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Isle of Man Shorthair

The Manx cat is a breed of domestic cat originating on the Isle of Man, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail. Many Manx have a small stub of a tail, but Manx cats are best known as being entirely tailless; this is the most distinguishing characteristic of the breed, along with elongated hind legs and a rounded head. Resembling the British Shorthair, the Isle of Man Shorthair is essentially a fully tailed Manx cat. That is, it is a cat of Manx stock, with Manx features, but without any expression of the Manx taillessness gene. As of March 2013, it is only recognised by New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF) with its own breed standard. 

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Trust (Part 1)

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Request -  A Harry hook one with the reader being Cheshire cat daughter and Harry like-love her and she have trust issues and that even on the isle she can use her powers (Ya know the cat of Alice in Wonderland that the movie with Johnny deep) and she befriended the wonderland kids (the mad hatter son or daughter etc) I’m sorry if you don’t get it, you can do it something like that but with the Cheshire cat thing, hope you can do something -xoxox

Requested By - Anonymous

Word Count -674

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pink-nebulas-strange-mind  asked:

Hi I love your head canons and I was wondering if you could do one with my oc Hunter and the AKs and VKs? Hunter is the son of the big bad wolf (either version) and has blond hair, gold eyes, wolf ears instead of human ones, and he runs something called the wolf pack on the isle, where he gives kids on the isle a safe place to hide from their parents in the woods. He tends to be kinda feral tho cause he was raised in the woods. He's very playful tho. He has an alliance with Uma and her crew too.

- Hunter has very untamed golden locks that tend to go in all directions. He also has a very fit build since he’s always active and constantly moving.

- Although He’s the son of the big bad world, he isn’t able to transform due to the magic barrier on the Island. Still, he wears an animal tail attached to him waistband as a way of saying that he’s still proud of his DNA.

- He has a group of kids and teens who don’t have anywhere also to go. The bunch are known to be more on the rowdier side and host a ton of raves every once and a while, although he doesn’t tolerate any real violence during so no one ruins the night.

- Hunter tends to be a bit snarky and has quite the ego, but despite his anger issues, he would much rather prefer to party instead of fighting. Never less, his friends believe that he is an excellent leader.

- Likes to compete with Freddie over who can host the best party.

- Has a love/hate relationship with the daughter of the Cheshire Cat.

- Pretty good friends with Jay, although the two don’t hang out all of the time. (But he usually shows up to most of his raves where they always have a blast)

- He’s pansexual but isn’t really into much romance.

- Good buddies with Harry and, despite her annoyance towards his attitude, Uma. Their gangs have an alliance and help eachother out if they need it.

- Loves giving out nicknames. (No matter how silly they may be.)

- Once he got to Auradon, his abilities, much like many others, seeemed to be a bit out of wack. Out of the blue he may grow a real tail during lunch and wolf ears right before he falls asleep.

- Joined the Tourney Team.

Catch Me If You Can

Request: “Pls can you write a Harry hook imagine where you’re the daughter of the Cheshire Cat and you’re on the isle bc you think it’s more fun (she’s a little mad and can move from their world to wonderland as and when she wants she just likes to be there & hang out w them) and you steal his hook and use your powers (invisibility/teleportation) to tease him with it (pre-established relationship please!!!) (sorry if this is really long lmao)”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

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You were currently reading a magazine with your legs on the counter of Ursula’s Fish and Chips waiting for Harry. Being the daughter of the Cheshire Cat meant that you were supposed to be in Wonderland with your parents. But you found the Isle more entertaining surprisingly. There was something about it that made it feel like home, maybe it was Harry. You never thought about that before though.

“M'lady you’re here.” Harry walked up to you and planted a kiss on your hand.

“Of course I am you couldn’t get rid of me even if you wanted to Hook.” You said as you stood up.

“Now why would I want to do that beautiful I need you around.” Harry winked.

“Even when I steal your Hook?” You asked.

