the irrationality of rationality

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awwww Rachel now I need a pining FIC taking place in 3b/s4 in Derek's POV about the mess that was St**ia and then reasoning why Stiles actually stayed in that relationship,a nd then more people focussing on Stiles little jab "I give people the benefit of the doubt, I've given a lot of benefit to a lot of people" then Scott saying "Like Derek," and then Stiles just gave him a look and continued on in the start of S5...Like I want that explored SO SO much more because that screams a lover scorned!

There is honestly so much material for a classic pining and misunderstandings fic stretched across season four. The two just slightly missing each other over and over, grabbing hold of other people because they think they can’t have the ones they really want, because they’re not even completely sure what they do want, and they can’t let themselves think about what they’re feeling, what they’re sure they’ll never really have.

Stiles falls into a relationship while he’s still piecing himself back together, broken up by guilt and grief about the Nogitsune, and here’s this person who needs him, who he feels like he can legitimately help because the things she needs help on are pretty straightforward (like how to eat with a fork and remembering to put on clothes in public, simple things). It’s a task he can focus on, and he feels good about seeing her improve, every small victory hitting him deep.

And, yeah, hearing that he’s important and she likes him is an ego boost, when his ego, confidence, self-worth, is close to completely shattered.

…And maybe also the person he tried to reach out to, the person he thought might be able to help him with this whole guilt and grief thing, never returned his calls or texts, didn’t even bother to check in on Stiles after everything went down and… Stiles is not going to let that bother him, not going to let that break him apart because he has this new girl –– a girlfriend –– who actually wants to be around him so much she sneaks into his bedroom in the middle of the night… while he’s sleeping… and crawls into bed with him. (But that’s good, right? They’re both lonely, both need comfort and it’s not like he should object to some hot girl crawling into bed with him, right? What normal guy would object to that?)

And then of course Stiles realizes why Derek hadn’t been answering his texts, after Scott tries to text him and actually follows through by checking his loft, unlike Stiles who had just taken it as a rejection… and after that it becomes an obsession for him. Find out where Derek went. Bring Derek back. Bring Derek back alive and safe and––

And that’s just because that’s what they do, alright? They save each other’s asses, that’s their thing. And because maybe he feels guilty about not having gone to check on Derek, himself (and he has enough guilt already for a lifetime). That’s the only reason. That’s why he can’t relax or sleep or focus on his awesome new (strange, sometimes disturbing) girlfriend. But that’s fine. Once he gets Derek home, everything will be fine.

…Except then they get Derek home and it’s not fine, because Derek’s not Derek. He’s younger and more open and his jokes don’t have the same harsh edge to them and Stiles has to keep doubletaking for reasons he can’t quite make sense of, wanting to spend time with him and get to know him and… it’s just because it’s so weird, that’s why. Like, not one bit of the insane supernatural shit they’ve been through for the past year had even begun to prepare him for living out some kind of crazy kid!fic in real life with his surly sort-of-ally. And this kid’s Derek and it’s also not Derek, and it’s like seeing all these fresh new angles of him that Stiles has only gotten glimpses of before, or never expected (like holy shit, Derek’s fluent in Spanish?) and that’s why he still can’t focus on his amazing, out of his league hot (awkward and honestly sort of uncomfortable) girlfriend.

But she needs him, and he’s the only one she trusts, and she is his girlfriend, and that’s awesome, right? And once Derek’s back to being Derek again, Stiles has no real reason to keep focusing on him. It’s not like they’re close. Not like they’re friends. And if Stiles’ thoughts go back to Derek from time to time, if he ends up pinning Derek’s picture to a board in a fit of frustration with a red string on it, unsolved, it’s just because of all the weirdness about his capture and Kate’s plans for him.

Derek, meanwhile, had barely held himself together after his capture by Kate, clinging to vague and hazy (and sometimes shockingly tangible) images of Stiles all the way to Mexico. And he’d known that he cared about Stiles before that, known it since South America, honestly. It’s the reason he came back to Beacon Hills despite Cora, his last real family, having to stay away. After all the pain, the betrayals and the losses… there should have been nothing for him back in Beacon Hills.

Except there was.


