the it crowd spoilers

Henry Cheng is literally like a fangirl that cba to read all of trc so just got trk and started reading it halfway through. Up untill then he’d only read fanfictions and already loves all the characters but has like …. no idea wtf is going on.

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When you realise that Anne is heading back to Nassau and that a Maxanne reunion is immenent. *Tries to breathe calmly*

A huge crowd of Clowns appear. Enough to cover up a 4-lane road. The people in the Control Room shake at the sight of the Clowns.

“A huge number…”
“Can we really do this…?”

Furuta: …

“It’s no good…”
“Why this…”

Furuta: For now, we’ll just observe ‘HS’ in the 22nd Ward.
Furuta: …Special Class Suzuya!

Furuta speaks into a microphone.

Furuta: …Once they break thru the bridge, the head office will then get invaded.

“Please defend the bridge with all your might!”

Suzuya: 'Defend with all my might?’

Suzuya swings his Quinque and severes ten heads.

Suzuya: For as long as I can kill them all, right?
Furuta: Yes, yes! Please kill all of them. ♥

Back to the 19th Ward.

A Clown is seen preparing a molotov.

“Whaccha gonna do? Whaccha gonna do? Eat this!”
“Yay yay yay yay yaaaay!!”

Clown: I am Vancouver (Burning).

“No. Way!”

Higemaru appears and slices the Clown’s face in half.

Man: Touma!
Higemaru: Uncle!
Man: So you were here…
Man: The Clowns are swarming in from over there. We couldn’t take out the fire… Can we ask for you help…?
Higemaru: …Got it!
Urie: ……..You know each other?
Higemaru: Yup! I have a lot of relatives who are firefighters and police people!

Urie: Yonebayashi! Shao! We leave this place to you!
Urie: We’ll provide support to the firefighters!
Saiko: Roger!

Urie was about to run off but Saiko calls him.

Saiko: Squad Leader! If anything happens, just call me!
Urie: …Yeah. (You be careful, too.)

While moving, the man talks to Urie.

Man: Mr. Squad Leader.
Urie: Yes?
Man: Thank you for Touma.
Higemaru: ?
Man: The generation of Higemarus are people with a strong sense of justice.
Man: And this guy over here is the most reckless amongst them.
Man: When I heard him say that 'he’ll become an investigator’, I was shocked.
Man: I tried to stop him at first…
Man: But then after seeing his efforts, I understood this is the kind of job that makes you proud of saving a lot of people.
Man: Please make him a good man.
Higemaru: Uncle, now is not the time for that!

Urie: …Understood.
Urie: (Raising your junior.)
Urie: (…That is also part of my job.)

The man turns at a corner.

Man: …Over here!

Suddenly, he gets penetrated by a kagune.

Higemaru: Uncle!!
Urie: Wait!

Urie manages to stop Higemaru from jumping out.

Urie: …There seem to be a man with a bad habit around.
(it literally means someone who’s prone to stealing but eh)

Higemaru: …!
Urie: Stay calm.

The direction the kagune came from was from a 10-floor building.

“Cutting in from above…”

Urie searches thru the building.

Urie: … (That kagune shape… I’ve seen it somewhere before…)
Urie: (It was in some document…)

And in one room, a man stands by the window.

Urie: …


Urie: !
Donato: A lost kitten?
Donato: If I recall correctly, you’re Urie Kuki, yes?
Urie: …Be careful Higemaru or else you’re going to die.
Higemaru: …Got it, senpai!

Higemaru’s right arm is seen flying off at the edge of the panel.

[End Chapter]