes, and raucous snickers tumbling across the threshold.

Magnus bane and Alec Lightwood are basically the epitome of what personifies that annoyingly perfect high school sweetheart trope that every lowly human craves to experience. Both unfairly good looking, both smart enough to have really intense arguments in the middle of lunch (Which Simon swears by his Seva’s grave is just a form of for play to them,) And both destined to win class cutest couple, get married, have a couple kids and own a vacation home in the South of France by the time their ten year high school anniversary comes around.

It’s kinda sickening if Simon is being honest—He’s definitely not resentful at how happy they look with a throbbing bruise already starting to purple on Alec’s neck, and Magnus’s ordinarily perfectly quaffed hair looking like a rabid beast had just ran it’s claws through it. Nope, definitely not resentful—Or envious—Or wishing he actually had a relationship himself to look that stupidly in love. (And  if Simon’s gaze subconsciously strays to the back of the room where one Jace Lightwood  makes it a  point to sequester off to every morning—Well Simon really can’t be held accountable for what his body does on instinct—Like how his heart may or  or may not  skip a beat when Jace’s fucking insanely beautiful  eyes glance up to meet Simon’s staring for or only a moment, or  how Simon’s palms become oddly clammy when he detects a distinctly Rosie hue touching the tops of Jace’s impossible cheekbones in response—Yeah, none of that is Simon’s fault, especially when taking into account how Jace looks like some sort of mother fucking amalgamation of James Dean and some etherial ass angel—Like the whole wings flapping, heavens shining type. (Golden aura and all.)

It’s really not fair.

Simon is only mildly aware of  Luke—With a fond sort of exasperation that tells Simon he’s still gonna vote for Magnus and Alec  for the superlative they so rightfully deserve—Tells them to take their seats. Simon only really tares away from the all too pleasant view of Jace when Izzy—With as much stealth as a pink elephant clambering through Time Square during rush hour—elbows him in the side, and god damn are those jujitsu classes really having an effect.

“Stop gawking at each other like nerds,” she mouths before settling back into her own seat.

Simon resents the idea that their at all nerds, (And besides nerds are totally back into the cute category in the mainstream.)  but nonetheless  he appreciates the fact that he wasn’t imagining how her brother  was holding Simon’s eyes with the same veracity. Even if that probably means little to nothing, While Simon was surely looking like a love sick pug, Jace probably just had on one of his patent “I’m gonna rip out your jugular with my teeth if you dare to talk to me,” looks, and Simon only didn’t notice because well—Jace is hotter than the actual fucking sun, with all his smoldering eyes, and rare smiles and impossibly soft looking hair that he always runs a hand through whenever he’s particularly focussed on a task or when he’s exasperated by one of his siblings antics.   Tie all that together with a body that’s all chorded muscle and bronze skin—and well, erm—Yeah—Jace is pretty fucking smoking if Simon has anything to say about it.

, Besides, Simon   has never been afraid of being burned just a little to get what he wants.)  

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It is now official, according to Cassandra Clare, that if the TMI and TDA were to be in a production of Hamilton, that Jace would be Hamilton but he’d have to fight Emma for the role, Magnus would be Burr (because he could nail the musical numbers), Alec would be Washington, Izzy would be Lafayette, Clary would be Angelica, and Julian would be behind the scenes because he’d hate to act in the play. (Source)