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so i thought i would make a timeline for those of you who are just catching up and trying to figure out why the larries hate jeff. 

january 2014: larries discover who jeff is and how much time harry has been spending with him, decide because he is an azoff that his dad is letting louis and harry borrow his jet to fly places together and have the secret romance of the century. 

february 2014: harry goes to jamaica with friends (including jeff, which we recently learned); larries pretend he went with louis because it makes them feel better. harry only goes back to london (where louis is) for fashion stuff and the brits. harry gives absolutely no shits at the brits, hangs out with nick grimshaw despite his “limited time” with louis. harry darts out of london back to LA the very next morning with his parents in tow. harry and his parents are papped with jeff in LA, jeff {{gasp}} smiles at harry and larries say things like this:

(bless you broschmo this is one of my favorite quotes of all time).

march 2014: harry is pictured with the azoffs in a photo that screams FAMILY!!

larries hate it and question their motives. [i suspect by this time the larries had realized that solo harry was an actual threat, so they hated on jeff to “hide” their fears. you see, solo harry means he and louis won’t be forced to be around each other anymore, so larries will never see them together again if harry goes solo].

april to september 2014: more harry + jeff + azoffs, larries continue to question their motives.

september 2014: larries discover that jeff has a girlfriend. their relief is palpable and glenne immediately becomes deemed broschmo’s “GURRRL.” (thank god, we were starting to worry that them spending all this time together meant they’re dating! WHEW! larry is still so real!)

rest of september 2014 to december 2015: relieved that jeff and harry aren’t dating, the larries create an imaginary world where harry being close to the azoffs means irving wants to take over 1d. there is never a single actual indication of this; in fact, after much badgering from the larries, irving even tweets in october 2015 that 1d is still in the “very capable hands of modest." 

[sidebar: those of us who try not to spend all of our time irrationally rationalizing things have been trying for more than a year to point out to them that irving and richard griffiths of modest are friends and have a long history together, but they ignore us because they don’t like this idea].

of course, as with everything, they try to twist irving’s words and then ignore his tweet altogether, pretending it doesn’t exist because they don’t like it. they continue collecting ~evidence (none of which is logical or valid, but that’s another story) as to why they are so much smarter than everyone else and how they and their magical anons with superpowers know irving is going to take over 1d.

january 2016: quite literally as soon as he can, harry signs paperwork to let jeff (and possibly irving but definitely jeff) take over his representation. the larries say it isn’t real because jeff is wearing swimming trunks when the papers are signed. 

february 2016: we have now received confirmation that jeff is harry’s manager. modest THEMSELVES have confirmed that they no longer have a contract with harry. there are other indications that harry has also changed PR agencies. shit’s getting real, right?  of course, the larries continue to deny and ignore these things they don’t like, so many of them are still on the "no way would harry ever do anything by himself, he’s a pathetic incapable toddler without louis” boat.  but they are gradually reverting to hating jeff again because they know they can’t deny forever that harry is being represented as an individual, and when the day comes that they must acknowledge this, they’ll want to have someone to blame.

TL;DR: jeff representing harry means solo harry. solo harry means no 1d. no 1d means no louis and harry interaction. therefore, jeff representing harry means no louis and harry interaction, and jeff is THE DEVIL because the last 5 years of their life have been a waste.

see styloff’s header, which nicely summarizes what some of us have seen coming for nearly two years now.  because we have eyes.

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Billy Batson O

O. The stars or space.

The thing about magic: it tends to localize. At least, the magic that bounds Billy Batson to his immoral alter-ego. That kind of magic tends to anchor itself in the ancient roots of its source planet and draw down the great cosmic whateverthefuck that binds all irrational energy. Or that’s how Wonder Woman tried to describe it. To the part of him that is Billy Batson, that makes about as much sense as anything else. To the part of him that’s ancient, immortal, and composed from the living breathing ether, it makes waaaay more sense.

But he’s a little surprised to find that his powers haven’t waned this far from his parent world.

“Magic is bullshit,” Shazam says, cheerfully.

Superman, who’s standing next to him, gives him a puzzled look.

“Huh?” he says.

(Note: Superman is a hell of a lot less eloquent in familiar company than he is in front of other Leaguers.)

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I hate it when this specific anxiety of mine gets triggered. My friends are not abandoning me. I’m not being excluded on purpose or pushed out. We’ve just all been busy.

