the ivory room


A Room with a View (1985) dir. James Ivory

“And as for your loving me, no, you don’t, Cecil, not really. You don’t. It’s only as something else. As something you own. A painting, a Leonardo. I don’t want to be a Leonardo, I want to be myself.”


Behind the Scenes of a “Room with a View” | 1985.

Featuring Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy Honeychurch, Julian Sands, Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judy Dench and the crew.

dir. James Ivory.


This is set in the time when Feyre became the High Lady, then went to the Spring Court to infiltrate and destroy them…

“Feyre?” She heard behind her, but didn’t turn. She simply kept her blue gray eyes focused on the raindrops that slid down the glass window. The sun had gone down already and a dusky gray sky was all that remained. Heavy rain clouds shrouded the stars and the moon from view and she cursed them over and over again for taking them from her.

“Darling,” Feyre heard Tamlin murmur and felt an unmistakable urge to scream that there was only one person who could call her that. Feyre, Darling, carved itself gently into the corners of her mind and she bit back a sob as Tamlin’s hand came down to rest on her shoulder. “Look at me,” He finally said, voice tinged with annoyance as he tried to forcefully turn her around to face him.

I love you, Feyre sent to her mate across the bond, trying desperately to stay grounded as she did as she was asked, meeting Tamlin’s eyes.

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