the irony of my art tag

Another young Portal Ford from the series I’ve been doing as prep for my ‘zine piece – this time the  task was working out the gun design.

It is a great irony that I LOVE that Ford has a thing for big-ass guns, but, I suck at doing guns, or indeed much scifi technology.  It’s a struggle.   (My brain is perfectly happy working out the fractal patterns of natural landscapes, but I find it hard to conceive of the complicated patterns of machinery.)

I had to collect a lot of refs to get ideas for design elements.  Oddly enough, the most fruitful category I found was laser-tag equipment.  

Guzma Therapy Session 1

“Let’s talk about your father.”

“No,” Guzma said defensively.

“Then your mother?”


“Ok, maybe we can start with your childhood?”

“Not a fucking chance.”

The therapist leaned back in his chair, he was clearly getting frustrated. “How can you expect therapy to work when you won’t talk about anything. What were you expecting to happen?”

The boss leaned forward with a serious face and asked, “don’t I just tell you I’m stressed and angry then you say some crazy shit that fucks with my head then I’m fixed?”

The doctor stared at him with a blank expression, trying to figure out if the man actually believed what he said. To his surprise the thug seemed to truly think that’s how this worked.

“If you’re angry then there is a reason for it, we just need to track down that reason,” he stated.

Guzma grumbled, “the reason is obvious doc. People are fucking morons and they piss me off.”
The doctor wrote down something on his notepad in response. This annoyed Guzma, who could only assume he and his colleagues would laugh at whatever he scribbled down later.

The therapist explained matter-of-factly, “there is a process to therapy, Guzma. When you speak about things that are hard to say you feel relieved, then once we begin to notice patterns that may explain your temperament we can begin to fix them at the source.There is negativity inside of you and my office is a safe place to let it out.”

The boss’s eyes zoned out as he began to grasp the concept. “So… your your office is like a toilet?” Guzma said as the therapist stared in confusion, “yeah it’s like poop…” He then began to elaborate, “if ya dont poop then you ain’t healthy. But you can’t just shit anywhere. So your office is like a bathroom where I can shit out all this negativity.”

The doctor looked genuinely offended that he equated his career choice to a mere bathroom. Guzma could tell the doctor was offended and gave a small smile, seemingly quite proud of that. He knew this was supposed to be a proper therapy session but he always entertained himself by getting under the skin of anyone he perceived as authority. His smirk caught the doctor’s eye and only served to annoy him further.

The therapist exhaled before quizzing him again, “there has to be something from your childhood that’s easy for you to talk about. Something fun?”

Guzma paused. In a way he knew this was where the fun was going to stop. He riffled through his memories briefly to think of the easiest story he could possibly drum up. “So… once when I was a teenager, just after I left home I started getting really good at tagging. Ya know? Paintin’ art where you’re not s’posed to. Good shit.” The casual use of foul language and references to past crimes made the therapist edgy, but piqued his interest. Guzma continued, “and so one day I sprayed somethin’ awesome behind the pokemart. ‘People bug me’ with a small Wimpod painted below it. It’s fuckin’ cheesy but I was a kid and thought I was the most clever person in the world for thinkin’ it up. The next day when I came back some lady was takin’ pictures of her Scyther in front of my tag. I was HYPED! Finally someone in town who ain’t a basic ass bitch and could appreciate good art! I walked over to see what she thought but I wanted to play it cool and not admit that I was the frickin’ genius that came up with it. Or at least I thought I was a genus… Told her ‘yo that tag is pretty fucking cool eh?’ and she turns to me and she’s like ‘I love the irony of it’ and I didn’t know what the hell that meant. So I asked… And wished I didn’t. Next thing i know she’s trailing off on how it’s simplistic and the Wimpod looks like shit and the choice of colors is bad and blah blah blah. She kept saying it was some kinda statement about how thug life mentality is bein’ mocked by the childish nature of it and how the artist did this intentionally to show the shallow mindset of a street criminal. I was fucking pissed! But I couldn’t do shit so i just kept smiling and nodding like I agreed!”

The doctor nodded and looked at him, jotting down notes as he spoke. “Did it make you mad that she said it? Or because she was right?”

“I dunno… Fuckin’ both or neither. I was just mad that people can’t like the shit I like and always gotta think their shit is better. I just thought what I did was cool… Couldn’t get it outta my head for weeks.”

“So what did you do to move on?”

“I spray painted a Scyther on her house in glow paint that said ‘my mom’s a bitch’ “

The therapist just stared at him, silently and judgmentally.

Guzma grinned back at him. “I know. Fucking funny right???”

The doctor pretended to look at the clock. “It seems our first session is done…”

He cocked an eyebrow. “The hell it is!?”

“Well you wasted half the hour arguing with me about smoking in my office. If you want show up next week and waste another hour be my guest; I get paid either way. But if you continue to share more stories like you did just then we may be able to figure out what made you how you are now.”