This is just the anxiety that is the hardest one to fight against. Because it has actually happened before and when your irrationality has a rational basis, well, shit.

I’ve seen a lot about how Apollo would act in this new series and I just kind of want to shake my head. The reason I love Apollo (but not PJO Apollo) is because he’s so intricate and fascinating, and these are parts that I really hope Riordan will show (and I definitely will in my fanfic!)

  • Apollo’s sister is Artemis. Do you really think he’s going to be a ‘fuckboy’ after thousands of years with her? She’s probably ironed him out to be a feminist by now. Sure, in the myths he’s treated women very… um… possessively, but it’s been thousands of years and Artemis would have kicked his ass into Tartarus by now if he kept that up.
  • Did you literally forget Cyrene, like, he went “Oh, so you went and had kids with Ares after I had kids with you and gave you a city and all? That’s totally chill, like, I didn’t pay you much attention and stuff, so whatever, have fun, I’ll make you a nymph so you live longer, you’re that cool.”
  • Heard of Apollonian and Dionysian? No? Well, Dionysian reflects Dionysus’ personality (irrationality and chaos). Apollonian? Rationality and reason. Sure, it’ll be relative since they’re gods but Apollo isn’t a mindless airhead, so screw you.
  • He’s literally the god of knowledge
  • He’s also the god of the goddamn plague, remember the Trojan War when he struck arrows upon all the Greeks and killed so many of them? Yeah, he’s not all sunshine and bad poetry, don’t insult him or you’re dead.
  • Also, leave his family alone unless you want to be like Niobe, who insulted Leto (and technically also him and his sister) and had all her children killed at the Letoids hands
  • And remember that time Otis and Ephialtes tried to storm Olympus? They said they wanted to marry Artemis so he killed them. Oops.
  • Don’t forget Orion!
  • Oh, and the Python that was chasing after Leto… when he was four years old. Damn, son.
  • Apollo also helped kill Achilles and I love him so much I can almost forgive him for that
  • Remember that time that Apollo killed the Cyclopes who created Zeus’ master bolt because he killed his son? Leto saved his ass by making sure he only got a year hard labour otherwise he would have been chucked into Tartarus. Basically, don’t fuck with Apollo (and Apollo, don’t fuck with Zeus).
  • You know how you’ve read all the stuff telling you he treated his female lovers badly? Well… really?
  • He was only obsessed with Daphne because of Cupid’s arrow Apollo don’t piss off Cupid
  • He loved Leucothea (disguising himself as her mother to get in but whatever) and she loved him back, but then her sister betrayed her because she loved Apollo and Apollo blanked her.
  • Apollo was actually impressed when Marpessa chose Idas over him because of her logic. Imagine if that was Zeus or Poseidon!
  • Okay, Castalia was kind of horrible of him but, eh, he’s a god, he’s naturally an ass, I’m not defending him.
  • Arguably the same with Cassandra, but, hey, if someone went back on their promise, I’d be pissed too. Though that went a bit too far, god he can be an asshole.
  • (He also outran Hermes.)
  • (He’s literally the golden child of the family)

tl;dr: leave my golden boy alone.

Gilbert: -and that’s when the plan will go horribly wrong.

Matthew:… what kind of plan plans to go horribly wrong?

Gilbert: Look, birdie, if it’s part of the plan that the plan is going to go horribly wrong then when it does then everything is going according to plan!

Matthew: That’s- now is the time for rational thinking.

Gilbert: Rational thinking would tell us to think irrationally. 

Matthew: You can’t-

Alfred: I’m in!!

Matthew: *dies*

The “14 steps to fascism” is not accurate at all. there were several forms of fascism and national socialism in the early twentieth century and fascism parties went through phases from birth to revolution then atrophy. Even modern day self described fascist on the internet (who are nothing more than edgelords to the extreme) lack any coherent understanding of what these political groups were trying to do as they were not traditionalists or represented moral values. For instance sexual behavior did not conform to norms in the sense of their leaders wanted “breeding” to be regulated and stables created to ensure new men (humanity) in general gave rise to a new form of being.  They some viewed compassionate religion as soft and while they valued warrior culture emphasized emotionalism and irrationality of passions. They held contradictory beliefs of mysticism and scientific rationalism at once. 

