the iron giant reference

“Hey… Mind if I ask you a few questions there, Buckaroo?”

The hilarious Kent Mansley from “The Iron Giant!” Here’s a link to the part of the film that this napkin references:


Suspect: Part 7

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.8K
Warnings: Angst!

A/N: This part contains reference to The Iron Giant, and is inspired by this ask. A few other parts will have call backs to The Iron Giant too, but this is the part where Bucky watches it.

Post-CA:TWS Bucky is so soft and damaged I just want to hold him

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Somehow, the two of you arrived back at your apartment without being noticed or stopped by anyone. You were a nervous wreck, unable to fully process everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, but as soon as you lock your front door behind Bucky, you allow yourself to relax.

“It’s not much,” you nervously chuckle, feeling embarrassed that your apartment wasn’t a bit more tidy, “But it’s home, and it’s safe,”

Bucky nods, and awkwardly stands in the corner of your open space living area, his eyes scanning every inch repeatedly.

“You can sit?” you offer, pulling him out of his daze, “Are you hungry?”

“No, thank you,” Bucky mumbles as he shuffles over to your couch and stiffly sits down. ‘Good,’ you think, you still didn’t have any groceries in your apartment, your last grocery trip interrupted by the fight on the bridge a couple of days ago.

“Let me get you some clothes,” you awkwardly drawl out, watching Bucky stare blankly at your off tv with his muscle remaining tensed. You’d let yourself relax, but Bucky clearly hadn’t.

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It’s been well over a week since I posted any art. I have been spending a lot of time watching tutorials and work videos. But I have become more conscious that I’m consuming more than I’m creating.

This image is something I was messing about with. A very badly drawn Vin Diesel (looks nothing like him!) and the Iron Giant (he did the voice).

I feel I need to add a disclaimer about the giant. I’m still rubbish at drawing robots, so I went onto pinterest and used an awesome image by DKNG as reference.

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Suspect: Part 11

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Angst, sexism

A/N: I finally updated! This is kinda long, but worth it!

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Part 1 // Part 10

“What’ve we got?” Bucky asks, striding out of your bedroom with two backpacks that were chock full of clothes and anything else the two of you would need while on the run.

You glance up from your laptop, “Okay, it seems that the only way we can get out of the country… With your arm and my gun, is by a cargo ship,” you recite the information your inside man had given you, “There’s a large one leaving the Port of Charleston in about…” you glance at your watch, “9 hours. And it’s roughly an 8 hour drive. The cargo ship will take us to Europe, we can figure out where to go once we get there. Oh, and there’s an unregistered vehicle waiting for us just out of town, in the woods. We’ll drive my car out there and abandon it,”

Bucky nods, taking in the plan, “We can sneak on the ship undetected?”

“Yep,” you confirm, “I’ve got cash to pay a guy… It’s surprising how much small time criminals trust a wanted cop,” you dryly chuckle, finding the humour in the situation,

“Y/N,” Bucky says in a sombre tone. You glance up at him but can feel tears coming on as the gravity of the situation hits you. You were one of the most wanted people in the United States, and the only way you could stay out of jail was by fleeing the country, and never returning.

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A Little Appreciation Post

Let’s take a look back at that time when Hank Pym risked his life growing again, while knowing it could be extremely dangerous for him…

… or that time when he worked on helping a near stranger and new fellow Avenger who was slowly dying due to her strange mutation…

… or that time where he believed he had found Jan’s essence in underspace…  but held back from bringing her back because it would actually harm her… 

… or his typical way of dealing with supervillains…

… or how he always looked after the Avengers Academy kids, and want to protect them… (seriously, read Avengers Arena no13…  he’s the only one who did anything and everything he could to find his students)

… or how he opened shelters for women and children victims of abuse…

…  or how he risked his neck to save Matt Murdock’s life while he was contaminated with Doom nanobots…

…  or again when he helped Bruce Banner deal with fighting off the Terrigen Mist spreading around the planet…

…  yeah, looks so much like a jerk to me…  </sarcasm>

staceybenjilt  asked:

Was The Bot a reference to Iron Giant? I love that movie.

That was actually what happens when the Wander staff says, “What if we did ‘The Terminator’?”

Also, there was a little bit of a vibe of doing an unofficial sequel to The Little Guy. Hater loses a man, he builds a statue. Dominator loses a man, she OBLITERATES it.

Also, Dom’s been so much fun in short bursts so far. We wanted to remind you that she is a BAD guy.

i see that iron giant/gravity falls reference comic on my dash and it’s cute but my first thought is “there is NO WAY grunkle stan is christian and would ever ask dipper to say grace”