Before Harry could say anything you grabbed his Hook and teleported to the other side of the restaurant.

“Hey give that back!” Harry squealed.

He made a run to you but before he could make it you teleported behind a counter. You were now sitting and spinning the hook on your finger.

“Boy you know you couldn’t catch me even if you tried.” You stated.

Harry ran again, this time he made it to the counter. He jumped over it but again you teleported and hung upside down from a tube on the ceiling.

“Please love could you give it back?” Harry asked.

Although you were upside down you could clearly see Harry giving you his famous pouty face. He knew it was your weakness and it was the only way you could give him back his hook.

“Fine alright you win.” You said.

You teleported in front of Harry and stuck your hand out handing him his hook.

“Happy Birthday.” You sarcastically said.

“Thank you love I knew you’d come around.” Harry smiled.

“Think twice.” You smirked.

Before Harry could say anything you teleported out of Ursula’s Fish in Chips but this time with his hat.

“That sneaky little girl. Alright let’s go play hide and seek kitten.” Harry said to himself before running out of the restaurant.

You would be the death of him but yet again that boy wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. You were his everything, although you didn’t know that…..yet.


Hetalia British Isles (Aka the British Sentai Team LOL)  with Doggos 
(and also a cat)

Each one is 5x7 Ink and Gel Pens on sketch paper

This started because I was not seeing any Wales picture with Welsh Corgis and I felt this was a criminal oversight, and it just sorta expanded from there. 

The Terriers are with Northern Ireland actually originated in Wick, but they were so dang cute, I opted to go with them. Every other dog (and the cat) are Native(ish) to the respective personification. 

This was a “push past your comfort zone” project because animals are way way outside my comfort zone, and I am pretty pleased with the results. :)

Trust (Part 3)

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Request - A Harry hook one with the reader being Cheshire cat daughter and Harry like-love her and she have trust issues and that even on the isle she can use her powers (Ya know the cat of Alice in Wonderland that the movie with Johnny deep) and she befriended the wonderland kids (the mad hatter son or daughter etc) I’m sorry if you don’t get it, you can do it something like that but with the Cheshire cat thing, hope you can do something -xoxox
Requested by - Anonymous
Tags - @lotte142
Word Count - 1,069
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

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Dishonored 2 Modern AU - royalty and antagonists (x)

Delilah Copperspoon is the vocalist and leader of The Brigmore Witches band. She uses her fame to argue her rightful place on The Isles throne. Her usage of The Golden Cat as a favored stadium has brought about rumors that she may know the identity behind The Outsider due to him owning and running the arena. Although, this rumor has neither been confirmed or denied. 

Jessamine Kaldwin was loved by all citizens of the Isle Empire. In her short life, she was able to bring about great change. She, however, was assassinated prematurely to her gaining the cure for the plague that swept the Isles during her rein. Jessamine was also in the process of fighting Delilah’s claims of being the rightful heir to the throne in court before her death. The proceedings were forgotten and were only brought back when Delilah conquered the throne from Jessamine’s daughter, Emily.

Daud runs a stadium similar to that of The Outsider’s Golden Cat. He too uses it as a front, but for his gang, The Whalers. After being publicly attacked by Delilah his ratings plummeted. Then, when The Outsider gave intel about his gang to the royal family, Daud took it upon himself to make sure that the information didn’t leave Empress Jessamine’s lips. Once found guilty of Jessamine’s murder he went into hiding and hasn’t been heard from since.

anonymous asked:

Hey bunalou, do you have any headcanons when the other VKs come over to Auradon?

I have a couple :)

 - Peter Pan never had kids (because of the whole never-growing-up thing), so when Harry, Harriet and CJ all come to Auradon, they’re secretly bummed out because they don’t have an automatic rival like everyone else does (Mal and Audrey, Gil and Ben, etc.)

