Pilot episodes for TV series are a lot like ‘70’s pornos: Everyone is awkward, the acting isn’t as good as it should be, and no one really believes in the relationships being established. Sometimes, it takes entire seasons before a series finds its footing and becomes remotely enjoyable. Hell, it took Family Matters 12 episodes until they found Urkel. Can you imagine anyone actually sitting through 11 Urkel-less episodes of Family Matters? What would they even talk about if every other sentence wasn’t punctuated with a “DID I DO THAT?”

Thankfully, while you guys were busy “interacting” with “other people” in “positive ways,” I was binging these six TV shows to ensure that when you finally got around to watching them, you wouldn’t have to stumble through the weaker opening episodes. These are six shows that are waaaay more enjoyable when you don’t start them from the beginning.

30 Rock To Dr. Who: Our Binge-Watcher’s Guide Skips The Crap