the isle of kings


From left to right :
Donar, Madman Lugos, Blueboy Lugos, Birna Bran, King Bran, Svanrige, Udalryk, Morkvarg, Djenge Frett.

MAJOR Prediction for ACOTAR

This prediction deals with that “certain something” about Feyre that is mentioned but is never focused on in the first book. It is also based on great personal fascination with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, with which I am very familiar. However, if you are not familiar with the tale type or the original de Villeneuve version, this predication could be super-spoilery for you, so I am going to put most of it beneath the cut. 

That “certain something” to which I am referring is mentioned at least twice that I have noticed, but it’s probably slipped in other places, too, because it is meant to be subtle. The first occurrence is on page 143 in my copy, and it takes place the day after the Suriel incident when Tamlin is offering to help Feyre write for the second time.

Passage 1 (P1)

“I’m not insulting you.” His quiet voice made it all the worse.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own …” He choked on a laugh, and shook his head. The firelight danced along his mask. “They’re fools. Fools for not seeing it.” He winced. But his eyes held no mischief.

The second passage is at the very end of the book, during the final exchange between Feyre and Rhysand on page 415. Indeed, I felt the whole bargain between them was a bit strange, especially if the only reason Rhysand was interested in her had to do with making Tamlin angry. He would not go through so much trouble for someone he only lusted for, would he? There’s a particular moment during their final conversation that points again to this “certain something.”

Passage 2 (P2)

“Well, good-bye for now,” he said, rolling his neck as if we hadn’t been talking about anything important at all. He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. 

His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock–pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled.

“What is–” I began.

He disappeared–simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight–into the crisp air.

I have two very good ideas about what this “certain something” is. In fact, the what is less of a question for me. It’s more to do with the who. If you’re interested in finding out what and who I think Feyre is based on close familiarity with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, read below the jump!

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The legitimacy of kings in Westeros - Daenerys, Cersei, Euron, Jon

I’ve been thinking about the legitimacy of the kings in Westeros and the pretenders for the Iron Throne for some time and in case you’re up to some super long meta, here are my thoughts, the thoughs of a medieval historian. Now, my historical expertise doesn’t make my thoughts better than the thoughts of other readers/viewers of the show, but the consistency of how kingship and legitmate kings are depicted especially in the show has made me think for some time. And I think that the legitimacy of the various kings will be very important for the plot.

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Rise (spoilers)

Rise of the Isle of the Lost.
I already said alot with my last post but, that’s okay. I might repeat some.

Lets start with Uma and hope.
Uma starts off with out alot of hope. She’s stuck in her moms shop with no way out. None. Until the triton comes along and gives her a spark.
A spark of hope.
She finally has a way to get off the isle. So she starts planning and opportunities have opened up. So she takes them.
She wins the ship race. She’s captain. She now gets a crew. She has a purpose. Then her mothers shell gives her a physical representation of hope.
I feel she didn’t acknowledge that she had hope until the shell was whole again. And then after Mal won’t the triton it was not only hope, not only a promise but, a physical representation of her will to leave the Isle. It represents her anger, hope, it represents her. A storm to be reckoned with.
In the book title Rise refurs to Uma and Hope. Uma as a captain that represents freedom and a way off the island. She has taken over Mals place.
What cements this is when they spray paint the posters of Ben and Mal. Just like what Mal would do to Beast pictures.
Mal and Uma are the same and not. They clash so well because they are so alike.
Its beautiful characters like this thay make me love reading.

Mal and ? (Something)
Mal I feel starts of walking on a crumbling bridge and it only gets worse when the talisman gets destroyed. She feels a pull twords the Isle. She’s been raised to be like her mother, better than her. She’s been raised by the worst of the worst. Raised to fear her mother and basically over throw her. (I wanna make another post aboit this so sorry if I rant).
Point is you can’t just get rid of the instincts instilled In you were younger. She is drawn to the Isle. She was the princess. Equal to Ben on the Isle. In Auradon she is nothing untill the cortillian where she will be declared as Lady Mal.
Throughout the book we see her not shy away from the Isle like the others. People feared her. The only person she feared was her mother. So going back to the Isle really is no problem. For her except Ben and her friends arnt there.
When fairy god mother catches them she is sorry her friends will have to go back to the isle she knows they dont want to go back while she really doesn’t have a position. Since Ben is in Auradon she doesnt want to go.
And then at the end she goes to Evie so that evie will make her look like them. Like the royalty of Auradon. But thats not who she is. She’s bitter sweet. A tedy bear dressed in leather with an iron core. She is so many things but right now she is lost because she doesn’t know how she is supposed to act and who she is. All she knows is she wants Ben to be happy so she’ll try to make a good impression for him. She’s doing things for him. But what will that do to her?
For Mal what rises in her is something I can’t name but I think its the isle rising up in her.

That Is what descendants 2 Is all about.

Side note: She loves Ben but, shes never really loved before.

