the iron lady!

Headcanon for how a fight between Saladin/Jolder were to play out:

- Saladin gets very quiet when he’s angry. Lots of sighs, stony glares, stage whispers.

- Jolder, on the other hand, becomes very garrulous, expounding on her point of view at great length because she just wants that great lunk to understand where she’s coming from.

- Saladin sees this as browbeating.

- Jolder just keeps charging on.

-Saladin fixates on one tiny part of Jolder’s speeches to take offense at. Wilful misinterpretation is a distinct possibility.

- Jolder gets derailed into a conversation about whether he’s too easily offended (he is).

- Saladin goes into a massive sulk.

- Jolder eventually removes herself from the situation because she suspects he actually wants her to go and speak to him again but she’s not going to validate that kind of behaviour.

- Saladin continues sulking but actually wants Jolder to come and speak to him again.

- Jolder leaves him to stew while she punches things to let off steam.

- Saladin continues to stew.

- Someone sensible like Radegast will tell him to stop cutting off his nose to spite his face.

- More stewing until Saladin acknowledges how miserable he is.

- Jolder will come home to discover some gesture on his part; all her weapons and armour newly polished for example, or she’s suddenly in possession of a new set of eyeliners.

- Jolder will tell him she’s sorry too. She wishes he was more willing to say it verbally but she knows how proud he is so she’ll take it.


Headcanon for how a fight between Saladin/Shaxx would play out:

I was playing lady iron dragon earlier on my game and I yelled ‘move, i’m a mother making a difference’ and I laughed way too hard at that


You can be like Sif
You can be like Black Widow
You can be like Jane Foster
You can be like Darcy
And you can be like Pepper Potts

But I suggest being like Mjolnir, and allow only worthy people to pick you up.

Apparently it’s Vivienne appreciation month. Also I just wanted to draw Vivienne in a pretty dress. I’m going to draw everyone in pretty dresses. Pretty dresses are fun.

EDIT: Thanks for all the love on this picture, now I’m planning on drawing people & naming it “Halamshiral AU” aka where everyone wears nice clothes instead of that Disney prince garb.
short info: Her outfit is based on her regular outfit, and French/English/Italian fashion during 1500-1600 (I know it’s a stretch but Thedas isn’t exactly historically accurate) I used desaturated colours because those work on her.

Halamshiral Series (WIP):

  • Blackwall
  • Cassandra
  • Cole
  • Cullen
  • Dorian
  • Iron Bull
  • Josephine
  • Leliana
  • Sera
  • Solas
  • Varric
  • Vivienne

fox-rey  asked:

Hi, your posts are my life essence. Can we have an appreciation post of Avengers Assemble Tony's beautiful face?


here are, in no particular order, my top five AA!Tony l👀ks:

1. a sweet soft boy (”The Thunderbolts”)

2. heart eyes 4 le capitaine (“Saving Captain Rogers”)

3. ~ sexual healing ~ (“The Dark Avengers”)

4. exasperated Hot Dad™ (“The Kids Are Alright”)

5. my one and only starchild (“Exodus”)

+bonus: sleeping beauty in the arms of his prince (“The Kids Are Alright”)