I am speaking generally over course.  Many fascist movements never ceased power such as Bosnian Muslim fascist parties, the Romanian Iron Guard, and Oswald Mosley’s British Union of fascists.  Italy was the only fascist nation to emerge and many of their principles were sacrificed for Mussolini’s ego and personality cults. Germany the only nation to succumb to National Socialism. Those nations briefly occupied by the Axis used puppets who admired them but never ruled directly themselves.

The principles of these ideological factions became sort of backdrop for the ultimate goal of power though they were motivators and are important. Power and obsession over power became all consuming. 

absolute knowledge is impossible, we cannot know everything, but we can know some things, at least well enough, we can utilize our relative knowledge to exist in this world, to prosper, and that is enough

and our behavior as informed by our relative knowledge is at least partially rational, and the world is entirely rational, but in between knowledge and truth there is a layer of absolute irrationality, there is something separating absolute truth from knowledge, preventing any non-relative knowledge

and so we have rational action based on relative knowledge, separated from the rational universe by this layer of irrationality, this layer of separation between our relative knowledge informed by guesswork, trial and error, and faith, and the truth of the universe that we can never see, that can never be seen

and it is in this layer of absolute irrationality that gives rise to spirituality, is is the need to bridge the unbridgeable gap between truth and relative knowledge that creates religion, creates the need for faith, for trust, for acceptance of the unknown

there is no one way to deal with this, in fact there is no way at all, except denial and acceptance; there are those who will deny all this and claim that everything can always be known with absolute certainty, these people will claim to be beacons of science and logic and reason, these people are liars or fools

absolute knowledge is impossible, accept this

Rich people routinely call poor people irrational for wanting to survive.  It’s also irrational in their eyes for us to want to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities.

The very same people who call wealth hoarding “rational self interest” will call a poor person irrationally greedy for fighting for food, shelter, clean water, etc.

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head or heart?

I must admit, this question tickled me so much I couldn’t wait to answer it.

It has rung in my head so many times; a persistent nag that drove me mad in my early teens, easing now to an occassional whisper.

It seems to presume that there is a strict dichotomy between what your head tells you to do, and what your heart demands: that often they go at odds with one another. While the head is characterized as “rational”, the heart represents “instinct” and “emotion”.

In universal terms, I will never be able to choose one to apply in unconditional precedence. Simply because, I don’t find either one superior to the other. Not every rational decision is compassionate or natural. And likewise, not everything wild and exciting is practical. This I’ve learned from my past tumbles.

Similarly, nor do I think that in a case-by-case basis, we necessarily have to choose to follow one and not the other. I think that this is a matter of blurring the lines of this so called ‘heart-head dichotomy": in other words, the rational-instinctive distinction. I argue that it is possible to rationalise an action as something that ‘your heart wants’. An action initiatied by the heart does not imply irrationality. Choosing to follow your heart can be a rational act, as long as you’ve weighed up every option equally.

So my answer to this question is twofold. If the head and heart are assumed to be mutually exclusive, I would choose neither. But neither am I dissolving the two as one and disregarding the different decision-making forces they symbolize. I am simply pondering on the fact that the answer to the question is far from straightforward.

Apologies for not having a clear-cut answer. The philosopher in me just won’t let me.

♥, Mod

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hi! I want to be a surgeon and I'm in high school and a little confused about the steps you need to take to become a doctor (Like what is a clerkship). Can you please clarify? It would help a lot. Thanks!

Step 1: Take a deep breath and remember you’re only in high school! Enjoy it!

Go to prom. Learn to drive. Fall in love, get your heart broken. Irrationally (or maybe rationally) stress about the SATs. Dye your hair crazy colors. Get your first job, play sports, do what you love.

Visit colleges and go wherever makes you happy. There’s no perfect college for “pre-med.” Find a place where you’ll be happy and supported, and most important, a place where you can grow and explore your passions!

Step 2: Go to college, take pre-med classes. Major in whatever you want. Shadow and volunteer. Make sure medical school is what you want, because it is a commitment. Study for the MCAT. Apply to med schools. Interview and find the place you love!

