the ironic thing is that i don't follow her personal

p-matt2012  asked:

I am a feminist. But when I let my granddaughter choose to be princess Sofia on one day because she wants to, I often wonder if I am helping her. Mostly we talk about what she likes and doesn't like and I let her follow what she likes. Some days we are dragons or wolves. I want to make sure she is getting the good message, but I don't want to force those on her. Any advice from your followers, whom I trust to teach not berate.

I think you’re on the right track, and your instincts are solid. 

Personally, I think the important thing is letting her choose who she wants to be, without judgement. Like, maybe today she wants to be a princess, and in a few weeks, she wants to be Iron Man, and then she wants to be Moana, and then she wants to be Dora, and then she wants to be Gandalf. 

I don’t think everything in life has to be a teachable moment, and sometimes playing is just for fun, you know? But, maybe, talk to her about why she wants to pretend to be whomever she chose, just to see where she’s at in her head.

I’m sure other people who are reading this have thoughts, though. I’m interested to hear what they think, too.