You know what’s annoying me?

Why weren’t the villain kids moved over before the events of the movie?

Seriously though, I’m pretty sure that Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Elsa and Anna would have seriously objected to the idea of children being subjected to anything the Isle kids went through.

Snow White and Cinderella’s villains were part of their families and treated them horribly. They wouldn’t want any kid living like that.

Rapunzel’s villain was someone who lied to her for 18 years about being her birth mother. She was kept in a tower for her hair. She wouldn’t want any kid living like that.

Anna knows Elsa’s struggles. Elsa was treated like a villain and a monster for most of her life. Elsa couldn’t control her powers and would want magic-having Isle kids to be able to have a handle on them.

Was King Beast really that ignorant to ignore his fellow royalty?

I’ve seen a few post about this but just to clarify the titles to any that dont get it or something. I will use example but, I won’t put where they are in the book and there won’t be text. You’ll have to look at them for yourself idk where the first two books are right now. Sorry.
Lets start with book one:

The Isle of the Lost.

The 4 were lost. They were lost because they didnt really have any friends. Though they were closer than alot of people they weren’t friends. Untill the end. They found each other.
The title also describes many others on the isle it only focuses on the Four.
Return to the Isle of the Lost
This one I feel is obvious. The four return to the isle. I feel there is more into that. More character ties that were shown as they went back . Not just physically going back but mentally. Idk if this makes any sense to you. The only example that I can think of is when they’re going through the challenges of getting the talismans.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost

This book has alot in it. Its fresh in my mind. I’ll make a separate post later but for now im just going to keep it short.
What rise is refuring to is Uma, hope, Mal, ? (idk what to call the last one). The book basically revolves around them. Uma wants to get off the isle the triton gives her hope that she will. So she builds her self a crew and Rises from her moms shop to from a waiter but to a Captain.
Mal shes gone from a villain to a regular in Auradon. From that she rises to a lady. When fairy god mother catches them she only sorry that they got caught because she knows no one else wants to go back. She knows it good in Auradon her friends dont want to leave. She wouldn’t mind going back. She knows who she is there. Here shes a royal girlfriend and she doesn’t know how to or what shes supposed to do but she does know she wants Ben to be happy so she changes herself for him. All good intentions. In this book a theme is good intentions don’t always end well. (I might make a post about that). I dont know what to call this in Mal other than to say the isle is calling her rising in her again.

Any question just shoot me a message. Trust me I wont bite.

anonymous asked:

Without outside intervention like Aegon I, how do you think the Westerosi Great Game would have continued? Did any Kingdoms have the power to create supra-national Kingdoms like Arlan III or Harwyn Hardhand did? Was greater unification among the Andals inevitable/already in development?

Great question!

(credit to HotbrownDoubleDouble for the map)

So, when Aegon I started up, Harren Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers was clearly on the offensive:

“…but the most belligerent kings of Aegon’s time were the two whose realms lay closest to Dragonstone, Harren the Black and Argilac the Arrogant. From their great citadel Storm’s End, the Storm Kings of House Durrandon had once ruled the eastern half of Westeros from Cape Wrath to the Bay of Crabs, but their powers had been dwindling for centuries. The Kings of the Reach had nibbled at their domains from the west, the Dornishmen harassed them from the south, and Harren the Black and his ironmen had pushed them from the Trident and the lands north of the Blackwater Rush…
North of the Blackwater, the riverlands were ruled by the bloody hand of Harren the Black of House Hoare, King of the Isles and the Rivers. Harren’s ironborn grandsire, Harwyn Hardhand, had taken the Trident from Argilac’s grandsire, Arrec, whose own forebears had thrown down the last of the river kings centuries earlier. Harren’s father had extended his domains east to Duskendale and Rosby. Harren himself had devoted most of his long reign, close on forty years, to building a gigantic castle beside the Gods Eye, but with Harrenhal at last nearing completion, the ironborn were soon free to seek fresh conquests. No king in Westeros was more feared than Black Harren, whose cruelty had become legendary all through the Seven Kingdoms.”

Hence why, when Aegon started, Argilac Durrandon and Sharra Arryn both approached Aegon about an anti-Harren alliance, with Argilac hoping to “establish the Targaryens along the Blackwater as a buffer between his own lands and those of Harren the Black,” and Sharra looking for “all the lands east of the Green Fork of the Trident for the Vale’s support against Black Harren.” Although if you want a good sense of how crab-bucket politics the Great Game could get, consider that Princess Meria of Dorne approached Aegon with a plan to gang up on the Stormlands…So you have two dynamics at once: a bunch of players wanting to pounce on the declining Stormlands to get what they can while they can, but also a number of players seeing the Ironborn as the new threat that needs to be jumped on with both feet lest they win the Great Game. 