 - Harry being wickedly good at tourney, just like Jay. But they still hate each other

 - Chad Charming has no interest in any of the Isle kids until he realizes one of them is his cousin and he tries to get to know Dizzy without revealing he is Cinderella’s son (but of course she knows)

 - Evie threatening Chad if he ever does anything to say or hurt Dizzy

 - Fairy Godmother feels kind of guilty for Dizzy being raised as a slave since she played such a large role in Cinderella’s tale. FG considers herself to be like a step-in godmother to Cinderella, a god-grandmother to Chad, which kind of also makes Dizzy hers as well

 - constant jokes from Auradon kids that Mal and Evie are already married and Dizzy is their love child

 - I gave quite a few Gil meeting Belle head canons last week, but my favorite is that Gil calls Ben his ‘almost brother’

 - Jane has a really big crush on Uma

 - Uma and Lonnie fencing together and forming a slow friendship

 - Carlos’ cat, Beelzebub, is still running around the Isle, but Gil brings her to Auradon and Carlos nearly cries in relief at having his first friend back (which makes Dude super jealous)

 - Gil is offered a spot on the tourney team as well, but doesn’t join because he just wants to follow Uma around and do whatever she does

Kitten Love

Author: @riversong-sam
Request: @wayward-mirage asked:
I have a request!! Can you do a Cain story where he finds a stray kitten and takes it in but the reader gets attached and visits it and they end up falling in love because of the cat? Thank you! Your work is so amazing!
Word Count: 562
Parings: Cain x Reader
Warnings:  fluff
A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated. This is from forever ago I’m super slow I apologize

Cain found a tiny little kitten in the rain gutter on his walk from the super market. The poor dear seemed to be abandoned. Scooping up the tiny calico kitten he deposits his groceries in his truck and goes off to find the local pet store.
“Hi! Welcome to Anna’s pet supplies I’m (Y/N). How can I help you?” you greet Cain as he walks in.
“I uh.. Need some pet supplies for a kitten?” he shows you the kitten.
“Oh the poor dear! You exclaim seeing how the pet was soaking.
“Cat supplies are on isle five. I’ll help you after you come with me, the poor little one needs a nice warm bath.” You usher Cain into the back room and fill a wash basin with warm water.
You teach Cain how to properly wash the kitten and then buddle it in a tiny fluffy towel. It meows and purrs contentedly in your arms as you help him gather supplies.
“That should be all you need for now Mr. Cain.” You say politely and carefully, albeit reluctantly put the kitten in its new carrier.
“Thank you for your help (Y/N).” Cain smiles.
“It’s really no problem, I enjoyed it.” You smile.
After Cain leaves you realize he left a bag of food there. After your shift you decide you’d drop it off, giving you the perfect excuse to see the kitten and it’s handsome owner again.
Cain had just started looking for the food when you knocked on his door.
“(Y/N)?” he answers surprised.
“Hey” you smile shyly “You forgot the food for your pet. I thought I’d drop it by so you didn’t have to come back into town.
“Thank you. Please come in.” he lets you inside and the kitten immediately wraps itself around your legs.
You giggle, “Hey there cutie.”  
“Did you name her yet?” you ask following Cain to his kitchen.
“Yes actually her name is Dot.”
You smile, “Beautiful.”
Over the next couple months you became a regular fixture at Cains house, as you visited Dot and got to know Cain better. Somewhere along the lines of your visits you began to have feelings for Cain. He was a wonderful man and you began to love him. Cain was in the same predicament as you. He was starting to love you and enjoyed your company very much.
“Cain?” you called stepping into the house to be greeted by Dot.
“Hey there pretty kitty. Where’s your daddy?” you asked petting her.
“Kitchen!” Cain shouted and you made your way in. you gasped surprised at the candle lit room with an eloquent meal prepared.
“Cain what is all this?” you question him as he helps you get seated.
“Well I’d like this to be our first date of many.” He replied taking his seat across from you.
You smiled softly, “I’d like that.”
The two of you ate in compatible silence for a while.
“(Y/N) I know this may be a bit forward of me and I may be going too fast. But I love you and would like you to be my girlfriend.”
“Cain it’s not too fast trust me. I love you too.”
He smiles and kisses you.
“It’s crazy to think we fell in love over a kitten.” You giggle.
“True but I’m glad we did.” He smiles and kisses you again.

