the is shit but whatever

Me at all the people getting upset at hanzo’s casual skin update as if the design issue were hanzo having grey hair instead of blizzard somehow managing to fuck up the basic structure of an undercut and how it was presented in the comic it was modeled after

it was nice being able to hang around on here today after such a long stressful few weeks! i started a new job that works ten hour days and graveyard and i got sick at the same time so i’ve been a mess. but hi i missed you all. i shall tackkle the rest of my drafts tomorrow after i see star wars. I am going to go to sleep now tho because i am exhausted. <3

Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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French slang

Yes. Another. The other one is quite outdated and not very extensive. Amusez-vous bien. I’m from Paris so some of these are probably exclusive to the region.

  • Tu (me) fais chier (literally: you make me shit) / tu m’emmerdes / tu me casses les couilles (you’re breaking my balls): you’re pissing me off
  • Ça me saoûle / fait chier (vulgar) / gonfle: I’m sick of this
  • J’en ai ras le cul: I’m sick of this (vulgar)
  • J’en ai ras le bol: I’m sick of this
  • J’en ai marre: I’m sick of this
  • Fringues: clothes
  • Grailler: to buy / borrow / steal / take / eat
  • Crever: to die
  • Va crever: go die
  • Je suis crevé: I’m very tired / sick
  • Crevant: exhausting
  • J’ai la dalle: I’m hungry
  • Je crève la dalle: I’m haven’t eaten anything in two years
  • On se les caille: it’s freezing
  • On crève de froid: we’re dying of cold
  • Crevard: despicable person
  • Glander: to procrastinate / to do nothing / to lay around
  • Avoir la flemme: not wanting to do anything
  • Rien branler (~to jerk off nothing): to do nothing
  • Défoncé: stoned
  • Gerber: to throw up
  • C’est à gerber: it’s so ugly / horrible I’m going to throw up
  • C’est de la merde: it’s shit
  • Bouffer: to eat
  • Bagnole/ caisse: car
  • Baraque: house
  • Bled: 1/ godforsaken place, 2/ where you’re born
  • Clebs / clébard: dog
  • Oseille / blé / fric: money
  • Chais pas (je sais pas): I don’t know
  • Va te faire foutre: go fuck yourself
  • Se foutre de quelqu’un: to make fun of someone
  • (Je) m’en fous: I don’t care
  • J’en ai rien à battre: I don’t care
  • Je m’en bas les couilles (I’m slapping my balls): I don’t care
  • Je m’emmerde / je me fais chier: I’m bored
  • C’est chiant: it’s boring
  • Demmerde toi: Deal with this without me / manage to do something
  • Je galère: I’m struggling
  • Quelle galère (galley) / merde: What a pain 
  • Genre: 1/ like, 2/ as if, 3/ seriously ? or no way !
  • Bahut: high school
  • Fais pas genre: stop lying / pretending
  • Fais genre: pretend
  • Chelou: weird / shady / suspicious
  • balais: years (ex: il a 50 balais = he’s 50)
  • briques: € (ex: I bought this shit for 20 briques) though it can also means 10 € (ex: i bought this shit for 20 briques = 200 €)
  • C’est pas possible: it’s not possible. To use anytime, anywhere. Can’t find keys ? C’est pas possible. Traffic ? C’est pas possible. School ? C’est pas possible.
  • Qu’est ce que tu fous: what the fuck are you doing
  • Mais il est pas possible ce gosse: that person is annoying / unsufferable / immature / stupid
  • Mioche: baby or young child
  • Gamin(e) / gosse: kid / brat
  • Brailler: to scream annoyingly, usually said of a baby crying
  • Gueuler: to scream
  • Ferme la / ferme ta gueule / ta gueule: shut up 
  • Se casser la gueule: to fall
  • Hein ?: 1/ what ? 2/ at the end of a sentence: right ?
  • Euh: “- did you do your homework ? - eeeeeeuh” or “-where is boulevard Voltaire ? -eeeeeeuh this way”
  • Ouf: 1/ phew, 2/ crazy (it’s the verlan for “fou”)(not very used anymore)
  • Sauvé (saved): phew, we’re saved
  • Pareil: same (ex: -I’m tired -pareil)
  • Idem: ditto
  • C’est quoi ce bordel (what’s this brothel) / qu’est ce que c’est que ce bordel: What the fuck is this
  • C’est une blague ?: is this a joke ?
  • Tu te fous de moi ?: are you kidding me ?
  • Rôh là: noise of annoyance, can also just be a breathy guttural noise (hrrhhfhhrfhr)
  • Taré: insane
  • Perso (euh): personally
  • Tiens: 1/ ‘here’ or ‘hold this’, 2/ reminds me (ex: tiens, remember when you were in a band ?) 
  • C’est cadeau: it’s free
  • Dégueulasse / dégueu: disgusting
  • Se faire baiser (to get fucked): to have a really bad time (ex: I rushed the presentation and I got roasted by the teacher who’s going to call my parents, je vais me faire baiser)
  • C’est bon là: that’s enough
  • Non mais oh: to express shock or disgust
  • Tu te crois où ?: where do you think you are ?
  • J’avoue: you’re right
  • Connard / connasse: cunt, not very vulgar tho
  • Chien: passive, disloyal and kiss people’s ass
  • Chienne / pute: whore
  • Pétasse: cunt
  • Putain: a classic
  • Bordel: another classic
  • Con / conne: magic insult that can’t be translanted in English because it’s too powerful. The foolest of the fools, complete idiot damned by God.

Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Me

1. Last kiss

2. Last phone call

3. Last text message

4. Last song you listened to

5. Last time you cried


6. Dated someone twice

7. Been cheated on

8. Kissed someone & regretted it

9. Lost someone special

10. Been depressed

11. Been drunk and threw up


12. had sex

13. How many people have you had sex with this year?

15. Made a new friend

17. Laughed until you cried

18. Met someone who changed you

19. Found out who your true friends were

20. Found out someone was talking about you

26. What did you do for your last Birthday

27. What time did you wake up today

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for

30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life

32. What are you listening to right now

33. When is the last time you had sex?

34. Who’s getting on your nerves right now

35. Most visited webpage

36. Favorite colour

37. Nicknames

38. Relationship Status

39. Zodiac sign

40. Male or female

41. Primary school

42. Secondary School

43. High school/college

44. Eye color

46. Height

47. Do you have a crush on someone

48. What do you like about yourself

49. Piercings

50. Tattoos

51. Righty or lefty


53. First piercing

54. First best friend

55. First hookup

56. First Bestfriend


59. Eating

60. Drinking

61. I’m about to

62. Listening to

63. Waiting for


64. Want kids?

65. Get married?

66. Career


67. Lips or eyes

68. Hugs or kisses

69. Shorter or taller

70. Older or Younger

71. Romantic or spontaneous

72. Nice stomach or nice arms

73. Sensitive or loud

74. Hook-up or relationship


76. Kissed a stranger

77. Drank hard liquor

78. Lost glasses/contacts

79. Had sex

80. Broken someone’s heart

82. Been arrested

83. Turned someone down

84. Cried when someone died

85. Fallen for a friend


86. Yourself

87. Miracles

88. Love at first sight

89. Heaven

90. Santa Clause

91. Kiss on the first date

92. Angels

93. How would you label yourself?

94. Someone You Pray Everyday For

95. Did you sing today

96. Who From All Your Ex’s have You Cared The Most About

97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?

98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For

99. Are you afraid of falling in love?

100. Do you like the way you look?

new show idea: anthony bourdain and gordon ramsay travel the united states visiting hole-in-the-wall dives with bomb-ass food. bourdain picks out the restaurants and spends the first however-long of the episode talking up how fucking amazing this place is. when they get there it is always in a strip mall, or a shack in the woods, or a trailer under an overpass. ramsay is constantly scared and confused. bourdain is usually also scared and confused but pretends he is actually cool with whatever, in keeping with every other show he has ever done.

shots from every episode:

  • bourdain completely terrified by ramsay’s driving
  • bonus points if ramsay refuses to just drive a normal car like a normal fucking person
  • the look of horror and resignation on ramsay’s face when he sees where they’re going to be eating
  • ramsay taking in every possible health code violation
  • bourdain’s poorly-contained sadistic glee at the look on ramsay’s face
  • at least one scene that is more censor beeps than audible dialogue
  • ramsay’s vindication when bourdain ends up trapped in the bathroom shitting his guts out
  • bourdain’s complete lack of remorse and insistence that it was completely worth it