The boss looked at his feet momentarily before meeting eyes with the therapist and asking, “honestly, how am I now..?”

“Honestly?” the doc asked. Guzma nodded. The doctor leaned forward with a serious expression and spoke coldly, “you’re a child. A spoiled fucking child who does whatever he wants no matter how it affects others. Your past has created a personality that is comparable to a tumor that needs removed for any treatment to occur.”

The boss stared back at him, clenching his fist tightly. “I’ve knocked people out for less shit talkin’ doc…” he warned.

He didn’t break eye contact. “If you hit me is it because of what I said? Or because I’m right?”

Guzma paused for a moment, gritted his teeth then looked away. “…Fuckin’ hell… Next week same time?”

The therapist sat back up straight. “Fine, but I have homework for you. I want you to go back to that woman’s house. If she’s still there I want you to tell her you did both paintings. And I want you to tell her why and how her words made you feel.”

“Yeah… I probably won’t do that.”

“I get paid either way.”   

( Beta-Read (or Edited) by @supersquiddle . amazing writer, amazing friend )

❤ 30 day OTP Challenge featuring Scorbus ❤

Day 6: Wearing eachothers’ clothes

Albus: ….I never realised how skinny you are, Scorpius

Scorpius: ppffff, he he…

Albus: It’s not funny! Your clothes are tight! Why did we decide to do this?

Scorpius: Hahaahahahaha

Scorpius is wearing Albus’ favourite shirt. Albus has many shirts which are ironic in nature, tbh. Albus is on the 56th layer of irony at all times

Albus is wearing one of Scorpius’ favourite shirts. It’s one Albus got for Scorpius as a joke. Scorp thinks it’s cute though. He likes cute things.

but yeah, here you can see the physical differences between my Scorpius and Albus. Albus is at a normal weight, it’s just Scorpius that’s a bit on the skinny side.

~ Day 5  || Day 7 ||  Day 1 ~

off and on for a week or two now I’ve been going through my posts tagged #amedot, starting at the very end (side note: at the time I had 258 pages of posts tagged amedot….that’s 2,580 posts) and dumping some of my faves back into my queue (though sometimes posts can’t be reblogged???)

which means at some point my queued posts are going to start being mostly old amedot art, so, uh….that’s something to look forward to?

but I did realize the irony that if I keep this up I’ll add dozens more pages of posts into my tag that are all repeats. oh well. 

in any case, it’s interesting (and sometimes depressing) to watch artists get popular over time and then disappear, or remember when we freaked out about new episodes before they aired (like when we all thought Too Short to Ride was gonna lead to them fusing)

seeing my own posts in which I cry over this ship is wild because ahahaha my feelings haven’t changed at all?? this ship is still the one closest to my heart and the one I really really hope becomes canon…


I don’t have a particularly strong history with sonic the hedgehog outside of playing some of the games growing up, but I’ve somehow developed a very strange, semi-ironic semi-genuine appreciation for the series lately…… something’s just very fascinating to me about its fluctuating tonal history and its desperate attempts to make me take cartoon hedgehogs with eyes as big as a human head completely seriously. it’s great.

also shadow the hedgehog is super 12-year-old cool and edgy and I genuinely love it

anyways I don’t know how long I can pull the semi-irony card anymore cuz turns out chogs are actually really fun to draw and super good for warm-ups SO, HERE I AM I GUESS, ILL TAKE MY GRAVE OF SMALL CUTE CHOGS AND LIE IN IT


Ok it’s been at least a year since I drew my last wing tutorial, and by some gods of irony that was my only post to become popular (even though I only ment for like 3 people to see it). This is my updated and slightly less shitty lesson on how to draw wings that dont look like they’ve spent a fucking week in a blender on high.

Also I’m throwing this in every tag that’s currently reblogging my old tutorial.

Summer is coming!

Here’s some cute kids bein summery and beachy! Thanks for requesting this! I had fun drawing it!

I wrote a thing! Trying to experiment a little with this whole “present tense” style. It completely changes how I write, but it seemed to suit this particular story, which follows Hamilton from St. Croix to New York to Valley Forge.

Also, also, also– I actually bothered to figure out how to work tumblr! I’ve gathered all my fic together here and all my art here and there should now be links to both tags on my main blog page.

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Wow 500 followers I’m so surprised ;-; Thanks

Sorry It’s been a while since I drew a welcome art piece I’ve been down….

Anyway yay :D <3 thank you so much I really didn’t think I’d ever reach 500. I cannot believe this many people is following my crappy blog :[
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Gaster, do you hate us? I mean, we're just...watching. And waiting for you to fall into the Core. Some of us are even curious and excited for the moment that your family is fractured and you end up trapped in the Void for all eternity. I can't imagine you being okay with that.