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Trust (Part 2)

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Part 1
Request - A Harry hook one with the reader being Cheshire cat daughter and Harry like-love her and she have trust issues and that even on the isle she can use her powers (Ya know the cat of Alice in Wonderland that the movie with Johnny deep) and she befriended the wonderland kids (the mad hatter son or daughter etc) I’m sorry if you don’t get it, you can do it something like that but with the Cheshire cat thing, hope you can do something -xoxox
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count- 871
Pairing - Harry Hook x  Reader (Daughter of the Cheshire Cat)
Tags - @lotte142

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Something Catty

Pairing: Seungcheol X Reader

Genre: fluff

Description: Seungcheol has been busy lately and you do something Catty for his attention

Length: 1,477

“” Nothing. He’s been starring at the computer all day. He told me he was wanting to dable in composing but I didn’t expect it to take up all of his free time. Rolling my eyes I sit up on the bed. “Baby you’ve been working on that all day. Why don’t you come cuddle with me?” I smile opening my arms knowing cuddles are a winner for him. “Not now sweetie, I’m almost finished.” I felt a little hurt that he’d turn it down so easily but I understand it’s his job. Laying back in the bed I sigh thinking of something to pass the time. After about an hour of painful silence aside from the clicking I’ve had enough and stand up walking into the kitchen to clean. I start with the washing the dishes and cleaning the counters through out the room.I just want his attention. I hate to be that girlfriend but I’ve been so needy for affection lately that I think I’m going insane. After the room is spotless I neatly place the dishes into their appropriate spot in the cabinet and lean against the sink. “How can I get his attention?…” Things at work haven’t been the best lately and it’s really starting to affect me. My boss constantly is hanging over my shoulder telling me to hurry up or I’m doing something wrong while my lazy co-worker sits in the corner on her phone the whole time. My friends aren’t talking to me and it feels like I can’t really do anything right lately. All I want is for my boyfriend to hold me but it would be wrong to disturb his work. I decide to start some laundry and get in the shower. For many the shower is a time for peace and easy thinking and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Seungcheol will be busy all day for the next two weeks so it’s important I get his attention tonight,even if it’s just a small hug I’ll be fine. I don’t want to seem like that clingy girlfriend that will only get on his nerves but today I guess I am. Suddenly the door opens breaking me from my thoughts. “Seungcheol, we should watch a movie together.” I smile at the idea but he only grunts in response. “Maybe we can go to the park?” “I’m busy” “oh..okay” I let out a laugh so he doesn’t catch on to my disappointment as washes his hands leaving me alone again. I sigh letting the weight of the week and my loneliness hit me. I stay in the shower until all the water has turned cold and shut it off. Stepping out I dry off and realize how selfish I’m being. He’s working his ass off and I’m over here complaining because he’s working. He’ll give me his attention when he’s able to. I get an idea and wrap a towel around me going to my closet quietly not wanting to disturb him and dig the close looking for an outfit. I find a flowey white dress and some tan sandals. After putting them on I go to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Standing in front of the mirror I brush and style my hair in wavy curls leaving it down over my shoulders. I apply a natural layer of make up double checking myself in the mirror doing a little turn. Once I decide I look nice enough I grab my phone and purse leaving a kiss on Seungcheol’s cheek before walking out the door. I’ve decided to make a special dinner tonight for him since he’s been working so hard. The walk to the subway station isn’t too long and actually felt nice. There are a lot of people out enjoying the warm weather today. Once I get to the station I pay for my trip and take a seat in a bench. It’s lunch time so it’s going to be crowded so I decide to wait it through not really in the mood to be pushed and shoved. It doesn’t take long for another train to come and I get on holding onto the dirty rail for support as it takes off. The ride wasn’t long but it was still somewhat crowded. When we finally stopped I made my way out and straight into the bathroom to clean my arms. I walk out and go back above ground to browse a few stores when I come across a pet store with a beautiful long haired white kitten in the window sitting on top of a pink box. Her eyes where blue and the the bottoms of her feet a soft shade of pink. She definitely caught my attention but she would have to wait until I was finished shopping. I take one last glance and go into the grocery story next door. Walking down the isles I keep thinking of the cat. A companion would be nice to have while he’s away or busy. Surely he won’t mind if I get one. If she’s still there when I finish here I’ll get her and bring her home.

