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It's 2 types of people that grew up poor

A). “I ain’t never had shit growing up so now imma buy whatever I want because I never experienced that” type


B). “I grew up with nothing and I’m never trying to go back so imma hoard money and never splurge on anything because I’m trying to make sure I’m never broke” type

I’m sure the vast majority of POC fall into A or B

Running inland from protective fjords, Three Saints Bay in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska looks like a calm lake on a still day. The refuge is home to a spectacular variety of landscapes and wildlife. With mountains, rivers, tundra, forests, wetlands and coastline, it’s like seeing all of Alaska on a single island. Photo by Robin Corcoran, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

diegoluna_: Alguna vez visité las Maldivas por trabajo y fue muy especial. Pero en Marzo fui otra vez, ahora invitado por @Corona y a la isla de Laabadhoo. Esta experiencia me transformó.
Al pasar tiempo en el ocean school entendí lo conectados que estamos todos con el mar. Lo que lastima al océano nos lastima a todos. Hoy el mar se está ahogando con el plástico que tiramos. No importa donde vivas, el plástico que tiras eventualmente termina en el mar. Yo no sabía que más de la mitad del oxígeno que respiramos viene del mar, el día que nos lo acabemos, nos acabamos todos.
Por eso celebro mucho el objetivo que se plantearon @Corona y de proteger 100 islas alrededor del mundo de aquí al 2020.
Súmate con nosotros, hay mucho que podemos hacer.
A while back I visited the Maldives for work and it was a special experience. But in March I visited again, this time invited by @Corona and to the island of Laabadhoo. This experience was transformative.
After spending time at the ocean school, I understood how connected we are to the oceans. What hurts the ocean hurts us all. Today the ocean is drowning in the plastic we throw away. It doesn’t matter where you live, the plastic you throw away eventually ends up in the ocean. I didn’t know that more than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean. The day we end the oceans will be the end of us.
This is why I celebrate and support the goals set by @Corona and to protect 100 islands around the world by 2020. Join us, there is so much that we can do.


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I'm not asking this to be annoying, I'm genuinely curious- if you were in a survival situation, such as on a deserted island or a life raft, and it was not feasible to meet nutrition requirements with available plant life (or you were unsure if those plants/berries were toxic), would you consume insects and/or animals? I know the question in itself is ridiculous, and unreasonable, but as often as vegans are asked, I'm sure you had to have pondered it at some point :) Have a good day!

I feel like this is asked more often than not as an attempt to trip up vegans, and not to be rude, but even asking the question reveals a widely held misunderstanding about what veganism is. Veganism is not about absolute perfection in all circumstances, so that if you can find a situation where a vegan would eat animals they’re somehow “caught out” and our ethical system is invalidated, as it would be if this was some absolutist moral law. Veganism is about avoiding animal exploitation as far as is practicable. In a survivalist situation, that rule would remain the same; we would be vegan as far as is practicable given the situation. It really isn’t a dilemma for us at all, the answer is built into the very definition of what it means to be vegan.

this has nothing to do with australia but…. have foreigners really never seen a haka before??? i keep seeing americans etc. talk about towards the end of Moana in the final battle thing with te kā and they dont know what the heck Maui was doing??? like…. fam… thats a haka…. my maori friend straight up cried when he did that…

Did You Forget Something?

Summary: Bucky takes you out on your first date, but he decides to bring along an unexpected guest.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Jade

Warnings: none

Word count: 1459

A/N: This is legit just something that’s been hanging around in my drafts for a while. As always, thanks for reading!


Your daughter and Bucky stood awkwardly in your apartment’s living room as you finished getting ready for your date.

Yesterday afternoon, you had been in such a hurry at the grocery store that you bumped into Bucky’s cart at the end of the pasta aisle. After a lot of blushing and charming smiles, you had confidently asked for his number. For someone who had been such a lady charmer in the 1940s, Bucky was flustered by your boldness. The connection was instant though, and you had both decided to go on your first date tonight.

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