With no Aegon, I would imagine Harren would keep pushing south as the Durrandons ran out of steam…up until a crucial point, probably during a siege of Storm’s End. Then you’d see a couple things happen: first, the Vale would launch an invasion of the eastern Riverlands to “liberate their Andal brethren from the heathens.” Second, the Rock and the Reach will announce that “Harren the Black is a threat to all of Westeros,” and promptly invade the Riverlands from the west and the south…although maybe they’ll do something weird like launching a joint naval invasion of the Iron Islands at the same time. Third, Harren will be forced to pull back, and everything turns into a blood bath in the Riverlands. 

And the Great Game would shift, likely with the Iron Islands reduced, the Riverlands divided (probably with the Westerlands grabbing Riverrun and the Trident, the Reach trying to grab everything from Stony Sept to Lord Harroway’s Town to Maidenpool and overreaching, and the Arryns fighting the Reachermen for Crackclaw Point and the Westermen for the Ruby Ford), and everything in chaos. The Durrandons might luck out with a rump state against fierce Dornish pressure - although who knows, maybe a Gardener decides to get their own back for Garth X by burning Sunspear or something, and that gives them enough breathing room to rebuild their fortunes. Oh and I’m sure that a Gardener will start talking about “saving the Stormlands from the Dornish” and the claims of Garth VII’s daughters. 

So yeah, there’s plenty of ways to redraw the map to build multi-national states - the problem is the Great Game makes all of this unstable as hell, because it’s designed to prevent anyone from winning. 

This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle,

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

This other Eden, demi-paradise,

This fortress built by Nature for herself

Against infection and the hand of war,

This happy breed of men, this little world,

This precious stone set in the silver sea,

Which serves it in the office of a wall,

Or as a moat defensive to a house,

Against the envy of less happier lands,

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

From Richard II, Act 2

William Shakespeare

Original Characters for Disney’s Descendants

Jason Skellington

Jason is the son of Jack Skellington and Sally Ragdoll. Shy and reserved much like his mother, he’s not exactly a social butterfly. Part of that stems from the fact that despite being the offspring of heroes, most of the folks at Auradon Prep avoid him for being creepy and strange. Meant to be the future king of Halloween, that’s not exactly something he can help. 

When the children from the Isle of the Lost arrive in Auradon, Jason finally gets the chance to be accepted. He totally has a crush on Freddie Facilier 💘

Olga Boogie

Daughter of Oogie Boogie.

I won’t be able to really develop Olga’s character until the Descendants 2 premiere.

Honestly I thought it was bad enough in the movie, but now that I’m reading the book I definitely have to say it.


Not to mention, all these people are complaining about not getting paid or treated with respect, like its Bens fault? Like, yell at King Beast who set up this whole system, not a literal CHILD who is too young to get MARRIED, let alone run what basically seems to be an entire CONTINENT


Cenzhina Zardras - Trident Maiden of Pyandonea

The Maormer, also known as Tropical Elves, Sea Elves, Fish Elves, or Pyandoneans, are a race of Mer that live on the continent Pyandonea, far south of the Summerset Isles, after migrating there from the legendary continent Aldmeris as Aldmer in the Merethic Era.

Maormer are especially distinguished by their skin and eyes. Their eyes are clear and milky-white. The Maormer have skin which is entirely pale and colorless, as though their flesh is made of white limpid jelly. Their skin also has strange, chameleon-like properties, comparable to that of the forest coupling skills of the Wood Elves.

The last documented appearance of the Maormer was the War of the Isle in the year 3E 110. The united alliance of the kings of Summerset, Antiochus Septim, and the Psijic Order, combining the Imperial fleet, the royal navies of Summerset, and the Psijic’s magical powers, succeeded in destroying the Pyandonean invading armada.

Now - in the 4th Era - the Maormer have built up their martial strength once again with eyes set upon their despicable Altmer cousins. With the start of the next Great War between the Thalmor and the remaining free peoples of Tamriel, the Maormer will take to their War Ships and Sea Serpents to cause havoc along the unguarded shores of the Summerset Isles.   

At some point I want one of the Four (I don’t care who) to just kinda blow up at King Beast. Shout at him for forcing them to live in poverty while his son never once had to live without (I have nothing against Ben and I even think he’s a sweetheart, but it’s not fair). Forcing them to eat rotten food and having to live with the leftovers of Auradon while they never had to get hand-me-downs. For never thinking once about the children of the isle. For never thinking about how they probably got very sick very often because of poor nutrition and lack of medical care.

I just want true justice and more of an attempt to make it right, since I feel like at this point most of the villains are just upset that their children are forced to basically live in hell while the Auradonian children are allowed to do and have basically whatever they want. And I feel like that is now why they are still really bitter, since they might care for their children very much and want vengeance for their children. Sure, they’re villains and what they did to the heroes of the Disney movies was absolutely terrible, but now they’re parents and they just probably want their kids to not have to deal with all of what the Isle of the Lost brings them.

Would they have taught their kids to be evil anyways? Maybe. But King Beast made it so much worse by exiling them and then pretending they and their kids don’t exist.