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anonymous asked:

I'm not asking this to be annoying, I'm genuinely curious- if you were in a survival situation, such as on a deserted island or a life raft, and it was not feasible to meet nutrition requirements with available plant life (or you were unsure if those plants/berries were toxic), would you consume insects and/or animals? I know the question in itself is ridiculous, and unreasonable, but as often as vegans are asked, I'm sure you had to have pondered it at some point :) Have a good day!

I feel like this is asked more often than not as an attempt to trip up vegans, and not to be rude, but even asking the question reveals a widely held misunderstanding about what veganism is. Veganism is not about absolute perfection in all circumstances, so that if you can find a situation where a vegan would eat animals they’re somehow “caught out” and our ethical system is invalidated, as it would be if this was some absolutist moral law. Veganism is about avoiding animal exploitation as far as is practicable. In a survivalist situation, that rule would remain the same; we would be vegan as far as is practicable given the situation. It really isn’t a dilemma for us at all, the answer is built into the very definition of what it means to be vegan.

this has nothing to do with australia but…. have foreigners really never seen a haka before??? i keep seeing americans etc. talk about towards the end of Moana in the final battle thing with te kā and they dont know what the heck Maui was doing??? like…. fam… thats a haka…. my maori friend straight up cried when he did that…

Hi! A few things:
Firstly, sorry I haven’t been on here in a few days, between moving out of our old house, navigating an airport and air travel with a cat, and trying to settle said cat temporarily into a house already housing two dogs and three cats I haven’t had much time for internet-ing.
Secondly, and this is a tiny bit belated, thank you for 10K followers!! I started this blog only 3 years ago and I still can’t quite believe how many of you have come along for the ride :’)
Lastly, I’ve finally had to say goodbye to Oahu but I still have quite a bit of unposed photos from my last week or so there, so while physical me is firmly planted in Arizona at the moment, virtual me will still detour back to hawaii from time to time.
Actual lastly, This picture was taken, of course, by @ashleydiscovers​, whom I am going to miss with all my heart until our next adventure. I could not possibly have found a better human to experience the island with. As a fairly non-social creature who prefers the company of books and animals and only a few choice humans it was nothing short of a miracle that Ash and I found each other and reached out. But I’m forever grateful that I did because as it turns out I reached out to one of the most exceptional people I’ll know. She has been my rock on that rock in the sea and my time there would not have been the same without her friendship. Love you Ash, thank you for everything<3

Discover the Magic of Wardrobes and Start Your Day with a Nice Brawl in Ereda Island!

Heya adventurers! Get ready to stretch those gaming fingers and make sure that you’re very comfortable in your seats because we have tons of stuff coming in this week just for you! Fashionistas, say you want to wear something for the stats but it’s just not quite your style, what do you do? Why not wear that fashionable costume on top of that not-so-stylish but totally OP set? I see you shaking in excitement but hold on to your girdles for now because this update doesn’t come out until tomorrow! PVPers, this one’s for you. We’ve made some awesome improvements in Ereda Island that we want you to check out, so don’t forget to queue up and start a fight tomorrow! Also, if you’re planning to create a new character, tomorrow’s the perfect time to do so. Newly created characters will get awesome rewards when they reach Ruben to start their journey. And as always, there’s plenty of amazing stuff at the Item Mall that you wouldn’t want to pass up tomorrow so don’t forget to take a peek!

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Spectacle Island - The Dorsey Household

Here on Spectacle Island stands the home of the Sole Survivor, Allen Dorsey, and his ghoulified wife, Maeve Dorsey. It comes complete with a stable for Al’s radstags, an outdoor porch overlooking the city coastline, and completely furnished to resemble the peaceful homes of 2077 America. In addition to both a functioning kitchen and bathroom are two children rooms. One for their son, Shaun, and the other a nursery for an infant girl, which they adopted after her parents were killed during the chaos that unfolded in Nuka-World. Together, the couple hope to finally raise a family together - a dream they were robbed of nearly 200 years ago.

One of the only homes on this island that I actually fully furnished haha

My goal for this build was to make a smallish home for my sole survivor to live in. I personally never saw this guy as the type to want to live in a mansion. He’s just a simple man with simple desires and loves his wife and family more than anything else. 



Day 3.1: Palaui, Ocean and Islets on the North End of Luzon

It was frighteningly beautiful. I have always been a lover of the ocean, and this time, we would be going against the tides on the northern end of Luzon. I can’t stop myself from imagining crazy things like what if at some point of the ocean, we would be finding a loophole in space and it would distort time and space which would unconsciously lead us to an alternate universe, or what if a giant sea monster came out, and those other kinds of idea. Haha.

Anyway, so for the third day of our backpacking adventure, we did island hopping in Palui with our motorboat. Of course, since there were only two of us, we had the whole motorboat on our own, and we didn’t need to catch up with the phase of other passengers.

We started going to Cape Engano Lighthouse. It was one of the oldest functional lighthouses in the country. It took us some uphill steps, but upon reaching the lighthouse itself, the whole view was majestic. We could see the islets and the vast ocean, and how the waves hug the shores, and how the sky kissed the waters. It was really breathtaking.

Our next destination was a calm peaceful clear-water beach known as Anguib. We took some time to splash into the waters, swim and float, and get some sunburns. The water was so clear and blue that it felt really refreshing to bounce in and out of the water.

Then, we headed to Punta Verde to hike up to their mini Balatubat Falls. Actually, the mother falls was hours up the mountain so we just decided to enjoy the really cool water and relaxing rush of the baby falls. We stayed there for quite sometime as the falling waters massaged our back with pressure. Haha.

After the falls, we went snorkeling on the diving site near Punta Verde. We had our fins, goggles and snorkels readied as the diver-guide toured us underwater. It was my first time so I was so amazed by the underwater civilization I saw. There were schools of fish swimming, and huge corals, and other various species. We even saw an open giant clam with its inner muscles, or whatever you call that, moving. Even thought it was straining to keep on swimming against the waves and having your body submerged into the water, the sight was really something to behold. We were even swimming together with the fishes. It was so so so beautiful.

Before going back to San Vicente Port, we headed to our last destination - Crocodile Island. The rock formation looked like a crocodile so there I was, imagining again that it was really huge crocodile but it was cursed so it was turned into stone. Oh well.