Step 3: Say you go through all that, 6 years or so down the road, you’ll be in Med School. You have pre-clinical courses (1.5-2 years of basic sciences, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology). Then the next 2-2.5 years will be filled with clerkships. Clerkships are courses where you’re WORKING in the hospital alongside attendings and residents with actual patients in particular areas of medicine such as internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, etc.

Step 4: Somewhere along the way, find out which area of medicine makes you happy and go for it. 

Step 5: Again, remember you’re in high school. I’m actually glad you’re confused. If you weren’t, I’d be worried.  I think it’s great that you already have an idea of what you want to do, but the concepts of clerkships shouldn’t be confusing you. The AP course you want to take next semester, what college you want to visit, wondering if your crush likes you back and parallel parking are the things that should be confusing right now. Enjoy the confusion, you have plenty of time to figure out the exact steps. 

Flower petals used to remind me of her eyes and the way that when she blinked it was like watching a flower blossom,
Now they remind me of your outstretched hand and the way your palm held steady as the stem poked through your fingers, gentle and free of callous,
I used to sit with this fear curled upon my chest, counting the seconds that’d gone by since she’d walked away,
Now I count your footsteps in the hallway when you step to the kitchen to grab us food and bring it back to bed,
Always an even paced stride back to me,
I feel as if I have lived year after year with a constant pressure to be better for everyone around me,
With you, you tell me to better myself for me and myself alone,
There is an underlying understanding to my irrationally rational fears, and a constant support in every movement forward with you,
Even when we take two steps back, you make sure we take three forward,
I used to feel a panic in my lungs whenever I got caught up in my mind and forgot to check in,
You simply reassure me and stand with patience until I come back down from the skyline of my brain,
You are easy going, comforting, and there,
Even though we are miles apart,
You are right here, here, here.
—  ARH // irrationally rational

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who do you associate steve and tony with in the greek mythology? with the lovers though, not them in individuals

i’ve made a post about this before with both lovers and individuals. 

EROS X PSYCHE is like your tailor made mythology au for early 616 identity porn. psyche falls in love with eros despite never being able to see his face and only being able to touch him at night. i’ve seen this played out beautifully a dozen times in fic because tony keeps up his separate identity of iron man being his bodyguard till the very end where the truth is revealed because molecule man destroyed his suit. there’s also the added fun of him having to recharge his heart and having to use the breastplate so he can’t be touched earlier on before he gets the R.T.

ORPHEUS X EURYDICE is one for masochists. especially post civil war with a tony who’d do anything and go to any lengths to bring steve back from the actual underworld. au where he barters his soul to go into the depths of hell and bring steve back out but the one thing he fails to do is not look back

ACHILLES X PATROCLUS ofc has to be on here. they have the same coloring and bond and seriously imagine 616 steve just. losing his shit after tony dies in a battle. patroclus was also more than just achilles’ lover and most trusted confidante, achilles trusted him with half of his army and valued his knowledge and expertise in battle strategy. and i will bet you like twenty bucks that even if you don’t go here you’ve seen the song of achilles quote “I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world” floating around on some edit.

APOLLO X DIONYSUS my personal weakness bc i’m a sucker for ships where this works perfectly for them. steve as the god of medicine, poetry, dance, music. literal sunshine. and tony as the god of wine, agriculture and ecstasy. the latter of which is terrible on multiple levels i know bc demon in a bottle. but dionysus is also a patron of the arts and fertility, so he’s the god of creation both literally and figuratively. apollo and dionysus are linked throughout discourse on mythology because of the apollonian-dionysian divide, or a dichotomy of reason and rationality vs. irrationality and chaos. but the greeks didn’t consider the two gods to be opposites or rivals, they are the two deities who are interlaced by nature. both concepts are famously linked in nietzsche’s ‘the birth of tragedy’. hOW META IS THAT. literally the tension and interplay between apollonian and dionysian ideas is the content of all great tragedy.

HADES X PERSEPHONE ok this one doesn’t necessarily fit but every other fandom’s every other ship gets to do it so i don’t see why we can’t. hades and persephone legit the most faithful couple in the entire pantheon. tony as hades and steve as persephone but hey you could totally invert that if strikes your fancy. lots of flower crowns and beauty-and-the-beast imagery but underneath it all a couple that really truly loves each other and reign as king and queen of the underworld.