the iron wagon


I did :(

Arthur Rimbaud, Rêvé pour l'hiver.

L'hiver, nous irons dans un petit wagon rose
Avec des coussins bleus.
Nous serons bien. Un nid de baisers fous repose
Dans chaque coin moelleux.

Tu fermeras l'oeil, pour ne point voir, par la glace,
Grimacer les ombres des soirs,
Ces monstruosités hargneuses, populace
De démons noirs et de loups noirs.

Puis tu te sentiras la joue égratignée…
Un petit baiser, comme une folle araignée,
Te courra par le cou…

Et tu me diras : “Cherche !”, en inclinant la tête,
- Et nous prendrons du temps à trouver cette bête
- Qui voyage beaucoup…


A running steam locomotive was used for the first time on this day in British history, 21 February 1804. The locomotive’s inventor was Richard Trevithick, a mining engineer from Cornwall. After seeing several of Trevithick’s early models, Trevithick’s boss was impressed and bet a rival that the locomotive could haul 10 tons of iron a distance of 10 miles. On 21 February 1804, successfully carried 10 tons of iron, 5 wagons and 70 men the full distance in 4 hours and 5 minutes, an average speed of approximately 2.4 mph (3.9 km/h). The color image above shows a full-scale working replica of the “Pen-y-Darren” locomotive at the Swansea Maritime Museum.


- I live in a secret undiscovered zone in Goldeneye 64

- I take my VHS copy of The Iron Giant for wagon rides

- Changed my name to “Bible “Art is Fake” Bible

- I drive a Saab

- They broke into my piggy bank to steal some more tax money… only to find 5.56 rounds and screamed in terror