I stand in line waiting to check out going over what I need to do for tonight’s surprise. Maybe I should get some flowers, he seems to love them even if he won’t admit it. I pay and go to a floral shop picking out a bundle of wild flowers. Full of excitement I leave the shop walking straight to the subway station when I remember the little kitten and turn around going back. I open the door and the little bell at top dings announcing my arrival. I walk around and look at all the animals lined up on shelves and by the wall. They were all cute but my heart was set on the little long haired kitten that seemed to be missing. “How may I help you?” A friendly elderly woman in uniform walked up to me while I look at the empty class case. “There was a white long hair kitten in the window earlier.” “Oh yes, she’s getting a bath but if you’d like to purchase her we can get that taken care of.” “Yes please.” I follow her to the counter and fill out all the appropriate adoption papers handing them back to her. I purchase a collar and other items recommended to keep her healthy and they bring her out to me with a pretty bow attached.

With my pet and new found excitement i rush home to begin his surprise. Cracking the bedroom door open I see he’s still in the same position as he was when I left and run back to the kitchen. I start prepping the meal and cooking it when I decide it’s time for him to have a break. I walk into the room and sit on the bed holding the kitten in my hand watching. “Seungcheol.” Still nothing. Looking at the cat I get an idea. Cats always know how to get someone’s attention when they want it. I set her on the bed and stand behind him rubbing his shoulders softly. He smiles and pats my hand still watching the screen, and I nuzzle against him making the best purr sound I can. “Baby stop.” He laughs at my behavior but it only encourages me more. “Meow” I whisper in his ear and he stops clicking the mouse. “I promise I’m almost finished” I sigh and go back into the kitchen finishing the meal. I set the table placing the bundle of flowers for him by his chair and fix the plates. “Well kitty, this is the last straw. He will take a break.” Walking into the room I don’t give him a chance to make an excuse and crawl over his lap sitting on the desk in his way. “Babe not now.” “Meow.” I say crossing my arms at him. He gives me a strange look and I move into his lap stretching out causing him to hold onto me. “Save it. I have a lovely dinner ready for you and a little surprise.” Smiling he gives me a kiss saving his work. I get off his lap and he stands stretching. “My body feels so stiff.” Laughing I take his hand and lead him to his chair. “That’s what happens when you sit in front of a computer all day.” I hand him the flowers and he smiles putting them in water. “Thanks for all of this. It means a lot.” “Don’t worry, I gladly did it.” I smile and pick up the little white creature and show him. “Meet our new roommate” We happily eat our dinner and spend the rest of the evening on the couch spending time together with our new little friend.

Originally posted by mons-teen

rooney wasn’t the only one who got to get out on this nice day!

minus the fact when we turned down an isle, we came face to face with another dog (who barked right in canon’s face, therefore making him bark back), it was a good trip!

we did heel work on the cat food isle while the other dog and her owner checked out the toys. didn’t really need to enforce “leave it” as he didn’t really care about all the products..? even the toys! so focusing was the main thing we worked on, that about being aware of where i’m going. he also said hello to an older couple, who liked him. and that’s about it 😅

FUN FACT: this is the pet supplies plus i got scamp at. i’m happy it was here because the staff are so friendly and helpful ☺ (and no no, not got him like “buying” - he was a stray and a lady needed to find him a home or else he would have been taken to the shelter)